May 22, 2009

Before the W-day...

No woman in her right mind will be happy to know that her soon-to-be hubby is attending a bachelor party.

Historically, bachelor parties are organised by the ancient Sparta amongst the soldiers to toast each other on the eve of the wedding. To welcome the new era. However, as time goes on, bachelor parties are not suitable to be organised on the night before the wedding, because, well... the activities have become more... shall we say, varied. And unlike before, it is possible to be arranged in more than just one night. And the intention is to say good-bye to single life.

The activities, have become more and more obscene (depending on your definition) to suit the male palate (a softer way to say the other thing, if you know what I mean...)

Unlike the original hen night, where women spend time to beautify themselves; facial, spa treatment, hair treatment, painting nails, etc; a bachelor party, or stag party, or buck party is where the men take the opportunity to "watch" women. They might be fantasising of the activities during the hen night even! Men, they only have one thing in their mind, and one working body part, so, go figure. :-p

And because bachelor parties have evolved to more sexual in nature, so does the hen night; a.k.a. the bachelorette parties. Apparently to get even.

Now, if you sit down and ponder a while, what good does these parties do to the couple? Make them think about the things they could not do afer they're married? Both of them will continue missing singledom? Raise their expectations of their partners when it comes to the bedroom activities? Make them bitter because after this they are only with one person and one person only, when their single friends can still fool around?

Seriously. What will it do to their future generation then?

I wouldn't want my new life be started in a wrong way. At least, to my definition, it is. Bottomline, I feel that it's just not right. These type of parties where you try to do everything you can in one night, the things that you will not be able to "indulge" once you're called a husband or a wife, are for people who are not ready to commit. But then again, pound your chest and ask your appetite... (literal translation from tepuk dada tanya selera).

No man in his right mind will be happy that his soon-to-be wifey is attending
a wild bacholerette party.

It's better to indulge in a one day spa treatment, don't you think? ;-)

May 12, 2009

New Addiction

I was urmm... introduced to this new online drug by Queen. And once I had a sample of it, I'm hooked!! Things are getting better/worse, depending on how you look at it...

RestaurantCity @ FaceBook!


I might need to cure cold turkey if this addiction worsen... :-( Last I checked, my point was at 4500, going to Level 9. I already installed two toilets to let the customers answer their nature calls. I have employed a cleaner... :-p

But, on second thought, do I REALLY want to be helped?

May 9, 2009

Why...'s difficult for me not to overload my luggage? Why my cabin suitcase still miss a few grams from the allowed weight?

I am going to tell you why...

1. My toiletries
  • Shampoo, leave-on conditioner and hair serum - I am told that I need these extra stuff because my hair can be very dry if not taken care correctly
  • Body wash (antibacterial, moisturising, whitening?) and body scrub - otherwise my skin will be dry and well, they smell nicer than the hotel soap
  • Facial wash, facial scrub, facial mask - need them for the obvious reasons!
2. My "beauty" stuff
  • Day moisturiser, UV cream, serum? and night moisturiser PLUS acne spot cream - a must kan?
  • Body lotion - another must!
  • War paint which includes base and colours and brushes and powder and blusher - I can go by just with powder and lip gloss, but some occasions just require it kan?
3. My clothes (just for a weekend get away) - this is the most VERY, VERY minimal that I can go...
  • at least another pair of pants besides the one the jeans I'd be wearing
  • tops. now, this one, at least 2 for each day
  • a pair of dressy sandal
  • little "sisters" that need to be packed properly; if you know what I mean...
There you go. Now you know why.

And I seriously wonder how some people can travel for a week (maybe two) just with a backpack... Do they have a Doraemon pocket or "Pintu Suka Hati" to help them to get the things they don't have with them? Hmmm...