May 31, 2006

I made it!!

I thought I walked into the wrong hall. Aunties and uncles, the lot. But when I checked, it's the correct one, and sat down at seat C7.

The documentary, for that's what it is, does not glorify Chin Peng. Nor does it claim communism is an ideal solution. But it does not brand Chin Peng and The Revolution as terrorist either. The 90 minutes you're watching it, you're asked to think. And reflect. So, what is so wrong about that?

History is recorded differently based on who's doing the recording. What we learnt in school was what we were told to remember and understand. There is nothing wrong to see the same history from different pairs of eyes. At the end of the day we, ourselves, make the decision what is right and wrong according to our beliefs and idealism. In fact, we should not be making judgement, for each one of us see things differenty.

I like the assimilation that exist in the film. It's what our lives supposed to be, calling ourselves a multi-racial community. The first hearty chuckled was cracked in the hall when an Indian-looking-Chinese-speaking man with a Malay name started to tell the story when he was a small kid. What race the man was is not important. He's Malaysian after all. I feel that that moment is the greatest description of how a Malaysian should be.

Lelaki Komunis Terakhir will still be banned in Malaysia. It will always be, as far as I could see. Why? Because indirectly, it's saying that the present management is unfair and... hypocrite. I don't think that was the intention of the director to potray it as such, but that's what I see.

I don't know how much longer the cinema will run the screening. I'm just lucky it still is while I'm still here in Temasek.

Amir, if one day you should stumble upon my humble blog and read this, I want you to know that I love every single minute of the movie. And I know you won't stop spreading your 'sights' just because it's banned here. One day, God will, the rest of us will be able to enjoy it too.

So, I'm coming back to KL tonight. Somehow, I cannot wait to be back. And it's only been three days. It felt like three weeks. God bless.

May 30, 2006

Sleepless, but not in Seattle

I'm in the land down under. No, no, not Australia.. Just Temasek. And the Great Sale is here!!

What is it with being human and never feeling satisfied and impatient on top of that? There are two ways to look at it, in a good way, and in a not-so-good way.

We are told time and again to count our blessings so that we are thankful always. But over and over we never fail to remind ourselves of our shortcomings. Things that we're lacking. Goals that we have not achieved. And the countless times we have to kick our backsides just so we realise that we are after all... humans.

A friend told me that "more than 95% of the world's most successful ppl (like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mel Gibson & etc) had more valleys than peaks in their life" when I again grumbled about my loss of passion with the job that I do and how I don't have anything to be proud of so far. (He's sending me a bill for the motivational session, by the way... :-p) The fact that these people have nothing to do with me did not make me feel better. But the fact that they are persistent in what they are doing is some what reflect upon me.

There is a saying "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you land among the stars." Now, at first, I said being one of the stars are better, because they actually produce their own fire. And the moon is just reflecting it. In short, the moon is an opportunist. While the stars... are the ones who do all the work. And I concluded, be a moon then. I have finally cracked the secret of success. Which is not to do anything. Just pretend to be something. He he he...

I guess there are lots of ways to be optimistic in life. And optimism most often than not actually gives out positive vibes which in turn, embraces fruitful outcomes. Life's like that, I supposed. And I just don't know what else I want to say...

May 26, 2006

Before I leave for the day...

I know... I know... It's almost the end of the day, and I've sort of wished you all a happy weekend this morning. But, I just can't resist writing about this. I really, really have to let it out from my head.

I've been thinking about it for so long, I think I've blurted it out more than once to a bunch of friends. Lucky me, they agree. Well, at least they find it agreeable with them.

I believe we should demolish our current education system. All of it. Seriously. Well, maybe some of you might have the same sentiment, abolishing the current system, that is. Maybe we have the same reasons, in fact. I feel strongly about this because I see separation amongst us, Malaysians (And you think I'm not patriotic... Duhh).

This concept of having Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan, Sekolah Kebangsaan and what not. It's a big NO-NO. We are being deprived of harmonious, serene living. Because of this concept, children from different religions and races do not mix well. Oh... thank God for the NS, I guess, at least the kids nowadays learn something else besides their own people. Regardless of the troubles amidst the camps.

Anyway, I'm digressing. I want to talk more about this. I just need to get it out a bit, that's why I'm writing it today. Just call this a preview for my next post. I will take the weekend to recollect my thoughts on this and hopefully in the next post I make more sense than today's erratic one.

It's Fridaaaaaaay!

I found myself to be kept abreast with the happenings around me when I'm away from the office. I was away for a week last week, well.. not really far just down south. But never did I miss the prime time news or reading the newspaper, albeit I had to do it at night. Nonetheless I knew what's going on in the world.

My normal day, usually, starts at half past six in the morning. Lately I've been arriving at work quite early, since it only takes 15 minutes in the morning rush hour to reach the office from my place. Driving, that is. I try to end my work day by 6, promptly and head back home just in time to catch my all time favourite sitcom, The Nanny. During the breaks for ads, I may start something in the kitchen which can be losely call, dinner. If it's simple enough I should be able to sit in front of the entertainment box, enjoying the last 10 minutes laughter while tucking in.

The rest of the evening... well, I should be able to catch on the prime time news, eh? But I don't. It maybe because of the movie channel, or disney channel, or cartoon network.. ish.. ish.. ish.. No wonder... And if there's nothing interesting enough to keep me glued to the couch, I head to bed at approximately 10:30pm.
I know... I know... there are so many hours wasted, that I could be using it for something else. I'm trying to change that now, by practicing slow-reading. When I start to read, I normally would be able to finish it in a day or two. I just cannot put the book down. I've had times where I read until it's 4am in the morning, and it's actually a book that I've read before. I was just re-reading it. So, I've just started to learn to pace my reading so I'd be able to stretch a 200 pages book in.. probably four days? Five?

Anyway, I digress. These days, I try to catch up on the news every morning. Electronically, obviously. NST, Malay Mail. And at times at Kakiseni, and yesterday I just got to know that Rentakkini is finally F.O.C. Thank you!! I also do a lot of... bloghopping of course. There's just so much happening out there that I wish I'm part of it! Interesting lives these people lead. Lot's of wonderful, scary stuff around us these days...

I read today that a school in Johore is charging its students when going to the washrooms outside recess hour. Reason being, students like to waste time and it's interrupting the teachers with their teaching. Parents are crying foul because they have to stop at the petrol station on the way back home so that their kids can go wee-wee. The washrooms have just been upgraded apparently. Nice, primier types? Hmm...

It's Friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend. I know I will...

May 25, 2006


What exactly do you expect from this ship that we share? We go through ups and downs, year after year together. I have cried on your shoulder, and you have cried on mine. We have shared barrels of laughter. We sang, okay I sang more, but we have enjoyed beautiful music together. We ever groove when the mood calls for it. So what else do you want from me?

Tolerance? I'm sure we share that too, judging by the sighing and mellowing and whining that we do. We, each had our ears built with whine-resistance. In fact we share anger too.

But, don't you think it's time for us to grow up? That does not mean I love you less. It's just mean we need space between us. Because we've grown up and we make our own choices. No more wearing the same shade of skirt when we're going out or making sure we synchronise our theme for the day. We are each an individual. And although we grew up loving the same things, playing similar pranks, we each blossom in our own special way.

We are equal, you and I. We are the same, but never similar. But truth be told, I've always wondered. Why do you expect people around you to treat you like a royalty? Like you're more special than anyone else? Perhaps you should stop and think for a while... That while you want us to always be together, we are indeed individuals and would like to be treated as such?

Perhaps one of the most complicated relationship is being friends. There are certain lines that cannot be crossed to preserve pleasant and meaningful journey. It's actually something like being a couple, except that this relationship most often than not involve more than two people.

But then again, if you're true friends, why can't you speak the truth, right? Just because the truth might hurt our friend's feelings. We are hypocrites, you and I, especially to our loved ones. We rarely say the truth for fear of hurting. While that is true, and ignorance is bliss, to what extend can we tolerate that thing that makes us feel like pulling our hairs out?

Fear, at the end, dominates the relationship. Fear of hurting. Fear of losing. Because without friends we are basically nothing. Because at the end of the day, we do not want to be left out or left alone. Because we need companionship. Because we are social beings and we need to have the comfort of knowing that we are not alone.

Yes, of course, you will say, you will never be alone because there's one friend that will always be there no matter what, if only you take that time to remember Him. True. And I agree. But we're just humans after all. We still need that physical contact, physical presence. Unless of course, we have cross that line where worldly treats are no more a passion. Yes, there are people who couldn't care less whether they have friends or not.

But honestly? You and I? We still need to board this ship. But maybe, just maybe, we cannot expect too much from this ship. Because after all... when it reaches its final destination we might have to disembark, whether we want it or not.

May 24, 2006

Power of Universe?

I hate losing, it makes me feel inferior
I hate not knowing, it makes me feel stupid
I hate failing, it makes me feel like a loser
I hate not being 'there', it makes me feel left behind

Reality is harsh. You have dreams that you want to realised, but it's not as easy as it seemed in the beginning. You were never told about the roadblocks or the wall that you have to tore down or walk around to continue your journey. The path that you thought was straight, is exactly the opposite. Nothing is as it seems. And you're forced to play a game that you had made up your mind you will not be a part of. It sucks.

The funny thing about fate is that, some people get all the juicy bits, and the path they're riding on is smooth. They do not have to know the sad truth about life nor do they feel any pain. Okay, I might be exagerrating, but you cannot deny the fact that some of us just have the luck. None of which is their fault. It's just that "the entire universe conspired to help them achieve it". That line was borrowed from The Alchemist.

So, HOW exactly do we get the universe to conspire for us? Most importantly, how do I get the entire universe to do so to help me? Ughh.. mind boggling. I have not tried hard enough, I think. And I believe that the vibes that I'm sending are not "universe-friendly". Maybe that's the reason.

I often received statements like "you're not like any other programmers" or "of course any guy would want to get to know you!" and so forth. The fact that I'm still a lowly programmer and there's not a guy to speak of makes me wonder where I go wrong. Hmmm... So it must be the vibes, eh? Maybe I should do something different this weekend to alter the signals... Maybe it should start from home... Maybe I should stop saying "maybe" and just get it done!


Read the book, watch the movie? OR
Watch the movie, read the book? OR
Read the book, don't watch the movie? OR
No need to read the book, it'll be a movie one day...

I was not too engrossed while watching the movie. I am talking about The Da Vincci Code film here. It was not 100% by the book, but it was... okay. Three out of five stars, I think. It's something like staying in Crystal Crown JB, the food was very nice, but the room was so-so. I don't know what's wrong with the movie, but it was just not engaging enough.

Throughout the movie, I noticed my legs getting the cramps (TGV should upgrade their seats...), I had the inclination to chat with my friend, I kept on looking all around the cinema, looked at the people, the fact that some were leaving made it worse. I was not glued to the screen. Maybe it was because I've read the book. But, I read LOTR before I went to watch the movie, I was... entranced. So, it couldn't be because of the reading. Thus the three blinking stars for The Code.

I'm sure most of you have watched the movie. To those who have not, I don't recommend the movie if you're not a fan with "talking" movie, because you have to listen to a lot of facts/fictions and arguments. Oh... but I applaud the way the facts were presented, because they have some sort of flashback to accompany the story. That was nice. A good way of presenting facts without making the audience bored. Anyway, I suggest to read the book first.

Hmm... Next movie is X-Men III.

May 20, 2006

Lite Read

Life at its core.

I just finished this book. The book was published in 2004. It just so happen it's the only book that looked interesting amongst the others on the shelf in the bookstore at the airport. So to kill time, I just pick it and paid. Didn't cost that much anyway.

It actually reminded me those times when I actually enjoyed dipping my hands in soild, planting shrubs and stuff. I used to have 12 pots of roses. Different colours. They were beautiful. But I guess, pouring too much love and time on them was not a good move. Well, besides the not-so-suitable weather and my unwillingness to use pesticide.

I still help my mum with the planting now and again, but I never really spend my time gardening anymore. It was too heart wrenching when looking at my 'children' dying slowly. I should've sticked to the normal flowers instead of taking my chances with roses, eh? But then.. life won't be so interesting if you don't take risks, will it?

Back to the book. The telling is pretty straight forward, nothing dramatic about the story line, just a simple tale about everyday people. About making mistakes and patching it up. About greed and how kindness prevails. It's a light reading without twist and turn.

How is everyone, by the by?

May 19, 2006

The paranoia of being... DIFFERENT


This is a disease amongst our people. It's just so sad when we have layers of people living together, in what we hope a harmonious nation.

Last Tuesday, I watched a re-run of Oprah. It was a show in 2004, featuring the casts from Ladder 49, two fire fighters who saved their fellow fire-eater (also present) and a memory tribute to a 10 yr old boy who died of a rare muscular disease and was buried with honour. There were no dry eyes in that show. I know mine were not.

At the end of the show, I wonder again, why are there so many hatred and distrust amongst different races and religions? When all religion preaches peace and love. When we all believe in the power of God.

I am ashamed to admit that there are people who are very close to me who do not have easy tolerance towards other races and religions. Even when we believe that ours is one true religion, the others have the same stand on their believes as well. So, how are we actually different from each other?

Let's not talk about people who change their beliefs. Any family members would have the same reaction when one of theirs decided to shift their lifestyle. Anyone would be hurt by it. Let's not go there, for this post is not spiritual in nature.

Let's talk about our similarities. We want peace. We believe in love. We are so very much alike in so many ways, especially emotionally. Because these are feelings and every one of us know and recognise these.

Recently, there was a commotion up north. What are we so afraid of when people of different beliefs want to talk about religion tolerance? No one is asking us to change our religion, isn't it? If we are so scared of this open discussion, that means we do not have confidence in our stand and our own iman. Regardless what faith you believe in.

I read in the newspaper this morning, in the same state, the state education department sent out circular to schools to boycott one project that is to promote social respect and integration. One of the agenda is to tour the different streets in the state, as well as visiting the holy places of the different religions.

Also, earlier this month, an indie film was banned by a bunch of people who has never watched it. Who are they to make decision for the rest of the people? Do they think Malaysians are so stupid and closed-minded that we can't think for ourselves? Listen carefully, I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE!

We are living in a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religion, multi-cultural society. And we are PROUD of it. We are PROUD TO BE MALAYSIANS because of these differences. We promote these differences to outsiders and foreigners to catch their attention, to bring them in, promoting our tourism industry and boosting our economy. But I do not see we're upholding these differences within our country. WHY?

Sometimes, I feel embarrassed looking at my elders. These people are so-called professionals, experts in their fields. And when I say "my elders" I am not only referring to Malay people. Heck, we are Malaysians. Our nationalities are the same, our race is just tracing back our heritage.

Oh, one politician had to resign because of "irreconcilable differences" (ehem) with the rest of his fellow party members. Just because he opted to be different that one time. What is going on here? You're in the hall representing the people. Where is the people's voice? I've always dislike (hate would be too strong a word) politics, and you, my elders, are not giving any good impression so far.

I have a lot to say. But is anybody listening? Or is this just, again, venting out my frustration? I'm calling out to the people of Malaysia. New breeds of Malaysians who are actually thinking outside of the box. People who are confident of their worth and have faith in their beliefs. People who do not mind being different and talk about those differences. SPEAK UP!

How much longer should we live in this kind of environment? To quote from V for Vendetta, the people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people. The group of people up north had proved that point, by illegally protesting and the police had to stop the conference. So, why can't people with better causes, meaningful fights stand up, speak up, do the same? Well... not illegally of course...

Once, newspaper used to be the power of the people's voice. Once, it was a medium to bring people together. Maybe I am asking for too much. Maybe I am dreaming of an ideal world. But I know, you know that difference can be made.

This is not a post to smash the government. Nor is it a post to uphold the oppositions. This is not political. I'm talking about paradigm shift here. Be more tolerant to differences. It doesn't kill you. In fact, it makes you a better person. God does not ask you to hate other religion. Bring them to our faith, yes, but with good examples, good behaviour. Muslims should know the meaning of wasatiah and live by it. God does not asked for extremism. Islam is a religion of peace. Why are we so keen to prove it otherwise?

We are after all Malaysians. Whoever our ancestors were. It's hard these days to actually say whether we're a pure Malay, pure Chinese, or pure Indian. We are the assimilated breeds. We are one of the other. The sooner we realise this, the sooner we accept that races are mainly heritage, the better. Being a Muslim does not make you a Malay, being Chinese does not mean you're a Buddhist, being Indian does not mean you do not have Malay blood in you.

Love and peace, all.

May 18, 2006

Lo and Behold!

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Jade says: Bloody hell! I sound so boring! But... it is me...

The paranoia of being... ALONE

What is it about being on your own scares the hell out of you? And I am not talking about being alone physically. We really can't stand being alone emotionally, can we?

All our lives, as we grew up to be where we are now, do what we're hackling now, we were told that we need to go to school, get good results so that we can go to that posh boarding school and later we'll get better chance to go to good universities, and graduate magna cum laude. And much later we'll get married and have a bunch of kids.

The fact that our path had been planned before hand is a wonder. The fact that most of us actually follow that path is a norm. Because it's a well walked trail. The outcome is expected and most welcomed. Because it's the path to "true success". The fact that sometimes, not of all us could walk on that same road because we encounter road blocks and have to retract our steps is terrifying. The fact that it might mean... failure.

I found myself to be in this path. Where I have to retract and move on. And this all started when I first broke up with my high school sweetheart. It was the ultimate shocker. I have had an easy life, pretty much predictable life, for almost twenty years. The broke up shook the lovely cloud I was in and I was knocked back to reality. And things were never the same again after that. And my life has been a rollercoaster ride eversince.

No, I'm not complaining. It's just that, I used to see where I was going. I used to be able to accept what happen to me, just because I know for sure it is supposed to happen. Pretty boring, I know. But it was safer. It was easier.

Now, basically, I go with the flow. I have been, eversince that tearful day, realising that my life will never be the same again, and I will never be with that person I cared for. Heartbreak is something that I could not avoid. I remember the saying, "Live like you're going to live forever, Sing like nobody is listening, Dance like nobody is looking, Pray like you're going to die tomorrow". But there are still so much more that I want to do that I haven't done. And I plan to get to them as soon as I can.

One fact remains, my emotional glass is half full. The half that is filled up are my family and friends. I am still waiting for the day where, ehem, that special someone will help to fill the other... quarter. (Of course the glass can never be full, but that's a metaphor to be discussed another day.) Now, why am I not patient to wait for this person to come along? Why do I subject myself to failed relationships when I know it's doomed from the beginning? Is it because I'm so pathetic that I need that attention eventhough I know its short life span? Or is it because of the pleasure of the company and knowing for that moment there's someone I can count on? Or is it really, really because I'm paranoid of being... alone.

Hmm.. I've had this one relationship that I spent almost 4 years of my life, just because. I was prepared to even settle down, just because. But, I had my doubts. So, I prayed to God, that if this is the one, just make it happen smoothly and if it's not the one, kick me in the backside before I make the big decision. The relationship was never smooth. I subjected myself to emotional abuse, my self esteem was pulled down to zero. Maybe even had negative values at times. But I stayed.

We were in the midst of discussing of... ehem... engagement, when one morning I woke up with no feelings at all. No sadness, no happiness, no hatred and... no love. Just blank. And a very, very clear mind. My prayer was answered. I could not imagine myself spending the rest of my life with someone who has no respect for my feelings, my intelligence and my worth, but commanded full respect and love in return. Like duhh.

Eversince that, I'm thinking of myself first, and maybe because of that harrowing experience, it made me more... selfish. And maybe, because of that I'm still on my own.

I guess, what I'm trying to say, is that I'm tired of being alone. But I wonder if I should take the plunge just because. Well... not that I have any offers... it's just that I believe what you feel inside conveys the message to the outside world. And if you're not ready for it to happen, it will not, because your vibes are sending messages out for people to stay away from you. Huisshh... that sounds so... distressing. But then again, truth, most often than not, is always emotionally boggling.

So... what is my conclusion after all the babbling up there...? Hmm.. The fact that we are not brave enough to be alone is true. The fact that the people around you are spreading the love, but you're still the same is a bit... frightening. The fact that there are so much more to do, than rant about not having someone to lean on. Now Jade, stop the nonsense and get things done.

Ciao people.

May 17, 2006

A Tribute

Another Mother's Day passed by. Another Teacher's Day passed by.

Happy Mothers' Day!!

Happy Teachers' Day!!!

If one should ask what is the most difficult job in the world, the answer is being a mother.
If one should ask what is the second most difficult job in the world, the answer is being a teacher.

Both jobs require patience. Both jobs require the incumbent to educate. Both jobs require 24 hours stand by. Both job requires sincerity and kindness. There are lots other similarities.

Being a mother is a matter of time for a woman. It's a lie if a woman says that she doesn't want to have kids. It's part of our genetic make up. We will have desire to hold a baby in our arms, we want to raise at least one child. It's really not a matter of choice. It's a matter of time.

Being a teacher is definitely a matter of choice. If you do not have the patience, you might as well open a burger stall or set up another dotcom company.

A mother is a teacher at the same time. A mother is a nurturer. A mother is much, much more than just someone to tend the home. Being a mom is tough. Being a working mom is even tougher. To women who are able to do this, I raise my glass to them.

It's sad watching and listening to the young generation of teachers nowadays. They take their job as a half day work and that's it. They are just being teachers probably because they could not be anything else. They do not have passion in educating or shaping the future generation. To me, they are not teachers.

Don't get me wrong, there are teachers who are really educators. This rare breed of teachers are really committed in their role in the community. These are the people who are mothers and fathers to us at school. To them, I raise my glass again. Double thumbs up.

So, to mothers out there, to teachers everywhere, to mothers who are also teachers, this month, like any other months, I salute you. You are the diamonds that shine brightly. You can never be traded. And we are here, because of you.

Mak, I love you. Happy Mother's Day.

May 16, 2006

Now, everyone cannot fly


Malaysians are one cool lot. At least the lot that was on board Air Asia Flight AK6351 en route to JB. Yesterday morning.

The flight was supposed to leave LCCT at 8:15am. But, it was delayed. We boarded the air craft at departure time. Not 10 minutes after that, the intercom buzzed and the co-pilot's voice filled the cabin. After greeting the passenger and informing the captain's name, he said, "We have found a bomb on the plane."

It was anti-climatic. People went quiet for a while and then as if on a mark, started talking. The co-pilot was still talking and asked the passengers to follow the stewardesses' instructions. They asked us to evacuate the plane row by row. Of course everyone wanted to get off the plane first, but thankfully clearer minds were at work, and we managed to disembark without any mishap. We were instructed to stand about 50 metres away from the plane. Few minutes after that, they decided we should all be inside the boarding hall again. Well, okay.

So we walked back to boarding hall. Some of us went to the washrooms, some went to buy drinks and some just walked around. Most had their mobile phone close to the cheek. Grapevine told us that a lady found a note (paper cutting) on the seat, which said that there's a bomb on the plane. (my reaction: ahhhh... so they haven't found the bomb yet...) This was at about 8:30am.

Few minutes after that, Air Asia ground crew started to distribute complimentary snack packs. Some of the passengers were trying to get actual happenings from the officer. I applaud the crew for being able to answer questions/queries/grumbles with smile. In the mean time, the suspected plane... they towed the plane about 500 metres away from the boarding hall. Not long after that, clearer mind prevail and they decided to tow it far, far away. So we waited.

Passengers are still walking around. Talking on the phone. Reading news paper. Go shoe shopping. (There's one Carlo Rino's outlet there. Nice shoes...)

Almost an hour after that, the ground crew started to put the 'barrier' to separate flight AK6351 passengers from the other Air Asia passengers. Ahhh... quarantine. Finally. One ground crew was equipped with Sony video camera (not sure which model), apparently filming everyone. (Much later I found out he got scolded by one of the passenger... "Ehh.. Why you take my picture?")

There were no security cameras, old CCTV type or mordern orb-like, in the hall. Hmm...

At 10 am they announced that the new departure time would be at 11:05. Everyone breathed sigh of relieved. Of course by this time, half of the passengers are already late for morning appointment, children are getting hungry too. Hey... they were promised McDonalds on arrival...

At 10:15 they informed us that we need to identify our luggage and collect our hand carry. So we boarded the airport coach at 10:20am and off we go for a tour around LCCT. We were determine to enjoy this experience as we see other passengers walking to and from Air Asia air crafts. We're getting special treatment, you see... We finally saw our suspected plane. Towed at the end of the airport, pass the MAS and Air Asia hangar. Which is about... 200 metres away from the reserved fuel tank, boasting MAS and Petronas logoes. Wonderful. If the plane should exploded, the whole area will be a huge firework show. We're in for a treat.

Our luggage was lined on one area and our hand luggage at another group. I pointed my luggage, the strong security uncle picked it up and asked if I'm sure it's mine, I said yeah. He said okay and put it on the truck. I proceeded to go and search for my hand carry. Saw my document bag, quickly retrieved it, feeling accomplished. One man, a passenger, with video camera wanted to take picture/video of what's going on, but was immediately told not to by the security officers. Tough luck, some of the passengers were clicking away with their camera phones. Did I mention there were bomb squad trucks, a control centre truck, etc. The whole crew. It was a circus.

We boarded the coach to go back to the terminal. (Outside I saw the officers/officials congratulating each other. I assumed they've actually found the bomb and managed to disarm it?) On arrival they informed us that we need walk through the metal detector again, and put our hand carry luggage for scanning again. We almost went down the coach when we were informed the police needed us to use the main entrance and come in from the front. So we "joyfully" got off from the couch when it stopped at the front entrance. As if we're one big convoy, travelling together.

We marched to the check in gate again, showed our boarding passes again, lined up for the scanning again. Full body check. It was the same procedure we went through when we first checked in. No difference. Except that by this time around most of the passengers do not really have a smile on the face anymore. Ooohhh... the body search... I almost laughed because I felt so geli geleman.

We went back to the boarding hall and waited. We boarded a new craft at 12:05 (one hour later than the mentioned departure time). And waited. It was 12:20pm and they were loading our double-scanned luggage onto the plane. Great. The plane took off at 12:30 pm and reached Senai approximately 30 minutes after that.

Earlier that morning; my conversation with my Project Manager, who was waiting at Senai aiport, at 8:30am.

Jade: Boss, our flight is delayed.
PM: Oh.. okay. Nemine, I wait.
Jade: There's a bomb scare.
PM: Bullshit. (Laughing)
Jade: A lady found a note on the seat.
PM: You don't play with me leh.. (Laughing harder)
Jade: Cehhh!! I'm serious!! Now we're waiting for them to do investigation. They towed the plane away already.
PM: Walaw. Okay lah.. okay lah.. I wait.
Jade: Are you sure? You don't want to go to customer's office first? I don't know how long we'll be stuck here.
PM: Nemine. Nemine. I wait for you.
Jade: Oh.. Okay then. I'll keep you informed.
PM: You sure, bomb meh? (worried tone)
Jade: I'm sure it's just a prank. (Laughing). I'll talk to you soon.
PM: Ok. Bye.

That ends my episode, where initially Everyone Can Fly, then Everyone Cannot Fly, then Everyone can Fly Again. I was thankful when the plane touched down in Senai safely. And it was a very, very smooth landing too. And... I'm still alive to blog.

P/S: I would've thought Malaysia Airport would already have a standard operating procedure for cases like this. It's been almost five years since September 11. By the way, I understand it's a low cost terminal, but will that also mean low security level as well? The LCCT is a far cry from the 'posh' KLIA main terminal. It's hundred steps backwards. Eh... Do something can or not? Embarassing lah... There were foreigners on board as well, should we be hypocrites and pretended the whole drama was handled well? Just out of Malaysia Boleh spirit? Come on... we're not that dumb. Right? Or not?

May 10, 2006

Stupid People

Have we became uncivilised finally? Read here.

Or... we have always been, onlo never realised?

Or... never wanted to realise?

Read this one too.

And this.

May 9, 2006

And again...

It should not matter, but it does.
I should just let go, but it's so hard to do so.
It's not going to turn into something fruitful anyway, I should just move on.
But why is it so difficult to forget?
Granted there were shared times that were so meaningful.
Time and again history repeats itself. Have I not learnt anything?
It's not going anywhere, it should end.
Mayhaps, it's already ended, only I refuse to acknowledge the truth.
Lord... the pain. The pain is endless. For now.
Picking up the pieces. Shattered by my own doing. My own choices.
One question remains... Why lie?

May 8, 2006

At it again...

When the heart is unsettled
When worry occupies the mind
I see nothing but obstacle ahead
I just hope I won't go blind

When there's no shoulder to cry on
When there's no hug to keep me warm
I shudder to think what lies beyond
I only wish not to be broken

I couldn't rhyme properly today
For my heart is a storm
And my mind is muddled
Try not to cry and crumpled

Bear with me just a little longer
I might be babbling in several post
One way of getting out the trapped feelings
One way not to lose my mind over things

This is a lament of a confused mind
This is a cry of a lonely heart
Even so I know things will get better
I just need to be stronger