October 28, 2009

Pampering Session

I went for facial session yesterday evening. This time, I ventured into Clarins Beauty Institute in KLCC. So today, I want to share with you my experience. Lovely, enchanting experience.

The first thing that they told me when I asked if they have empty slot for walk-in customer was: "we don't do any extraction during our facial and we don't use any machine, we only use Clarins technique". I was fine with that since I don't like the pain I have to bear either.

Since it was my first time, they made me fill up my particulars as per norm. Next, I was immediately whisked into the treatment room where I was asked to change and get ready for skin analysis. The session started of with the beautician giving me a short lecture on how I am not taking good care of my skin. She checked for my skin elasticity and moisture level by softly pinching and lifting the facial skin. And the conclusion: My skin is at its average condition but it could use more moisture. I'll get this comment anywhere I go, so. She recommended "Hydration from Madagascar" treatment. (I was immediately visualising the "I Like to Move It" clip from the cartoon).

The treatment started with relaxation technique. This was where the beautician helped my body to achieve total relaxation by loosening the muscle on my body; she started to shake both my legs gently and gradually moving upwards until the head. This was repeated twice. After, she started to perform the cleansing with a certain massage technique. She applied scrub and later masque.

I couldn't really describe the experience one after another because I was in total relaxation which made me sometimes aware and sometimes blissfully unaware. But never once the treatment induced pain; because there was no extraction done. There was a lot of facial massage being done.

The facial treatment also comes with hand and arm treatment (scrub and massage) and also scalp and shoulder massage. I have to say for RM198 this is truly an excellent treatment. I came out from the treatment room feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Later, she thought me a little on Clarins facial revitalising techniques which is done after applying your facial serum. This will help the serum to penetrate better and also the assist in lymphatic drainage. Obviously, this extra step adds another couple of minutes into my otherwise simplistic skin care routine.

All in all I have to say that facial in Clarins is one of the best so far that I have experienced. Its close rival being Sothys in Bangsar Village II. Will I go again? Most definitely.

October 26, 2009

Finally, some movement!

Few more items in the checklist have been confirmed/completed:

1. Just confirmed with caterer today; for solemnisation and reception day. I didn't know that on the solemnisation day I have to choose the scheme colour as well; for the table cloth and scallop. Ha ha ha, so... I just picked the same colour that I use for the hantaran.

2. Mak Andam is seriously making money these days. If the cost for them to purchase something is say lah, RM100, they will rent it at RM50. I actually expected that they will rent it at RM20 because, it will not only be one person wearing it. And please, by the time it's my turn to use the items, they have been worn many times already by other people! SO, basically, they are rolling with money already! But I decided to just let it go, because there's no point arguing with the mak andam since she'll be the one who's putting gunk on my face, kan?

3. So, we confirmed the dais at home as well. Yes, I know I said I'll be doing it, but Abah vetoed against it. He agreed with Mak that I will not have enough time to do it on my own, since I was already doing a lot of other things. The gifts and hantaran. So, the dais will be as what I plan (hopefully) but done by the mak andam.

4. CapalPerak had confirmed the photographer a month ago, so that is settled. I'm happy. We're getting En. Napie Mokhsin for the solemnisation and reception day. I love his style; saw them on FB. So, I'm grateful to my other half for agreeing on this! Thank you darling!

5. Owhh... and of course, the reception dress is 80% ready, and as I updated before, it had to be.. ehem... resized to be smaller. I'm happy that the painful days in the gym is actually paying off! Which reminds me, I have session today!

6. The invitation card has been confirmed. InsyaAllah they will be ready by end of the week. Although we had a slight problem with the staff (cakap pusing pusing) I hope we will get what we expect out of it (okay, what JADE expects). Seriously, it's a simple card nothing flashy about it.

I am yet to get THE SHOES. Hmm... Saw a pair at VISS this afternoon, but it was the last pair. I wasn't really into it anyway, so I gave it a pass. Saw another different pair at another shop, but only size 4 is left. Last week I saw a pair at Parkson Pavilion, very nice design and wearable after the wedding, but they will only restock it this week. So, I will go again some time this week to see if they have it already. And maybe, I should just quickly make up my mind. There was another pair in TimeSquare that I like, but we shall see.

Haih, whatever it is, men have it easier. Kan?

October 23, 2009

Vampires? I LIKE!!

NOTE: This post is a pleasure read. Has nothing to do with the living or the dead. Or the undead for that matter. Ha Ha ha...

If there is one thing that I really have interest on (other than my other half, family and friends) are VAMPIRES. And I think I've mentioned this before. There are few handsome vampires out there...

The post today was an outcome from a link that was sent by CapalPerak to me, as a joke. But then, when I was really reading it, I think I scared him a little. Ha ha ha... Well darling, one thing that you love about me, IS my dark side, right? So here goes...

ANGEL - from the Angel TV Series. Although he has Buffy, it does not stop me from obsessing over him during my early 20s. He exudes this aura of a tortured soul; which he is really. Sad eyes, beautiful mouth. Even when his face changes when he calls his vampiric side, I still love him. Yummy, really. Anyway, Buffy has cheated on him with Spike, so I still have some hope.

BILL - "What kind of a vampire with the name Bill," exclaimed Suki. Very witty. Like Angel, he is another tortured soul, in True Blood. Being robbed of his soul, unwillingly when he was just being true to his late wife. I like Bill, although sometimes I think he's a little sissy. He's sexy, but I don't obsess over him like I do over Angel...

Edward - Ahh... Edward Cullen... I knew him first through his stories. He might be ancient, but he's still a teenager. At first, I don't think him as "handsome" or "sexy" for that matter. Come one! He's only 17!! But in this photo he does look a little yummy. Ah well.. he married Bella, so I can just admire from afar.

There you go. What's YOUR obsession?


It's nobody's fault really.
It's just hope and expectations.
So, in the end if it get's crushed it's the dreamer who's missing.
No one else.
Can the dreamer smile you ask? But, of course!
The dreamer can do nothing else but do just that.
And come to accept it's not a big deal really.
And in time of need the dreamer gets extra comfy on the cloud.
Courtesy of unseen hands.
So, where's the fault in that?
Alas, the dreamer has to be thankful!

October 18, 2009

Busy Weekend!

>> Woke up to do a week's laundry that I was in Singapore. I can send two items daily for washing while I was there, but of course there was a pile of everything else.
>> Went out to see the progress of the invitation card; NONE. It has been two weeks since I finalised the details but no work has been done at all. The girl said they will contact me 10 days before I am supposed to collect it. Bad management.
>> And then, went to do fitting for the reception dress. I'm very happy with the 85% outcome. And much happier to note that I have lost INCHES that saw Mag preparing to alter the dress further. (Yeay to that! Yeay to hasrdwork in the guym!!)
>> After sending Mak and Abah back, I changed to attend Toonie's open house. Missed some friends, saw a few. Continued my capacity as baby sitter by feeding the baby. And watching over the second one. Stayed for two hours plus. Food was awesome!
>> Met up with Em and her fiance at Sunway Pyramid. Just talks over coffee (vanilla latte pour moi). Stayed for another 2 hours.
>> Called Cik Yati to set appointment for body service session for Mak and myself. Arrived home at 11pm. And waited until midnight before fell into deep slumber...

>> Woke up, showered and prepare breakfast while chatting with Mak. We had roti canai segera. With her awesome fish curry.
>> Massage session; one hour for Mak and two hours for me. I cringed everytime she corrected my urat yang bersimpul-simpul.
>> Meeting Sarc later today. Waiting for her to confirm the place.

Tomorrow is BLOOD TEST day!!

October 16, 2009

I'm going home!!

I am currently at the airport. The CIP lounge to be exact. My flight is at 6:45pm and check in at 6:00pm. So, at 3:30pm, I will go around the shopping area and see if i can find anything suitable for the wedding. I am yet to complete my gifts to him, so, will check out few items in the list.

Other than that, I am happy to leave. The best things about this trip was the arrangement made to ease my way from immigration check point in Changi to arrival in the hotel AND the rail system in the country. I had very bad experience this morning with one of the staff at the hotel which I don't care to elaborate. Besides, maybe it is also a reminder to me to always treat people with respect and always kindly. I made a social blunder not too long ago, and I believe I'm still paying for that crime. As much as I feel bad about the situation, I cannot turn back time and in time I hope things will be better... :-(

So anyway, the orgraniser of the exhibition actually arranged for a buggy that picked up my colleague and I right after we exit the plane last week and quickly whisked us away to the private CIP lounge. Our entry was a breeze and the luggage taken care of. Later, we we transported to the hotel via a designated coach. What an experience!

Arriving at the hotel however, the reception was a little mixed up, probably because I was dressed so casually that they did not expect me to be part of such posh event. :-p And this morning, when I was querying about the arrangement made for airport transfer, I was treated not so nicely by one of the staff. Luckily the rest of the team was more tactful that I managed not to give a piece of my mind to her. And sadly, she was a Malay.

Upon arrival at the CIP lounge again this afternoon, everything is smooth so far. InsyaAllah, all will be smooth still.

It is almost 3:30pm. Going for a quick visit to the ladies' and off to the shopping area pour moi! Au revoir Singapour!

p/s: I might be back in November for my cousin's wedding... ha ha ha ha...

October 14, 2009

Two more days to go!

Singapore is not far from Malaysia. Definitely not. And as much as it is convenient to move around in this country, I could never live here. Nope, I don't think so, unless I really have to. Basically, given the choice, I'll stay in my Malaysia.

It's interesting to know that people know Singapore, this teeny weeny island, but are still confused about Malaysia, when it's just a strait away! Makes me a little upset, but I always answered it's just 20 minutes away, just across the northern border. 30 minutes to KL by airplane. There.

J'aime beaucoup mon pay, j'en ne veux pas changer avec autres. Hah!

I want to go home, but I still have two nights to go. The closing ceremony will be tomorrow, and after it's packing up the equipment. Oh! I am never good at packing up and unpacking my own things, I hope I will not miss anything out tomorrow! The best part about an event ou exhibition is that you get to interact with people, meet new people and learn new culture. Possible learn a word or two of a different language. And the tedious part will be the packing up and the listing down of all the contact names and their interests. Agh!

It's not that I don't want to be technical anymore, it's just that I like the rush that I see on people's faces when they see new things and sometimes, in a weird way, the way they act when they think they know everything. You have potential customers that annoy you, or people that visit the booth every year with the same enthusiasm and requirements and needs, but never make up their mind actually implement something! Yes, we have those too!

I want to go home! Ha ha ha...

October 8, 2009

Away From KL

I'm traveling to the Lion City tomorrow morning. I don't know why, but this time around, I am planning my departure hour to hour. I will go with a colleague but I find comfort in planning the details, like what time I should take the ERL which means I will have to know the time to go out from the house, which transportation that I can take when I arrive to go to the hotel.

And while reading, these are my findings:
1. There is a place called Bukit Gombak in Singapore. No, this is not my first time going to Singapore, but this fact actually escaped me from before. My hometown is Gombak and for ages people are saying it's very HULU. So there you go. There's not PJ or Bangsar anywhere else. :-p

2. From Changi Airport, you only have to pay SGD2.70 to go to the city, you will arrive in 27 minutes. Compare with traveling from KLIA to KL Sentral on ERL, it will cost you RM35, you will arrive in 28 minutes. Hmm... Go figure.

Let's just put two, otherwise people will think I say life over there is better than Malaysia. I wouldn't know, I'm a Malaysian and proud to be one.

Hmm... I may go to Bedok tomorrow evening to visit Mak Long. But I have to check what's the plan with the team first. But, this sure will bring back a lot of memories, bittersweet and some.

October 7, 2009

Old News

I've only got the chance to actually watch what happened during the recent VMA 2009; you know, when Kanye West (idiot) hijacked Taylor Swift's moment... I don't really follow the industry's gossips, but I (like billions others) am surprised something like this could happen. It's not important really, coz it has no impact on my life. Ha ha ha... Just thought of sharing it with you.


Whether the act was staged or it happened out of MTV's control, we can never know, right? It's show biz. Anyway, Beyonce, she's good. I mean, if this isn't staged, the world still have some hope of peace if more people with this same sensitivity are around.