September 30, 2009

My Dream Living Area

Hi hi hi... I've got tonnes of work to do. I'm taking a break. I NEED the break! So, I'm sharing with you my vision of a living area that is me. Simple, minimal, clean look.

This post is related to My Dream Kitchen.

September 29, 2009

Eid, Day 10

It takes me 40 minutes to shower, blow-dry and put a basic set of gunk on my face. I sorta timed myself after my gym session this afternoon.

# 8 minutes; shower and shampoo
# 20 minutes; towel dry the hair, put leave-on conditioner, blow-dry, serum spray, blow-cold
# 10 minutes; tone, treat and moisturise the face, then gunk up; two-way powder, eye-liner, blusher, lippy.
# 2 minutes; s'habiller

Therefore, my total session at the gym will amount to almost 2 hours. Workout session is one hour. And I spend a lot of time to pimp the hair. Hmm...

I am torn between being a Plain Jane or a Pimp Jenny. But today, I have decided to always be Ready Jade. Which means, I will always have the basic gunk all the time. It's not about being vain, it's about being presentable.

But the most important thing that I shouldn't skip is the basic 3-Steps; cleanse, tone and moisturise. Every morning and evening. This is the vital aspect of caring for the skin. And yet, knowing this, knowing the effect of skipping the routine, I sometimes, still feel lazy to do it at night. I should always remind myself that the skin corrects itself while I'm sleeping and this should be enough to ensure I take care of myself better, right?

As much as CapalPerak say that I'm beautiful even without make-up, a man will always feel better when he has a pretty woman on his arm, kan? Any man who says otherwise are lying through their coffee-stained teeth!

So ladies, pimp up! In fact, you don't need blusher or lippy. Just make sure you protect your skin, cleanse it properly. And be diligent about it. Like it or not, men, they are attracted to pretty things, and if beautiful skin is easy to achieve with just 10 minutes of work, why not, right?

September 28, 2009


Eversince I moved back into the nest, the DUKE has become my sole route to most of my destination; especially when I travel to the office. I think, in the past month, I only used the Setiawangsa route to go back once, the rest was on DUKE.

Yes, RM4 daily for the toll. But, I found that, it is a small sacrifice compared to spending hours in the traffic AND the heartache that comes with it. Not to mention, it has saved me from using bad words during Ramadhan!

Please be informed that this is NOT a paid post. I'm merely stating that, this is the most convenient expressway so far for people who are working in KL and living within the vicinity of it.

I had a meeting in Damansara one morning. Believe it or not, it only took me 10 minutes to reach my destination from the house! That is totally awesome okay! I believe that as long as I'm here, DUKE will definitely be my highway of choice.

Only thing that I have to bear with in the morning AND in the evening is the exit/entry at Jalan Semarak. But hey, the expressway still saves me about 40 minutes of travel time, and I can still be in the office in about 15 minutes. That is totally awesome!

Owh, in future... they might want to include a motorcycle lane. It's very dangerous for them. Seriously.

Read about DUKE.

p/s: salah satu projek kerajaan yang berjaya. I hope it's strong enough! And the MRR2 incident will not be repeated!

Eid, Day 9

I am back at work. After a weekend of celebration. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly. If there were hiccups, nothing that we could not handled.

I am now, officially an SIL. Ha ha ha... And I sorta "acquired" not one sister, but four! It's fascinating, for someone who has lived all her life being the only female sibling in the family.

Mak is happy. Abah is happy. My brothers are happy. Everyone is excited. And they are gearing up for another session that is going in a couple of months.

As everything happens for a reason, and everything has it's own blessings, I am thankful for this journey that The Lord has made me walked on. I am blessed. I am happy. Alhamdulillah.

On the work side, these next three weeks will be one of the busiest period. I have to prepare for the exhibition next week. Luckily, I have someone helping to arrange for the traveling matters. Another blessing that I take for granted. Must remember to appreciate small little things.

My boss, as always, the ever demotivating soul that he is... I will blow your head with surprises dear boss, just wait and see. It is difficult to maintain a positive momentum day-in, day-out in this place when you have such a person to
report to. But as usual, I shall prevail and I shall triumph! (I sound like some medieval conqueror... duh...)

Gotta go now! Have a blessed week everyone, be happy! It's not black Monday. It's just another day. Ta ta!

ps: Jade is looking forward to Thursday. He he he...

September 24, 2009

Eid, Day 5

It is almost 4:30 pm on a Thursday, the 5th day of Eid. I'm still at the office.

I desperately want to go back, but circumstances are not allowing me to do so very quickly. AND may not be very soon.

A travel plan is already in place, less than two weeks notice. Therefore lots of preparation need to be done; the paperwork, the equipment, the packaging, etc. And the more you want to do things quickly, the harder it becomes, more problem surface.

And tomorrow is my brother's nikah day. I still have few touch-ups to do on the hantaran.

Now, I was just informed that I need to review the packing list again. Haih.

Owh... why can't today be any easier...?

Such is life.

God, help me!

September 22, 2009

Eid, Day 3

Today is my last stay-at-home day.
Tomorrow I'm working.
My only consolation is that I'll be away for a longer time in about three months.
That will be awesome!
We still have not decided where to go.
Okay, I'm off to bed now.
For those who are still holidaying; happy holidays. I envy you... in a good way. :-p
For those who are like me, going to work tomorrow; look forward to the weekend, only 3 more days!
Good night everyone.

September 18, 2009

AidilFitri... Hari Bahgia...

Selamat menyambut AidilFitri! Maafkan silap salah, terkasar bahasa (ni sepatutnya buat sebelum 1 Ramadhan... but better late than never kan?). Kalau ada yang tersinggung dengan nukilan hati hamba, harap dimaafkan.

Tak kira jauh atau dekat anda memandu, berhati-hatilah. Drive safe! Be alert always! Dan bacalah doa:

"Bismillahillazi la yadhurru ma'asmihi shay'un fil ardhi wa la fissama' wa huwassami'ul alim"

maksudnya: "Dengan nama Allah yang dengan nama-Nya tiada sesuatu di bumi dan di langit akan (dapat) memudhratkan (sesuatu yang lain) sedang Dia (Allah) Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengetahui".

Ini doa, ibundaku yang ajarkan setiap kali keluar rumah, atau lakukan sesuatu, even sebelum makan. Jadi, hamba share lah dengan sahabat sekalian. Jaga diri baik-baik. Jangan makan terlalu banyak. Beraya ala kadar. Okay?!

Selamat bercuti!!

September 17, 2009

My Dream Kitchen!

Today's post is motivated by the recent post by Momster. I just love a kitchen with the island thingy. LOVE IT! And, since dreaming is free... the following are how I picture my kitchen would be like one day...

I know that it takes a lot of space, but I like spacious kitchen. He he he... And I would just feel like Nigella should I really get a kitchen like this!

September 16, 2009

Money, Money, Money

Money, money, money
Must be funny

In a rich man's world

Money. The only time this word makes us happy is when we get a lot of it. Other times, we lament. Sometimes all the time!

If money becomes our sole reason of being, we will be utterly lost. If money becomes the catalyst of everything that we do or want to do, we will be unsatisfied.

When they say money is evil, they are referring to the fact that money is able to make people go astray, fight one another. In the case of a marriage, it crumbles apart. Money becomes evil when it becomes the utmost importance in our lives.

Think about it. If you can spend a RM50 meal for lunch, for yourself, is it so expensive to treat the family to McDonalds? If you can spend a thousand ringgit on yourself, is it too much to spend a hundred ringgit on your spouse?

Sometimes, nurturing a relationship is very easy. And the simplest way is to not counting the ringgit that we spend on our loved ones. I've seen personally a lot of relationship turned sour because of this. It's sad, but it's true.

Money. We really have to be careful with it. And we have to be careful with our loved ones about it.

I was introduced to JARS by a friend few days back. Now, I'm sharing it with you. Let's!

September 14, 2009

Feeling blurgh...

One thing that I dislike when changing the blog's template, is to retrieve back all the links and widgets. I just wish they have a function to save temporary and then one button that enables us to add back those links and widgets. Hmm...

Another weekend has passed, and soon it will be Eid. Really, time does go on swiftly when you're not thinking about it. And next week, we will have an additional family member. My brother's wedding is just around the corner. I have almost finished his hantaran but purposely doing it very slowly. Reason being, some makcik-makcik are anxious to see how they look like. The neighbours that is. Which is really surprising to Mak and I. Ha ha ha...

These makcik-makcik have mostly got their kids married off. And I have to say that everyone is waiting for my parents' children to be hitched off. Hmm... It does not annoyed me, just a bit unsettled. But then again, whatever makes you happy la kan? I told Mak that I'm going to get it done the night before the akad. :-p

Let's see... I have bought a kebaya top to go with the A-line skirt that I asked my aunt to make for me. Since the skirt is carca marba, I looked for a top in white. This is for Eid. He he he... Can't wait! Maybe I need a new pair of shoes to go with it... Hmmm...

I'm having Monday blues, I supposed. I feel lazy, which is not a good thing. I've been feeling this way since before Ramadhan. I need a long holiday, but I can't afford to take long leaves for Eid. I guess, I just have to wait for December. I hope, in the midst of everything, I still have time to breathe and relax. I really need it.

September 10, 2009

Time Flies!

98 days left...

I am not freaking out anymore... Well... I do get major panic attacks at times, but all is well, insyaAllah. I breathe easier knowing that some things are moving towards the blessed date. I picked our wedding invitation card. Well, not really confirmed yet, as I brought back three samples, and I want the size of one, with a colour from the other and the pattern from the third one. Yes, I am fussy that way. :-p

It was a bit funny, because I showed them to CapalPerak and asked him which one he thought the best. He initially told me to make the choice, but I insisted on getting his opinion on the matter. So, he picked one (I presumed, just to get things done, because he expected what happened next). After which, I was like, "err.... actually...." and I laughed. I realised I was being the typical woman, because in the end, what I decide is the ultimatum, and what he decides is just an opinion. :-p

Now is just to finalised some other details to be included into the card, and insyaAllah by October we will see the result. And after, those important people in my life will start to get the invitation. :-) So, friends, send me your mailing addresses, ya!

Next, we have engaged a photographer to capture the memories on the blessed day. I like his style and the way he see people through his camera lens. InsyaAllah, everything will go fine.

Other than that, I have also booked the bunga telur for the khatam Quran session. Just a simple one. Mak likes the hanging type, so I ordered that. For the bunga pahar, the ever talented Mel has started the works. She delegated me to cut the netting for the egg... :-p

What's left is to find the items to make the gifts for the aunts, all of which to be purchased in Nilai 3. It's too expensive in KL, I've checked. Owh... and also, I'm yet to choose his perfume, Al-Quran and prayer mat for the hantaran.

Pray everything goes smoothly... Ameen...

September 7, 2009