June 22, 2008

When the Honeymoon is Over...

Almost every blog I read these days have relationships as their latest post. It would be either the blog owner's own experiences or a person who is close to the owner. And majority of these posts have one thing in common, trouble on cloud nine.

While it is inevitable that a relationship will definitely have its share of ups and downs, one most important thing to remember is the first time your heart kicked itself when you saw that person you're in relationship at the moment. When you are able to remember this, you will be able to remember why you're with the person to begin with. Maybe it's the smile, or the way he or she turn to look at you, maybe it's the eyes, maybe even the way the person talks to you.

Remembering these feelings will help you to react positively to the conflict at hand. It will also help you not to say things that you might regret later and have added troubles on top of whatever is going on. I know it sounds cliche, but I can tell from my personal experience, it helps.

Having said that, addressing the conflict should be a win-win situation. Always have in mind that what you want to do is to resolve the issue. Therefore, there shouldn't be any finger-pointing. While yours truly sometimes get carried away and ending up sounding as if I'm blaming the other half, it helps to quickly shut the trap. And well, apologise for being unfair.

I am not the best person to give advice about relationships, but what I know, I learnt from my own experiences and mistakes. Sometimes, in silence, you're able to convey your hurt feelings without saying anything. BUT, your other half must be someone who's already in tune with your antics, otherwise this silent mode will backfire. The best way to solve any conflict is by communicating. And, when you communicate, do it positively so that both parties can grow from the experience.

With that, I end my Aunt Agony session.

By the way, I am experiencing Vista now. I will in time give my opinion on it. Hmmm...

June 18, 2008

From My Mobile

Do you know what's great about mirrored wall? Particularly one in a restaurant... You can observe or even stare at people without being intrusive. I'm observing one elderly couple from the opposite joint. Shocking! Well.. a norm these days. But still pulling my conscience...

June 16, 2008

Review of TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer

Whenever I'm reading a great story, I tend to scan the pages fast instead of going word by word. Some people might find this odd, but to me, a good story won't break your stride if you speed read.

I started reading Twilight on Friday night before going to bed. I continued on Saturday morning, before my breakfast and then after. I read it while my hair was being blow dried at the salon and again just before my lunch was served. I read a little more before I took my afternoon nap, when I was in my room back at my parents'. Finally finishing up just before dusk settled on that day. At twilight.

I had planned, of course, to take my time with the book as it IS thick. 434 pages. But, alas, I have failed.

Like any other books that I have read before and like, I am the heroine. In this one, I was Bella Swan. A seventeen year old girl trapped in a gloomy almost sunless town. I experienced the fear, the happiness, the worry and anguish as well as anticipation that the character went through. My heart was beating as wildly as Bella's when she was scared and when she waited expectingly for Edward Cullen to touch or kiss her. I was Bella, anticipating the dark gift.

Like any good story telling, Stephanie Meyer was able to describe vividly the scenery, people and the emotions. What I love most is that the characters are believable. Bella was not the perfect heroine. She was a klutz, something that hit too close to home. And that is comforting to know. Yours truly have been known to trip over herself or get stuck in the pavement more than anyone could care to count.

I like the fact that the characters have flaws, because then, I am able to visualise them better.

And vampires. I absolutely love everything about them. Eternal yet not quite immortal. Seductive and predatory. Mysterious and alluring. And like Bella, I expected she will be made one of them soon enough. What with the love and complications, you might just get it over and done with, don't you? Well, the author did not seem to think so.

Instead Stephanie Meyer proved that she's a master storyteller, and the story will continue. Leaving the reader guessing.

My copy of the book is probably the ninth reprint. I like the cover image. A red apple in a pair f alabaster hands, against a black background. Nothing can be more contrasting and define the dark "gift" better. Beautiful.

Love is always the essence of a good story. This time, although not original in the theme, love between a human an a vampire, the author managed to inject family values and ordinariness, amongst others. I have to say, once you've read similar genre books from different author, it's hard to perceive anything as original. But what sets them apart is the style that each stories being weaved. The ride that the readers are given when reading the book. That was what made me decide Stephanie Meyer is worth reading.

I will without doubt, get the New Moon to complete the set. So, if you like sensual love story between human and vampires with a dash of family rooting, pick up the book. To those who have read the book. let me know what you think...


ps: when the movie comes out, I will definitely get the DVD

June 14, 2008

On Fuel and Petronas

I receive this via email. An almost thorough explanation by a Petronas engineer himself. Do read.


Dear All,

This is lengthy but please bear with me. This is worth reading through ALSO.

We're not actually comparing apple-to-apple here, as most countries listed have a very long reserve life (the amount of years they have till the oil is finished) and they have a low population compared to their oil reserve (hence they can cater to their own needs without any bother to the supply). Some research can do wonders instead of blaming others.

population = 4,380,000
oil reserve = 97 billion barrels
production rate = 2.5 million barrels per day
Reserve life = 107 years

population = 2,851,000
oil reserve = 99 billion barrels
production rate = 2.5 million barrels per day
Reserve life = 108 years

Saudi Arabia
population = 24,735,000
oil reserve = 260 billion barrels
production rate = 8.8 million barrels per day
reserve life = 81 years

population = 71,208,000
oil reserve = 136 billion barrels
production rate = 3.9 million barrels per day
reserve life = 74 years

population = 148,093,000
oil reserve = 36.2 billion barrels
production rate = 2.3 million barrels per day
reserve life = 43 years

population = 27,877,000
oil reserve = 80 billion barrels
production rate = 2.4 million barrels per day
reserve life = 91 years

population = 27,452,091
oil reserve = 4.8 billion barrels
production rate = 550,000 barrels per day (resources from internet salah. Aku kira production hari2, sila ikut nombor aku)
reserve life = 33 years


And the Ahmad fisherman notion that we extract oil from the ground without costs, or little cost, is NOT TRUE. Foolish, even.

FYI, to extract oil from the ground, there're 3 main cycle: Exploration, Development and Production. I wont go into lengthy explanation here, lets just have an overview of Drilling campaigns that needs to be carried out on all three cycles.

Drilling Campaign:

Rig: RM552,000 per day (minimum)

->We dont make rigs. We rent them. The deeper the ocean, the pricier the rig. And FYI, shallow waters of Malaysia is running out of oil. We are running the final race on shallow waters , have to concentrate on smaller pore-sized fields and taking the greater risk and more cost on deepwater fields.

Supply boat : RM 209,509 per day (minimum)

-> we need at least 2 supply boats.

Thats the cost of just two of many, many more items involved in Drilling campaigns alone. I'd like to reiterate that these campaigns occur in ALL of the 3 cycles, each campaign is at least 4 months. Do the maths or better yet, put it in a fancy Excel and publish it around.

Thats just costs involved in extracting the oil.

How about transporting it to shore? How about refining it for industries, daily stuff and for your car?

Some may ask why are we selling our oil, since we can use it? Well, here the answer: WE DONT HAVE MONEY. What else can we sell to make money? Tin? Gold? Pepper? Rubber? All these calculated together would not make even a small portion of profit in O&G. Our oil is of one of the best quality in the world because it is low in sulphur. Fyi, we dont need best quality oil for our cars, its only used in industries and in jets. In the international oil price is average USD130/bbl, ours would be close to USD140/bbl.

And then some might additionally ask, SO WHERE DID ALL THE OIL MONEY GO? Please refer to the statistics above, we have less than 50yrs of supply of O&G, although more explorations are aggressively being done in deepwater and smallfields. PETRONAS needs the money to ensure that we have the supply AFTER 50 years. PETRONAS is aggressively pursuing O&G projects overseas, and these projects does not come cheap. In other words, PETRONAS is not the nation's piggy bank, its THE bank for our children's children.

So please, do not be swayed easily by cheap-mouthed politicians who does not have the in-depth knowledge about how the process goes. If they say they want to use our oil money, please do consider our children's children. PETRONAS have been supporting the nation by giving back almost 60% if its profits.

Itu pakai cheap labor tu. Our skilled engineers, even often frustrated by the meager wages they get for risking their lives at sea, sometimes for weeks, still they stay and think of the country. I'm proud to say a lot of them are very patriotic. But also a lot of them are enticed by Middle East countries and others to work for them for more attractive salary. Nak recruit orang baru senang, but we have to train them and training takes 2-3 yrs!. Since we are running our last mile in our existing oilfields, we need experienced workers, and they dont come cheap.

So next time any politician says, DUIT PETRONAS PEGI MANA?, ask them back DUIT CUKAI SAYA PEGI MANA?

I think that would be more appropriate :p

June 11, 2008

From My Mobile

In the server room. Cold. 11 servers. Hungry. Chesty cough. By the way. Thank you for the wishes and dua'. Mak was discharged yesterday.

June 9, 2008

My Weekend Experience

For the first time in my life, I spent my nights in the hospital. Last weekend, to be exact. Not as a patient, but to accompany my beloved Momma.

Mak has been down with fever since almost two weeks back. Her temperature went up and down. After several visit to the neighbourhood clinic and a trip to the ER which lasted for 4 hours, we decided to go to GH. Although the blood screening was normal and so was Mak's BP and pulse, the doctor decided to put her under observation because of the fever.

That night, she was under IV, 3 bottles of 'em. The following morning, her temperature returned to almost normal and she felt better. She was weak the past week and almost confined to bed all the time. Last night my brother relieved me from my night shift so that I can come to work today. This morning, when I talked to her over the phone, she sounded very much like my mother back that I almost cried.

Today they are doing another blood test. We're hopeful that she'll be discharged either today evening or tomorrow.

Friends, please make dua for my mother for her speedy full recovery.

As for my experience sleeping in the hospital, it's totally tiring. You sleep late and you wake up very early. I wonder what they term as "patient needs to rest" when they last check the BP at 11 at night and as early as 5:30am. And, don't get me started with the nurses' attitude. Some of them, that is. Haih.

June 5, 2008

Hot News!

Fuel price hike! Again!

Erk?! Need higher salary? Need higher travel claim rate?

By the way, has the Opposition say anything about this? Didn't they share with the ruling party the "ways" that they say they have to reduce petrol price? Come on laa... Say something. Do something! You're in the House what...

Okay, so maybe it's not that easy after all eh?

June 2, 2008

Review: Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Horror. Thriller.

The author managed to describe the scenarios in such a way that you're able to visualise them. I could feel the cold air caressing my cheek, I could almost see the man with the long hat driving the beat-up truck. I could almost sense a presence, while tucked away under my warm blanket in my bed.

The main character is a man. An old rock singer who lived his life as he saw fit. He had done everything, or so he thought. He played, broke hearts, lived. Through his weird interest, collecting old, mysterious things, his past came back to haunt him. An auction. The bid. The arrival of the suit. The old man. The thoughts that was not his and the actions that contradicts logics. Hypnotised. Does love/lust live even in death? Does vengeance resolve conflicts? Will pretense cover up the truth? Will illusions face? And does compassion while in sadness bring forgiveness?

It's a blend of all these and more. If you're sitting on a chair, you're at the edge. If you're lying down, you're curling your toes in anticipation. Hear Shaped Box takes readers on a roller-coaster ride. There'd be laughter, tears, anger and madness. It's a good fiction.

This is my first read on Joe Hill. I like what I read. Owh, and the man himself not half bad looking. He he he...

From My Mobile

Got this handphone pouch few weeks back. Comel kan?

Those small little gestures,
Those unexpected gifts,
Those comforting hugs and the shoulder for me to lean on,
For more and all of those
I love you more as the moment goes..