May 30, 2008

I Spent. A Lot.

I just spent almost RM250 at the book fair, which later I found out not quite a huge sum after talking to n|ns. I purchased ten books including one for Silver. I already bought four books within the last two weeks; two of which have been read.

When I pictured how my house will look like. The curved balcony, the big kitchen with island setup, the spartan hall with off-white finishing, the spacious master bedroom with attached bath half the size, and... books everywhere. On the coffee table at the living room, at the end of the dining table, on the shelf beside the toaster in the kitchen, on the bed side table (few of them), on the bed and study table, next to the bath tub, and of course more serious ones, mixed on the bookshelf. Basically, books are every where in the house.

Yes, you got it. I love books. I love reading. I read almost anything. If I like the author's writing style, I will have many of his/her books. That's normal. I'm just another book lover.

Not too long ago, I asked my uncle what I need to do if I were to open a bookstore. My father was listening in. He later remarked to my uncle, "she wants to open one because she wants to read the books, not because she wants to sell them". Okay, I admit, it crossed my mind, but, it'll defeat the purpose of opening a bookstore, right?

There's no point in this post. I just want to share with you one of my interest. Someone told me sometime ago that I have a very un-Malaysian hobby. It warms my heart to see more Malaysians are reading now. But it pains me to see that I mostly bump shoulders with people who are not really mine. If you get what I mean. I guess, they are more into Akademi Fantasia stuff, eh?

So, this is the list of my new books:
  • P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern (this book is now a motion picture starring Hillary Swank, Gerard Butler and Lisa Kudrow. Am so going to look for the DVD!) - Read
  • Heart-shaped Box by Joe Hill - Read
  • The Dante Trap by Arnaud Delalande - Reading It
  • Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts (Will go and get the second book soon)
  • Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom (old one, I know - 20% discount)
  • The Cupid Effect by Dorothy Koomson (it was at 50% discount and I need a little silly read too)
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (another old one - 20% discount)
  • Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (1st book in the series - at RM20.90)
  • Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer (3rd book in the series - 15% discount)
  • The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho (they initially charged me the actual price instead of the discounted amount which is RM26.90; only realised it when I'm back at the office, so had to walk back to KLCC)
  • For One More Day by Mitch Albom (RM24.90)
  • Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter (30% discount - and I just love everything about Mr. Darcy)
There you go. I think I have quite a read for the next few months. Hopefully it lasts that long. Some of the books are old, because I've been wanting to read them, but never really got to them.

May 29, 2008

I is Stupid

Sometimes, I could kick myself in the butt
For behaving like those predictable bitches
For wanting more than he could give
For expecting him to be one man extraordinaire

Sometimes, I could slap myself silly
For saying those dolt remarks
For acting like a pudding head
Even when I realise what I was doing

When all I ever want
Is to be with him every day and every night
To sleep in his warm hugs,
Being caressed with sweet kisses

Even after saying all that
Even after kicking and slapping
I still expect some miracles
Something out of this world from him

When they created the phrase
"Love makes you stupid"
They clearly know what they're saying
They were not lying

And to you my love,
I humbly apologise

May 28, 2008

CameoBox @ Bijou Bazaar

CameoBox Accessories will be at the Bijou Bazaar this Saturday. Do come over and visit us there. For more information, click on Bijou Bazaar.

Bijou Bazaar is organised by the bijoux people at Jeumpa D'ramo. The address is 102-104, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. Operating hours is from 3 pm till late! Come one, come all!

For the map, visit Bijou Bazaar's blog at

Apa Yang Susah Sangat?

Tunjuk jer la MyKad bila nak beli petrol. Haih. Kecoh la korang ni.
Sebab ada orang Malaysia yang guna kereta plate Singapura.
Kita dah ada MyKad yang berteknologi tinggi tu. Apa lagi. Optimum kan lah penggunaannya.

Tapi, tu la kan. Kalu macam kat Perlis, Kedah dan Kelantan. Kalu orang Siam tu tunjuk parang atau pistol macam mana?

Tapi itu dah bermakna border control kita memang tak berguna! Betul tak?

He he he... Ada je aku punya idea.

May 27, 2008

Pay More?

The fuel price will increase again. That is definite. The only thing that we don't know is when.

Malaysians, should stop complaining and grumbling about fuel price. One day, we have to do away with the subsidy. Currently, we're paying a lot less for a liter of petrol compared to people in other countries.

Sometimes, when I sit down and ponder, I realise that I should not be owning a car if I am complaining about the fuel price. Maybe the truth is, I cannot afford to have a car, because I cannot cope with the petrol price. Maybe I should just take the bus or the train to move about.

What I don't like is that whenever the fuel price increases (and the government servants get increments or bonuses) the price of everything else start to increase too. I may have to start to learn how to make my own bread or roti pratha.

I don't know people. Unless we go back to farming and growing our own food, we will continue to be burdened by increasing price sooner or later.

Maybe, what we could do something in our local community. Our own taman or kampung. Each house in the area, plants 2 types of food, say chili and tomatoes for one, and next door; spinach and long beans. Every day, people just exchange the food that they want with the neighbours. You know, back to barter system. I don't think that's too hard to achieve.

Just a thought, eh.

From My Mobile

Training is a challenge for both trainer and trainees. A good trainer will know how to engage participants' attention all the way. Weak presentation will surely makes a boring session and the trainees will get distracted. I'm in one now. Feel like crying...

May 26, 2008

He Has a Protege!!

Yesterday was my movie day with the family. Abah has always been a fan of Indiana Jones. So, on Saturday, I purchased six tickets for the whole family (macam la ramai sangat) to watch Indi's latest adventure at Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara.

When we arrived, there were already long lines at the ticketing counters. It was only 10:30 am (yes, in the morning) at that time. The movie was at 11 am. I bought two family popcorn sets, and we were off to a great adventure.

It was like watching the old Indiana Jones in action when I was small. Exhilarating. During the movie, Mak mentioned to me that Abah could not be disturbed. Little that she knew that her daughter was also glued to the screen. Ha ha ha...

All in all, it was a great movie. And another great family outing. I enjoyed it tremendously.

B, the movie can be watched again and again. I don't mind watching it again with you... hehehe...

May 22, 2008

He Won?!

Ha ha ha ha...

He won!! Dem!

Both of them are great singers. But hey, the best man wins, eh? Yeay!

May 21, 2008

My Favourite!

I never followed any reality TV show anymore... Not even American Idol eventhough the talents this year are absolutely phenomenal. But out of the two finalist, my vote goes to David Cook. He's original people. Not only he's a rocker, but he does it naturally. Little David, his voice is great, but he sangs ballad like, everytime. David Cook, he reminds me a lot of Richard Marx. Great with rock songs, excellent with ballads.

You know, when I was a little girl, I kinda dreamt that my boyfriend would be the lead singer of a rock band. And he would write songs, beautiful songs, hard core rock stuff, and every once in a while he would dedicate a song to me. And he would sing it with his heart in his eyes, and just sit there at then end of the stage, in front of me. And just sing it while strumming on his guitar (obviously his other "girlfriend"). He he he... Wouldn't it be nice to have your man singing a song for you. :-p

With that ladies and gentleman, I give you David Cook with his version of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby". Incidentally, one of my all time favourite... I love David Cook!!

ps: I hope he doesn't win American Idol, so that he can continue doing his own stuff!

New Look

I was bored.

I went to The Curve yesterday. Got my hair restyled. At Jean Yip Salon. The cost? Outrageous. Although I like the way my hair turned out. Thank God for that.

Today, I read reviews on the salon, which originated from Singapore. 90% of the reviews were bad! I guess I am lucky that nothing bad happened to my hair.

I will certainly visit Monsoon-ID in One Utama for follow-up treatments.

Yesterday, I took the re-bonding package (incl. hair end treatment and scalp care) + hair cut & spa treatment + after chemical hair treatment. Like I said, the cost was outrageous.

The hairstylist was Jeannie. Although she does a very good job, I don't really like it when she started to sell more. She kept on asking me to add things to do to the hair. And I tell you, you have to know where to stop. Not long after I agreed for the additional hair treatment, she started to promote their scalp treatment because she said my scalp is oily. I just listened and told her I'll do it some other time. Later she promoted a package, at five times the cost I'm paying. I said no, thank you. While my hair was being washed, the assistant tried to get me to take the scalp treatment. I said no again. When I was about to pay, Jeannie said she has new package offer for me which costs half of the initial offer. I still said no and paid the fee for the services rendered.

One thing that salons need to know is that, some people go there to just pamper themselves every once in a while. And when they plan to do that, they've already planned to spend a certain amount. While there's nothing wrong to try to get more sale, these people also need to know when to stop and let the customer enjoy the visit and services. I for one, dislike the "extra" effort to get me to spend more.

No more Jean Yip after this.

Yes, most of the times I do things impromptu. And syukur, every time I go spontaneous, things turn out well.

Today, I'm bored again. And it's only 9.10 am.

May 20, 2008

Ooopss! He Did It Again!

He's making headlines again. Tun M quits UMNO. When will this end? Trifle things like this do not benefit the people.

Politicians. Blurgh.

May 15, 2008

It's Yours and Mine

  1. It's everyone's right to be free.
  2. It's every woman's right to be respected by the society, to be treated kindly and lovingly.
  3. It's every child's right for early education.
  4. It's our right to be able to speak up against oppression.
  5. It's our right to live our life.




May 13, 2008

This Morning

I love mornings. I am at my best in the morning, except when I don't get enough sleep. "A sleep deprived Jade is a grumpy Jade," he said.

I like to enjoy my morning coffee, with two slices of bread. I open the sliding door, letting the morning breeze into the hall. I sit at the dining table, having my breakfast, at times while reading my breakfast book. At the moment, my breakfast book is by Anita Shreave. I'm re-reading it.

I dislike the fact that I have to rush. You see, ever since I started the new job, I have to make sure I leave the house by 7 a.m. I cannot enjoy a lazy morning every morning. I especially have to rush if I'm doing my laundry (like this morning) or it's the hair washing day (like this morning - in fact, most morning IS hair washing day these days). I do not have a washing machine, therefore, no such thing as letting the laundry washed while I shower. And I've forgotten to pack my lunch. Which was supposed to be tuna sandwich, by the way.

Maybe I still need to get use to this new morning routine. Urghh... routine. How I detest that word. Well, hopefully, if the office did move to KL Sentral, things won't be so hectic, as it's just 10 minutes away. Please God, make it a reality.

I overheard on the radio that UiTM is offering a "Blogging" course. It is intended to "teach" bloggers language, ethics, reporting skills, etc. I personally feel it's a pile of dung. Seriously. A blog is what it is, a web log. It's where people say whatever they want, it's a journal, there need not be correct grammar or certain reporting style. It need not be ethical in fact, need not be correct or factual, for that matter. Whoever believes 100% of what is written in a blog, is perhaps an idiot. Seriously. Unless and otherwise, a blogger's blog is dedicated to a certain subject matter, and the blogger is writing seriously, with facts and figures, then probably we could take his or her word, as point of reference. We still need to verify it ourselves should we want to quote them.

Anyway, talking about mornings. How was yours?

May 12, 2008

Cleaner Look

Finally! A cleaner look. Honestly, I switched too many templates that I've forgotten the initial look of my blog. I also lost several widgets. I do not care to add them back. You would also notice that some links are missing. Especially to the blogs that I "frequently" hop to.

I do not have any graphic software stored on this computer. I used MS Paint to squeeze and shrink the image. It's the same picture that I mentioned in one of my earlier post. And I am THAT lazy to look for the link.

I still do not have anything to do in this new office. Therefore, I'm free to verify whether my friends forwarded emails are hoaxes or factual. I think Sharky is tired of me replying to her emails telling her that they were hoaxes that she stopped sending me more. He he he.. Sorry lah babe.

I think I'm spending too much on food during lunch. I have to do my best to ensure I pack lunch. But most days I just wanna go home to sleep. Hmm... I don't think this is a good change. Anyway, the office most probably be moving to somewhere closer to home, which will be great. I won't spend so much time traveling.

This afternoon I went to Pavilion food court. I ate lamb teppanyaki. Haih. For a RM18.70 meal, I am satisfied. But that would be one of the rare times of spending more than RM10 for lunch. Like I said, I really should pack my lunch. A teppanyaki cook is not just a cook, but also a performer. The one that served me this afternoon, was one of the best. And isn't technology just lovely that these days those smoke suckers are located in such a way that the smoke is sucked immediately, instead of rising above our heads before vanishes into the vent?

Almost 6:30pm. I'm going home. Ta ta.

Jade is Bored

Queen said to me the other day, "Your blog is boring lah these days..." I've got to admit, she's right. Ha ha ha.. I feel bored reading what I wrote too. I guess, I'm just bored. And it's either there too much to write about that words are tripping over each other in my mind or there's just nothing interesting to write that I just write whatever. Hmmm... Jade is a boring person.

I'm bored with the state of the country at the moment. I'm bored of listening and reading and watching what's going on. People pointing fingers non-stop. People talk trash all the time. People not respecting other people. I'm just bored. B! Let's migrate lah! Even if life is bad in a different country, we know it's of our own making! Ha ha ha... How unpatriotic I sounded.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a zit at the inner corner of my eye lid. I do not know what else to call it, but in Malay, we call it KETUMBIT! Yup. Jade has a nasty ketumbit growing, which will grow nastier. Huwaaaa... Luckily my eyes are already sepet, so the birth of the ketumbit doesn't really alter how I look. Please, if you have any remedy for this, let me know.

Several of my girl friends are on to their next kid. I remember telling them not too long ago to wait for my first to have their next. I guess it's too long to wait. Ha ha ha... My younger cousin is having her second one in a month's time. My soul sista, Toonie, is going to second trimester. And my kakak, DNAS just decided to go for the next one. Owh... Alien is actually having a bun in the oven too! I got to know from Queen. Hmmm.. It's the season again! And yes, I kinda hear the clock ticking. (No darling, this is not a hint... :-p)

We went to watch "What Happen In Vegas" on Saturday. The movie was fun, and kinda close to home. Ms Diaz was great, and Mr Moore was his usual excellent self. Apparently, he's the "happiliest" man on earth. Yup, he conned that word all on his own. So, if you need a break, if you just need to laugh, go and watch the movie. Great stress reliever. All nasty, funny and happy ending.

Hmm.. other than that, dem! I dunno what else to blab about. So, cheerio mates!

UPDATE @2:50pm: I think... a happy Jade is a boring Jade... hmm...

May 9, 2008

Why reverts convert... And the people go renegade...

  1. When they reverted to Islam, it wasn't because they fell in love with Islam. They fell in love with a Muslim
  2. The Muslim the revert fell in love with, takes thing easy when it comes to Islam.
  3. Muslims feel no remorse when doing the wrong things according to the religion.
  4. The Islamic bodies are more concern on "tangkap basah" cases rather than faith issues. I believe when Iman (faith) issues is tackled properly, akhlak (propriety) issues will be tackled naturally. This refers for both groups; those who were born Muslims and reverts.
  5. I agree with Datuk Taib Azzamuddin (PAS - Baling), there needs to be a ministry that manages all the Islamic bodies available in the country. This will also solve issues about Halal certification procedures.
  6. The officials or learnt people prefer to say "Don't" rather than "Do" and "Come". Refer to the Azan (prayer calls), "Let's pray" and "Let's Strive for Success". The Azan, is in a positive nature. Remember the brain cannot process negation, it has to process what needs to be negated first. Also, take example of the Christian monastery, how they lure the people to their bosoms. :-p
  7. Lack of exposure on what Islam is. Islam is so much more than just the 5-times a day prayer, the Eid celebration, the Hajj season and reciting the Quran. The Muslims are setting bad examples in their daily life. The impatient drivers, the swearing ladies, etc.
  8. Muslims adults are unattractive or un-influential to adolescents. Unbalanced life priorities.
  9. Very little is done to show that being a Muslim is FUN as well.
I went to see the movie "Over Her Dead Body" the other day. I was surprised to see that such light, comic and fun movie used the word "Jihad". It's just upsetting to see how the word is being abused. This shows the level of mis-understanding of the beautiful religion.

May 7, 2008

Suka Jadi Katak?

"Berhati2 - Tomyam Set Mengandungi Bahan Babi"

That's the title of the email forwarded from my best friend. To quote her; "tak reti baca ke?" ("don't know how to read is it?" - ha ha ha... direct translation)

Anyway, I looked at the attached photo. And true enough, pork is mentioned under "Directions" not Ingredients". It's just a suggestion on how to use the tom yum paste.

To the original sender of this email, the one who painstakingly took time to snap several pictures of the product, I would like to advise, the next time you see the word "pork", look again. Read twice, thrice, four, ten even hundred times to get it right. Not everyone is gifted
with photographic memory, as such our what we see need to be confirmed.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. I'm just fed up with the trend of our people who likes to jump every time they see the word "Pork", or when discussing certain issue, immediately point their fingers to women, falsely reporting on documents; etc. Suka benor melompat eh?

Anyway, below I attach one of the images captured. Look closely where the word "pork" came in.

Bottom line, if you're really concerned and particular, go for the Halal logo by Jakim and its approved counterparts (this product has a halal stamping in jawi). Okay?

May 6, 2008

Of Blessings and Sacrifices

Alhamdulillah. CameoBox Accessories is officially operated under a registered company; Kaimeera Ventures. I'm happy. He is happy. ;-) Your kind supports are appreciated. Make your way to CameoBox Accessories and grab new items to add into your collection.

Watch this space for updates on our next activities.


So, today I received my first assignment. I actually asked for it. And the boss looked at me as if asking "are you sure?". I guess he took my smiley face as a yes and later he gave me a list of things to do. Hah! Padan muka! Should be an interesting day tomorrow.

When I first came for the job interview, I thought that it would be an easy thing to actually get the place. Today it actually dawned to me (yes, I am THAT slow) that I could have failed to secure a spot. One thing, the number of people is not that big, and the empty slots are only 3. Secondly, I am the only female in the company besides the office admin cum receptionist girl. Not sure if there's a gender bias issue or it simply is. Next, it's not exactly an employee market these days, so possibilities to jump around is quite slim. And finally, the skills... Out of three main skills, I'm only well versed in two. So, I guess Allah's blessings were on me the day I came to the interview. Thinking over, it makes me get goose bumps.

My friends in Pudica are having uncertain times now. They are frankly being torn apart (sounds so dramatic, eh?). Well, it is dramatic. These people has given ten years of their lives to the company, building the repo and presence, and suddenly being asked to settle into new environment. That's a soft way of putting it. To speak plain and direct, they are being disposed. Even though it seems now the move will only be temporary for knowledge transfer purposes, things will never be the same. All of them are already comfortable there, they have family, commitments and mouths to feed. This is of course a trying time. A lot of things need to be considered if they want to quit. Sometimes, I wonder how an employer can treat their employees this way. We are the casualties of capitalism. Although in Pudica case it's not in the form of monetary profit. The direction has changed.

I read in The Star today, drawing contributions from our younger generation, aged 7 to 12. These kids are all into fun environment and free stuff! Such innocence. I hate the fact that it will soon be contaminated by the reality and truth of living once they start to earn their first ringgit. Nothing is free, darlings. You have to pay for clean air even these days!

That brings me to the next topic. Clean air. This building that I'm working in, it's a giant chimney. Tenants smoke indiscriminately. Well, they don't do it in the hallway, but at the stairwell. And since the washroom on my floor is being renovated, I need to use the staircase to go the upper floor. And guess what, I have to held my breath and run all the way. My hair will smell awful by end of the day. My shirt, haih, it's as if, I'm a smoker! Dem. The building management should do something about it. But alas, I think this situation has been going on for years, just like the toilet paper robbery in the washroom. And don't get me started on that!

Okay, enough venting for today. Back to work!

May 5, 2008

On KokoKaina

"Wish I'd known her much earlier.. then we could be friends.. and she can sing at my wedding.. now if I want to be friends.. she'd think I'm just a groupie..." I told n|ns this just now.

I'm referring to KokoKaina, the soulful voice and angelic face on YouTube. She's the in thing these days, just listen to her. If I could play the guitar, I sure would play something like she does. Seriously.

At this moment, I like Someone You Used to Know the most. I've heard her sang live at Bijou Bazaar two weeks back and let me tell you, it's phenomenal. I like her version of Summertime too. Jazzy. Love it!

In case you're wondering, she's Malaysian. So, am so proud of her. Her voice is husky and mellow. Sound a bit like Norah Jones, but KokoKaina's songs do not put you to sleep like Norah's does. Seriously.

So, here's to KokoKaina, and babe, I'm so going to buy your album when it comes out.

ps: Yes, I've got a lot of free time. That's why I blog, and blog, and blog.
pps: Thinking of moving to Wordpress like n|ns...

Independence IS Responsibility

I have a mixed opinion when it comes to the new proposal where single women traveling should ask for family consent.

I know Mr. Minister meant well and maybe it did not cross his mind at that time that the feminist groups will jump from their seats. I would suggest both parties to take deep breath and especially, ladies, please, to quote yourselves, after 30 years, we have reached this "equality" level, there's no need to be over-emotional as a response to the proposal. Come on. Think with your heads.

Well, if this proposal is accepted, it will certainly make lives difficult for ladies who are traveling on genuine purpose; business, work, seminars, etc. On the other hand, young impressionable ladies, those who are easily tempt by the notion of more green paper through "easier" way, we might be able to curb what's going on. But certainly, this does not solve the actual problem.

What's more important I believe, is to ensure young people respect their parents enough to tell them where they are going and for what purpose. That's all. There's no need for formal consent from the parents to ensure visa approval etc. Come on ladies. Be more responsible. 30 years of fighting for equality means nothing if you are easily tempted and not thinking carefully when it comes to your own future and safety. Independence has its price. And that price is responsibility. In fact, this should also goes to the men, because frankly, anyone can be a victim when it comes to MONEY.

Independence does not mean you turn your back to your family. It does not mean going anywhere without telling someone, just disappear as if nobody can harm you. This is not a movie or fairy tale. This is real life. And real dangers are out there. So be aware, and be careful.

I told my parents the other day that I'll scream my lungs out if anybody asked me to take anything through the check point. I will look stupid for a while, but at least I'll be safe, insyaAllah.

Anyway, to come back to the matter, to my fellow ladies from the groups and societies, let's not lose our heads, okay? Be more professional in dealing with the issue and giving responses. No point getting the finger pointed back to us on how emotional of a being we are. And sincerely, I support the notion not to pass the proposal.

It's unfair. Demeaning. And most of all, an insult to our intelligence. Although Mr. Minister meant well. ;-)


I've gotten tired of FaceBook. Too much applications and invitations to add new applications. I have deleted half of what used to be on the profile page. And plan to delete some more once I get tired of them. I leave the growing gifts, water globes, hatching eggs and few more because they've got some nice pictures there.

I copied the below from the ones that I deleted. Thanks to the people who considers(considered?) me as such. I feel honoured. *shy*

#Prettiest# (never thought i'd get this vote at all! hahaha...)
#3 best listener
#3 best room-mate
#4 happiest
#4 best shopping companion
#5 person with the best hair
#5 most talented
#5 person with the best body
#5 best mother (potential)
#5 merriest

Party Like a Rockstar
from 3 friends
Have a Blonde Moment
from 2 friends
Shower Naked
from 1 friend

There are 6 people who consider you among their best friends

There are 10 people who think you're cool

Owh... also thank you for those who thought I'm "hot", "best valentines", "interested in knowing me", etc. Good stuff.. Good stuff.. Feels great when people feel good about you, eh?

So, friends, I appreciate you clicking on my name for invitation to add new applications into my profile, that shows you remember me, (hehe), but I'd appreciate it more if you don't because I feel bad when I decline the invitation. So, drop me a note on the Wall or send me another water globe or egg. I'll keep that. Promise. Owhh.. I don't mind invitations to events and causes though! That'd be great indeed.

Take care and have a nice Moondayh!

May 2, 2008

I Know What We Did on Labour's Day

On Wednesday I received a call from Bonda terchenta that she's not yet feeling better and Abah's car is acting up again. She asked me to come home that evening. Not wanting to sound hypocrite, I did feel a bit frustrated because I had already make plans for Thursday. But upon hanging up the phone, my decision was made, and I started to shut down the PC. Went to see the boss and told him that I need to go back because my mom is not feeling well. "Ok... Ok.. It's very important... Family is important..." the boss said few times. So I thanked him and hurried to the LRT.

Why is it that when you're in hurry, the universe seems to go against you. The stupid man at the LRT door did not want to move aside so that you can get out. The drivers on the road that hog the right lane. Haih. Make my blood go upstairs! Had to go back to PH first to get my things, I don't like to do things twice. Called Bonda from the LRT and told her that I'm getting the lunch for them. On the way back, stopped at Nasi Lemak Ulik Mayang to get their Nasi Kerabu (Sorry Kak Sheila, I dunno where else to find the dish).

I know how my parents are tired of packed food so that evening I improvise the left overs and made new meal. Habis! Licin tako (kata orang Melaka)!

On Labour's Day morning, I made nasi goreng ikan bilis. I guess it was sedap because my mom and my brother had two serving of it. My youngest brother, upon finishing breakfast "told" us that we're going out that day. And yes, my mom already felt much better that morning. And was excited to go out. He he he...

So yesterday afternoon, we had lunch at Marche in The Curve. I introduced Rosti to my parents and they liked it so much that I think I'll make that this weekend. He he he... My father said the serving was just nice, not to filling and not too heavy. I told my mum, we should eat potato everyday anyway since beras dah mahal.

We then went to IKEA because my youngest brother wants to get ideas on building his walk-in closet.

An outing with the family is never dull actually. My parents are very family oriented people. They love going out with their kids no matter that we're now adults. I guess, they feel a little down now that the kids have their own plans and they cannot see us as much as before. So, we, the kids, always do our best to spend quality time with them whenever we can.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that however busy we are, we should go out of our way to please our parents. If we can do it for our friends and spouses/partners, we can do it for these two people who brought us into this world. Kan?

To end today's post, I share two Rosti recipes that I got from I shall combine these two...


1 lb. potatoes
2 oz. butter
2 dashes salt

Cook potatoes; wait until they are cold. cut them into slices; fry them in butter. Push together to a cake. Put salt and wait until you have a crust; turn over. Bake on the other side until crusty. Serve.


6-8 potatoes
1 lg. onion
1 tsp. salt
3 tbsp. butter
1 1/4 c. grated Cheddar

Peel potatoes and onion. Finely chop onion, finely shred potatoes. Combine potatoes, onion and salt.

Heat 2 skillets. Divide butter between them. Heat butter until slightly brown. Add 1/2 of potato mixture to each skillet and cook for 8 minutes, stirring once or twice.

Add grated cheese and firmly press mixture. Cook covered for 5 minutes until bottom is crispy. Turn cakes over and cook for 5 minutes more. Serve immediately.

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