May 27, 2011

Ignore the trolls

Troll (n) – In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic message in an online community…. (Source: Wikipedia: Troll)

There is a trend of blogging that many people adhere to these days. The blogger will post radical thoughts and comments. They are all provocative in manner. These are the bloggers that will be getting thousands of page hits; including thousands of hate mails and offensive comments. The readers will direct their hate towards what is being written and to the blogger.

Surprisingly, even after knowing such blogs post offensive topics to their virtue and sensitivity, the readers always come back for more, and leave yet another rebuttal in the comment section. Shows how much mental capacity these people have. The readers, I mean. It’s funny sometimes how some people try to out-troll the troll. And to people like me, we enjoy reading the comments more than the actual trolling. It provides a certain… un-healthy entertainment.

This type of bloggers will be so happy that you contribute to their page hits, and it’s a no wonder they are making money out of the haters.

All I can say is, if you don’t like what is being written, don’t read it. Ignore that the blog even exist. You might feel a certain need to act on justice, but justice cannot be done through force. Nor can it materialise through hate mails or vile words. And if after two or three comments the posts do not change in nature, just leave it. Let it be.

Some trolls provide the avenue for community bashing. This is especially true if you’re reading entertainment blogs. They post a picture of a certain singer or actors. These people are caught on picture doing something or wearing something which does not go well with the local community. And, Eureka! The hate comments will come flooding in. You get comments that is “hollier-than-thou” type. It’s sad.

I personally do not condone trolling activity. It is wrong to humiliate people, it is even more wrong to get people together to humiliate other people. You are being the catalyst, and you are not spreading positivity around. Use your writing talents for better things, to get people to work together.

Trolls will not be awaken if they are not provoked. Yes they are ugly and most of the time evil, but if you play their game, you’ll lose. Take the higher ground. Use a different bridge, build a new one if you need to. Just ignore the troll’s bridge and sooner or later, the troll will die. Alone.


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May 25, 2011

Sydney Trip Recap

Baby Hana is an excellent travel buddy. Maybe it’s her age that makes her agreeable. Or maybe it’s her genuine sunny disposition. Or maybe she’s in tuned with the surrounding and knows that it’s only her and her Mommy travelling; so she goes easy on me. :-) Whatever the reason is, I am thankful and relieved that it went so well and needless to say, painless.

The flight time to Sydney coincide with her morning nap, so that’s a plus. Alhamdulillah. I nursed her immediately when I settled on my seat, while everybody else was boarding. My seat was an aisle seat, in the middle row. No, there was no bassinet. However, I highlighted to the FA and hoped for the best. I told her that I do not mind sharing the bassinet or if there’s none, at least an empty seat next to me. What I got was, both! She managed to secure a seat with bassinet and the seat next to me was unoccupied. Alhamdulillah. Flight was full with parents with toddlers and young children. And as what Sharky told me, most of them have exceed the requirement for getting bassinets. :-)

Baby Hana slept most of the time on the plane. I managed to catch two movies! Sometimes when I saw her turning her head left and right, I just massage her ears a bit, in hope that it might relief the discomfort. Maybe it did, because she settled to sleep again.

We didn’t went around much in Sydney. On Saturday after we arrived, The Hubby brought us to walk around the market in The Rocks near Circular Quay. On Sunday we went to Hyde Park and Darling Harbour. Then the next Saturday before we left, we went to the Taronga Zoo. Weekdays were spent indoors; Baby Hana had a little flu. That experience is priceless to me, because it really gave me the confidence that I can take care of my daughter on my own. :-)

Days were short, nights arrive early. The Hubby is a little disappointed that we could not go out for dinner. And sad for us because we didn’t get to sight seeing. Honestly, I did not mind at all, since my intention to go there was mainly to visit him and let Baby Hana get re-acquainted with her Bapak.

On the flight back, Baby Hana opted to be awaked most of the time and talk. Yes, talk. She smiled and laughed a lot. And sleep for half an hour or so every time. I think the longest was only about a little more than an hour.

The most radical changes that I noticed ever since we went to Sydney was her sleeping time; now she sleeps less during the day, short naps is more accurate to describe it. She sleeps longer during the night. She is also more conversational now. She gurgles and chuckles and smiles and laughs. She babbles a lot. Once, I think it was our second night in Sydney, she babbled to sleep! And The Hubby had it on record! Now, she can really sleep on her own. I can put her in bed, and let her go to sleep by herself.

My baby is growing up fast, and I am feeling my age more. And I wonder, when the next change will be. :-)

May 11, 2011

My 1st Wordless Wednesday

lathree lamoons


lafriday lapbaby lasydney

larrow lafam




NOTE: All pictures and graphics from various internet sites. I don’t own them.

May 4, 2011

My Girlfriends…

Dudes you should stay away from:

  1. Dude who wears Hawaiian shirt, with tight jeans and pointed shoes.
  2. Dude in numero uno who walks pass you and say, “You’re looking lucky lady!”
  3. Dude driving a 5-series, with one hand on the steering wheel, stopping at the traffic light waiting for you to cross even though the light is green for him, raising his eyebrows with sheepish smile. NOTE: He might just be the driver, picking up his boss at the next corner.
  4. Dude with white pair of shoes, more so if they are pointed ones – I just distrust people with white shoes… they look like Casanovas. So, people say don’t judge the book by its cover, but first impression matters!
  5. Dude who looks as if he didn’t take his morning shower – I personally like a man with a sense of style, looks polished, don’t you think so?
  6. Dude who is smelly – hygiene is important y’all!
  7. Dude who flashes his wealth; i.e. iPad2, Blackberry Torch, iPhone4, OMEGA wristwatch, etc., those might be the only things he has!
  8. Dude who pays your first dinner with credit card.
  9. Dude who is generous with praises. (Au contraire, a husband must be generous with praises for his wife… haha)
  10. Dude who says, “thats mean”, and proceed to speak with an accent, especially when he was born outside of down under, the Queen’s land, and away from the cowboys. Yes I’m a bit snob about this.

The list could be longer, but these are the things that came to my mind for now. Just beware of superficial dudes. They might not be who they seem to be. Besides, we’re empowered women, we don’t need our men to furnish our lifestyles. Kan?