May 29, 2007

Movie Snippets

Since I'm fighting with sleepiness, the following are my take on the movies that I recently watched. In descending order...

Citer ni klako. Tapi sangat la banyak nyer message yang hendak disampaikan. Letih jugak la tengok. Seriously penat sebab digesting the underlying message. Besides that, punyer lah banyak nyer advertisement Celcom ngan Ogawa. Terpaksa lah kot since sponsors, eh? Anyway, nama-nama make-believe sushi restaurants yang diorang guna sungguh la menggeletek buah pinggang sehinggakan semalam bila Jade jalan kat MidValley terus tergelak sebab ada satu restoran sushi ni nama dia "OK Sushi". Seperti dibuat-buat pula... In fact, Afdlin's employer in the moview was named "Boleh Sushi". See the similarity? Hilarity aside, the people involved in the movie really did their research and worked hard to deliver well deserved awards.

Star: *** (sbb byk sgt iklan)

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

This third and final (sure or not?) installment has lesser humour. In this episode all questions will be answered as to who and why and how. Although the ending was far from expected, it will still make you laugh because Captain Jack Sparrow lost his ship again. Only this time, he held the trump card, so to speak. I might be spoiling your movie, if you have not watched it, by asking, can a man really wait for that one day on the land to have all the earthly pleasures after 10 years of abstaining? Oooohhh... I love the part where Poppet was in control. Oooooo... She's the Pirate King! Go girl power!! And you know, I was definitely wishing Elizabeth and Jack Sparrow would just be together! That would be a lovely fairytale ending. As for Calypso. I don't like how it ended for her. It seemed too lose. There should be some sort of a closure. Well, that's just me. (just a note, I had loved Johnny Depp since the days of "21 Jump Street"... Yes, I am that old. :-p)

Star: ***

Spiderman 3
Oooooo... Blackie Spidey. Tobey McGuire enthralled the audience (by audience I'm specifically referring to yours truly since I do not how others felt) by being the naughty and adventurous highly seductive Peter Parker. Meeeeoooowww! Somehow he managed to combine PP's bookish look with devilish delights. Although the dance moves were questioned and criticised badly in some media, I personally found it exhilarating. Maybe the fact that Jade don't really dance... (wink! wink!) At least, not that well, eh? Harry, Harry, Harry... From the first movie, I am pulled towards Harry. And he died!! Man!!! As for the lovely (?) MJ, hmmm... what's-her-name was a bit kayu. I don't know... I just couldn't reacted the way I'm supposed to towards the character. And her shrilling screaming, oh my gosh... I know she was supposed to show how scared she was but it. just. did. not. make me feel sorry for her. Ahh.. Kristen Dunst, sorry babe, you were just... mediocre. (did I spell her name correctly?)

Star: ****

Next movie: Shrek 3 (everything comes in three, eh?)


Looking Pretty

The best (and maybe the worst) thing about being a girl is prepping up. Be it that romantic dinner, official functions, or just taking a stroll in the park.

I used to think that it's just silly to match your top and bottom, together with that handbag and that pair of sandals, and don't get me started with the face. I still think it silly but now I do see the importance and impact that you can make with being presentable. And look nice.

The company is having a dinner next week. I have not been to any formal functions for such a long, long time. Black tie, that is. I can't remember when was the last time. Hmm... Anyway, the theme for that night will be "Red and Glitter". I've got my dress already, marooned and sequined at one side. (and hey, if you were oblivious like I was, head to Sg. Wang for lovely selections of formal dresses, funky outfits, at reasonable prices).

I got my earrings yesterday and will go and look for a bangle this evening. Too eager, you say? Well, I guess I'm just vain, eh? Ha ha ha... There are few sites online which are very helpful in many areas. Check out the following:

What happened to Adam of Maroon 5?

Has he becoming a sissy? He used to be soooooo sexy. Look at the hair. Listen to song. Iskk.. but somehow in the sissiness that is clear, I still like the song. Makes me wonder...

The allure of baldy

Think Vin Diesel. Think Sean Connerry. Think all those sexy, yummy baldies... I cannot say for sure, why is it that I feel pulled towards these shiny clean look. And I guess, it will depend on the person. Not everyone looks dangerous without hair. He he he...

May 28, 2007

It's All in Your Mind

Growing up, I had my share of "lecture sessions" courtesy of my beloved Abah. I still get them once a while, but these days instead of just listening, I almost always successfully turn them to a discussion session. He he he...

Anyway, during those dark times, where tears were shed, and hearts were bleeding (cheeewaaahh), Abah's never old statement would be "it's all in your mind". This would apply to absolutely anything you can think of; study, peer pressure, sickness, wants and desires, etc. Absolutely everything under the sun.

Last night, while waiting for Adik to come back from buying dinner, the three of us, Mak, Abah and I sat in front of the TV whilst talking about a friend of my brother. Let us call him W.

W is BIG in size. He is one of my brother's closest friends, thus almost always while they were studying he'd be around the house. His boots, big and smelly (I kid you not) always grace our front door.

Anyway, coming back to last night's talk, I was asking Mak whether W is still as huge as he used to be. Mak said, "... and some more". I immediately started to talk about this medical procedure, reserved for absolutely huge people with uncontrollable appetite, which decreased the size of the intestines and sometimes stomach. I can't recall the name of the procedure at the moment. I do not know the statistic in Malaysia, but in the US this seems to be one of the effective solution for obesity and over-weight people.

Abah then said how the more we read the more we get to know about new procedures and medical advice. These will in turn be obsolete or discouraged after some time. He then relayed an email that he received through his group of friends where researchers from John Hopkins University sent out information on cancer. It is said that cancer comes from within the body and external substance acts as agent to make it worse. Thus, they concluded that the best way to combat the disease is through the mind.

I immediately laughed and exclaimed to Abah how his never-old statement now has the backing of John Hopkins. Being Abah, he'll rub it in till u can only have smile frozen into place. He he he...

Growing up, having "sessions" with Abah was excruciatingly exhausting and painful emotionally. He was very strict, some of my friends even thought him to be an army general or police commissioner! Mak would always had to remind her kids how Abah actually love us very much and only wanted the best for us. She always wanted us to understand that Abah did not really know how to deal with us in a different way because he lost his father while grandma was still pregnant with him. We were taught to be understand ingand empathic at very young ages.

These days Abah and Mak are more laid back. Occasionally we still get it, which of course for the better, since if no one reminds us, we would forget, right? Just imagine, how can we not love our parents? Good or bad. Black or white. They are ours.

Having said that, we've always been told that our mind is our prison. We limit ourselves because we THINK we cannot do. Instead we should always set our mind that we CAN DO. It IS all in our minds.

NOTE: Reference to cancer was not meant to be a laughing matter. The author realises the severity of the disease. She, herself, has lost an aunt to the disease.

May 27, 2007

The Replacement

With a heavy heart, I hereby introduce "Si Putih". Yes, I have a habit of naming all my possessions...

When I went out yesterday to acquire a new set, I have not actually made up my mind which one I really wanted. There's Samsung's slimmest 3G phone, SGH Z370 which were quite attractive but I did not quite feeling it while I held it when I was scouting last week.

I then resorted to three options; simplest phone without too much hassle. When I stepped into Sg Wang yesterday, I was going to see and physically compare these three.

Upon reaching the booth, and a little what-I-need intro, the sales girl brought out this model, K550i. Suffice to say, I got hooked the moment I held it in my palm, went to surf the net to read some reviews, and came back to get the phone. If you feel intrigued to read, this is a good review.

I should also mention here that after walking away from the booth and having the unit safely tucked into my handbag, I sort of had a panic attack. Yeap. You read that right the first time. I felt like I was going to black out, my palms went clammy, I could not breathe. You might say that I'm over-reacting, but that's what happened. I needed a glass of red drink to soothe my nerves; apple + tomato + carrot juice.

The damage? A whopping RM880; AP set and 512MB M2 SanDisk card. The phone also comes together with the charger, hands-free set, USB data cable and software CD. Haih.

So far, Si Putih keeps me interested. There's this function that I particularly like. The Remote Control function. He he he... I'm not quite sure when I'd be using it to control my media player, but the presentation, well... just might prove to be useful.

Owhh... since this phone comes with 2Mpx camera, I won't be getting a new digital camera anytime soon.

Still missing MING though.

May 24, 2007

Say You, Say Me

Did you watch American Idol last night? Dreams do come true, eh? I mean, the ones who did not get to be in finals, was singing with the people that they thought they could only be dreaming singing with.

Dreams do come true. Albeit for some people bigger things happen to them. Even so, we who only have small dreams happening should still be thankful. Little wonders, people. Little wonders. So say Rob Thomas.

Have you say your thank you to Him today?

My heart goes out to my sister half way around the world in Dubai. And this goes out to her.

Kakak, you are amazing. How you are at the moment is understandable. New place, with your current condition, I would say everything is too much to handle. But, knowing you, I am positive that you can face it and stand tall. So hang in there, Kakak. You will get through this. And everything will be so much better in a couple of months, insyaAllah, you’d laugh you baby out wondering why you were so worked up. It might not exactly be what you dreamt, but hey, you’re on your way, anyway. My hugs and love for you and yours.

So, if today, you’re reading this post, do drop by at her blog and wish her well, put a smile on her face.

I’m actually writing this while watching the finale. And Jordin Spark won. She deserved it. Although I did hope (in vain) the finale would be between her and Melinda. I guess, it’s easier to vote when she went up against Blake. No offence to Blake’s fan, he did quite well too. *wink*

So, here’s to a good weekend for everyone. Take care and say your thank you.

May 22, 2007

The Purpose

I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. That is clear. Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in this religion or that religion, we all are seeking something better in life. So, I think, the very motion of our life is towards happiness.

Dalai Lama

May 21, 2007

Recap of the weekend

Yesterday I finally started something that I've planned for so long. Potted garden at the balcony. It's still in the early stages, only four potted plants, and still very much naked in presentation. I will shop for a rectangular platform to arrange the pots. Then, I will add few more greens to the selection. As at now, I have three Japanese roses and an aloe. (Sorry no pictures yet since, well... I'm devoid of my camera phone and digicam). I will also add a pot or two of roses. Tea rose would be easier to take care, but hybrid would be fancier.

Several years back, I used to have 10 pots of roses of different colours. And when they bloomed, my mom would look at them and smile. While I was attending to them, I would talk and errr... sing to them. Yeah, I'm queer that way.

I am also planning to get a cat. A friend of my friend, wants to get rid three of his five cats and I've in mind to get one of them. So, that means I also need to shop for the cage and cat food. I went to SPCA website and saw this one very cute cat who seems to be calling my name to take him home. Haih. So, how?

Other updates... There are two weddings in the family within the next two weeks. One on my mom's side the other on my dad's. I will be actively involved in the latter as it's my cousin who's ending his bachelorhood. I'm told that I'm going to be the emcee for the event. This would not be the first time and I doubt it's going to be my last. Hopefully I will not have to be the emcee for my own wedding!

Talking about weddings... The couples are getting younger and younger (...or maybe it's because I'm getting older! Hahaha...). I sure am not the sour grape when the family is talking about weddings and getting married. In fact, I rejoice and feel happy for my younger cousins. Also, I am a bit in awe because they are confident to take that journey. Kudos!

The tulips I got my Mom has slowly withered. Kinda faster compared to the one I brought back from Amsterdam last time...

I have not finished reading IAM. I realise now that books such as this should be read at fast pace and not taking time to finish it. When you lose the momentum it just slows everything down. I experienced the same when I was reading Jeremy Clarkson's. That was far worse, because after some time I felt that he was more whining than relaying his adventures. Anyway, I will post my insights on Dina Zaman's IAM soon.

I am so sleepy now, I have actually forgotten what I want to blog about. And now everything seems to be in bits and pieces.

I bid you good day. I'm hoping my BodyBalance class today will revitalise me. Tata all.

May 18, 2007

Where is My Ovation?

An article I read in TechRepublic today made me smile. The author talked about "praise-craving generation" in today's work force. She first described how she had to brain washed her husband, who had all the attention of his elder sisters, to stop seeking praises and gratitude at every little thing he did.

"If he performs some chore around the house (that I usually do without any fanfare), he expects me to have a tickertape parade in his honor. It's not that he thinks he's better than anyone else, it's just that the standard mode of being for him is, as I said, solidly in the center of the known universe."

Imagine her surprise when she read an article about these new breed of manpower.

I would like to give my take on this issue. What happened was, this generation grew up with parents who were somewhat brainwashed by psychologist/psychoanalyst/children experts that kids should be praised at whatever they do, even if it such a small and simple thing. When you grew up thinking that being able to brush your teeth in the morning was an accomplishment, you would expect the same every time.

Okay, that example was a bit of an exaggeration... Look at this example given by the author:

"After I read that, I had this mental image of a 20-something, who has just fixed a frozen screen by rebooting a computer, surrounded by a crowd of supervisors roaring with applause and throwing bouquets of roses at his feet."

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that who we are today are partly the product of our upbringing. The other sculptures include the environment, peers and our own set of choices, to name a few. Some turned out better than others. Some living the lives only dreamt by others.

We are growing up every single day. And as we are, we learn new things. We also learn new ways to accomplish the same old things. But the actual growing up phase where everything that we learnt gets absorbed and remained as part of us will always be there until the day we say goodbye to the material world. And this part of us will definitely materialise once in a while no matter how matured we have become.

I can say that I am not one of this new breed. In fact, when I get praised, I actually wonder if the person has hidden agenda. Seriously. I grew up with the expectation I have to do the best and I can do the best. I never get praised although I went up the school stage every year to get awards for my academic achievements.

When I handed my SPM results to my father, he only pointed out the subjects that I could've scored better. He did not congratulate me despite my good overall grade. Harsh? Maybe. I accepted my mom's explanation, other people would be congratulating me and my father just wanted my feet to be firm on the ground.

My parents were never into parenting psychology books. They brought us up through the way they thought best. And I don't blame them. After all, I thank God they did it their way, or I might not be who I am today. Heh.

So, what do you do the next time you get a subordinate or colleague who expect you to congratulate him or her every time they managed to complete a progress report?

By the way, enjoy this too: Bosses: A Field Guide

May 16, 2007

Thou Shall Not Be Forsaken!

Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy. Guard your fragile life carefully. Only God can shape a flower, but any foolish child can pull it to pieces.
::Og Mandino::

I am resorting to writing all my meetings and appointment in my thick organiser. Tiresome when there's cancellation and re-scheduling. Haih. What to do, eh? Beggars can't be choosers.

I am hopeful to get a decent mobile phone by end of next week. You've guessed it; payday is next week. I find it relatively easy to live without handphones if I choose to be gullible and live in my own world. I don't really like this dependencies that I have on technology and luxuries.

For example, this morning, our office was disconnected from the net world for almost 2 hours. Everyone in the office looked like lost sheep (lamb? chicken?). You could actually hear the sighs of relief when the line was up again and you can see smiles on people's faces.

This pergantungan terhadap teknologi, it can be an interesting topic to be discussed in the parliament, eh? Ha ha ha... Jade has started her nonsensical babble!

I've been reading on encryption techniques and algorithms. My eyes are almost bleeding and my brain is on the verge of haemorrhaging. No, I'm not looking into trying to be some cryptanalyst or mathematical experts, this quest is purely selfish and for knowledge purposes.

Do you know that an encryption at 128 bits could actually take more than a million years to decrypt if you do what they call brute-force attack? Unless of course someone manages to build a super computer like what they had in Digital Fortress (But there are some... faulty facts presented by Mr. Brown in the book...).

Anyway, days ahead are filled with more meetings and appointments. There is also the issue on my career path and objective that I have to really give some serious thinking. You know, anywhere you're working, you'd face the same problems and issues, albeit with different people. This time around, my professional life is affected because issues that somehow unrelated to me since it is more managerial issues. To put it in a different words, we, the minions are affected quite gravely because the elephants are having issues with each other. Haih. You can't have it all, eh?

I intend to make the best out of whatever is given to me. And I intend to be the best in everything that I do. God help me, for I need His wisdom to achieve all...

May 15, 2007

Conveniently in Love

Last night I watched a movie on Hallmark channel. Love Comes Softly.

Sometimes love is not all about fireworks. Sometimes love comes softly...
Sarah Graham to Marty Claridge-Davis

I would want some fireworks in my relationship. Without it would possibly be dull. Don't you think so?

It's a story of a lady who became widow when her husband tragically killed after their recent move to the north-west. On the same day she buried her husband, she entered a marriage of convenience. She needed the shelter through the winter and he, a mother figure for his growing up daughter. He promised that he would pay for her passage back when spring came.

It's a moving story. Simple and straight forward. It speaks of love and destiny, of God's will and love. And how, something that you least desired can actually be a good thing for you, because it's God's will. All three characters were grieving for each own loss. It's a story of how tears were replaced with laughter, how strangers came together as a family.

The wagon is leaving soon, but I do not want to go. Ask me to stay...
excerpt from Marty's note to Clark

Marty wrote a note to Clark and slipped it into his Bible. The note however was not read because it fell down when Missie (the daughter) came to collect her father's soiled clothes.

What is it about women and our needs to write things down instead of telling the men straight to their faces?

I think I want to adopt a cat. Or maybe I should stick to gardening...

May 14, 2007

You Are 59% Indie

You're pretty indie, but you don't make a fuss letting everyone know.
You just do what you like. You enjoy many types of things - from trendy to bizarre.

Your Kisses Are Spicy and Wild

Your kisses are powerful stuff. They'll start a fire in almost anyone you kiss.
You kiss with passion, skill, and endurance. Anyone who kisses you is in for a long, intense ride.
You better watch out though. Your incredible kisses are likely to get you in trouble!

You Can Make 79% of Your Crushes Fall in Love With You

Your seduction skills are practically legendary. You know how to close the deal.
Just don't let someone you're really into get the better of you!
As long as you keep up your end of the flirting game, you'll get the prize at the end.

Your 1996 Theme Song Is: Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel

Who will save your soul when it comes to the flower
Who will save your soul after all the lies that you told, boy
Who will save your soul if you won't save your own?

Dreaming Again, Love?

We are all dreamers. We dream big, wonderful things we want to have. We dream of having love that is so unconditionally given and ourselves being cherished until the day we departed from this world. We dream of colourful weddings and the joys of starting new family. We dream of world peace is an everyday event where people from different culture, race, religion and colour only see another as brothers and sisters. We dream of lives truly fulfilling that we wept because most of it will not happen.

We are all dreamers. Even with our feet firmly attac
hed to the reality, we still dream that our dreams can become a reality. The conquerors dream about getting more land to add to theirs already vast ownerships. The victims dream about new life under new command and dream the future will be better. The warlords dream about eliminating their enemies and become the pioneer of the new world order.

We are all dreamers. No matter what walks of life we came from. No matter what our life goals are. No matter who we are now and who we want to become.

We are all dreamers. Some of my dreams might mirror yours. Some of their dreams definitely not what I wish for. With the same dreams amongst a bunch of us, the possibilities of the dreams becoming reality are highly plausible. But to achieve the same dream, we will have different ways of making it a reality and this will almost always lead to conflict. So we dream again that the other person will see it our way. And we dream once more that we could achieve what we want together.

We are all dreamers. None of us think alike but we dream we will be able to. None of us will give authority of determining what's right and what's not to others but we dream someone else will give it to us.

We dream and dream. Dream of the possibles and impossibles. Dream of the tiniest bits and the largest chunks.

We are all dreamers. Dream is the only thing we have in common, until the day we all die and stand in front of Him.

May 12, 2007

Tulips for Mak

We parked the car at Timesquare and made our way to Sg. Wang Plaza. As we reached the concourse area, I kept on saying I don't see any KLM counter or people carrying the flowers... He only smiled, the perfect companion he is.

Anyway, the counter was there, and I went up the stage. The girl in-charged told me that only orange coloured were left, the rest were sold out and they were closing soon. She said if I wanted to buy I should pay at the counter opposite the stage. He looked apologetic, he always do when I couldn't get what I wanted or things are not moving my way. I said, no biggy, I'll just get 'em orange ones! So I went and paid for four stalks, went up the stage again and get my flowers.

I got my mum tulips for Mother's Day tomorrow! Yeay!

I found out only yesterday that KLM annually brings a couple of thousands of tulips every year to Kuala Lumpur for charity. This year the proceeds will go to the Neo Natal ICU in Selayang Hospital. I hope they'll get their much needed medical equipment.

We then walked back to TimeSquare and headed for Borders. I've planned to buy Dina Zaman's I Am Muslim for quite sometime. And today, I got to meet her, and buy the book and have it autographed! Yeay! My very first autographed book!

Please visit I Am Muslim blog for more interesting and educational stories. I will of course, give my insights of the book after I've finished reading it. The first two stories cracked me up already.

I'm happy today.

May 11, 2007

Move It!

How often do you get stuck in a traffic jammed, made worse by the semi-heavy rain, and suddenly you hear loud sirens screaming and a voice shouting, "ke tepi! ke tepi! beri laluan! beri laluan!" (go the side!make way!) accompanied by honking and hand movement and also piercing staring eyes and frowning mouth?

How often are your forced to squeeze your car into the almost non-existent space and narrowly missing the metal barrier?

How often do your eyes follow the movement of the black sleek limo (or not) with a metal piece plastered at the plate and you feel like knocking on the tinted glass and tell off the occupant that you are actually paying the tax too?

How often do you wish you have the same liberty?

How often do you say to yourself that even if you have the liberty to do so, you won't?

My Italian friend once asked me whether those people are royalty and I told him only if they have gold royal emblem on their plate number. He expressed his annoyance and I could only smile.

I personally feel annoyed everytime I have to maneuver to the side when it was very difficult to do so what with the bumper-to-bumper condition on the road. Long time ago, when I was not driving, when I sat at the back seat of my father's old Ford, I envy those people, and I wished I could be like them one day. That feeling however vanished the moment I started to drive and was told of by a traffic police, because I was slow to get my car to the non-existent space. He had a furious scowl on his face and his hand was pointing firmly and directly at me. The feeling changed to hatred and hatred mellowed to annoyance. And annoyance sometimes give way to anger.

But that was the only thing that I could do. Be annoyed and angry. Alas, it changes nothing. So these days, the moment I hear the siren "be-ngong-me-ngong-to-ngong", I quickly move my car away. And blasted my stereo and make dono.

They say status comes with a price. And part of the price is having ordinary people cursing at you.

I don't like double-standard.

May 10, 2007

Your Generosity Is Needed...

Dear all,

Please help Baby Qistina. Spread the word... 


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Mohon Sumbangan Kos Surgeri Nuur Qistina Hayani

Mohon sumbangan ikhlas untuk surgeri kanser hati Nuur Qistina Hayani
Binti Nazrol Hafiz. Anda boleh melihat gambar anak ini di

Baby kami yang berusia 6 bulan ini disahkan mengidap Hepatoblastoma -
sejenis kanser hati untuk kanak-kanak yang jarang berlaku. Rawatan
Kemotrafi sebanyak 8 kali dan surgeri diperlukan ke atas baby ini.

Jumlah keseluruhan kos rawatan dan surgeri berjumlah lebih RM100 ribu
perlu dijelaskan dalam tempoh 2 bulan ini memerlukan kami untuk
memohon sumbangan ikhlas tuan/puan. Insuran Syarikat yang ada hanya
cover sehingga RM18 ribu sahaja untuk setahun.

Sumbangan boleh diberikan ke akaun Maybank Nazrol Hafiz - No Akaun

Sumbangan anda amat dihargai dan didahului ucapan terima kasih.

Sila forwardkan email ini kepada kawan-kawan. Terima kasih.

Nazrol Hafiz
Tel : 013-358 3553
Laman Web : - akan dikemaskini dari masa ke semasa

Email : nazrol @ / nazha @

May 9, 2007


I started a new blog today. It has been long overdue and today's rainy day prompted me to actually start it of.

If you want, you can share with me the things that you're thankful for, and I shall post it at the blog.

Please visit I'm Grateful For.

May 8, 2007

I Curse Thee!!

How often do you hear people say if something bad happen to you it's because you have done wrong sometime in the past, and God is teaching you a lesson.

I've heard that since I understood the meaning of Heaven and Hell. The Judgment Day, Sirratul Mustaqim and Al-Mizan.

I am in now way saying that they are wrong to say what they said. After all, we grew up learning the same things about our religion right? What I'm trying to say is that, instead of being judgmental of the whole situation and risking sounding as if the Almighty is being vindictive, can't we just approach the whole bad situation in a different way?

You might say that I'm writing this because I'm being emotional, what with losing handphone and digital camera out of my own carelessness. Well, maybe. But that is not the main reason.

Everytime something bad is reported on the news or when hearing not nice things happening to certain people, almost everyone that I know would say, something along the same line. "They deserve it". "Because they are deviants!". "Bad things happen to bad people". I'm sure you have heard the variations of it.

I accept and believe when we are faced with certain challenges, when we are drowned in sorrow those are among the many ways of God communicating with us.

Maybe what I'm trying to say is, it is good to remind each other that God is communicating His love to us by small little hiccups in our lives but not showing His wrath and displeasure. What happened to Luth's clan, to Noah's clan and Moses's people, those were the result of His wrath and displeasure.

Before we start to say something the next time something bad happened to someone, maybe we should pause and plan our words. After all that person just went through a difficult ordeal or loss, we are not doing any good by reminding him or her about bad deeds and behaviour.

Many a times in our lives, we are always reminded of His anger and not His love. I don't believe this is a good way to portray our serene religion. If we don't think before we say, we would sound as if we're holier than others.

Just because we pray five times a day, it does not make us better than the person who only prays once a day. Just because we give to charity does not mean others don't. Just because we don't go to clubs does not mean we're heading to Heaven. The only one who can be judgemental is the judge Himself. And He's sitting up there on his Arasy.

When it comes to matters between a person and the Almighty, couldn't we just leave it between them to sort it out? And if our intentions are good in terms of reminding each other of the good and bad things, can we actually do it without adopting the "holier than thou" attitude.

I ask you now, how would you feel after losing someone or something valuable, or involve in an accident? You feel sad and sorry for yourself and you would want someone to talk to so that you can be consoled, right?

How would you feel then when the person you're talking to says that what happened happened as a reminder of your sins?

You would be lying if you say you just nod with agreement without any resentment...

Unless of course, you're a saint.

UPDATE: Someone wise told me that when she lost something, it was because she mistook something that was not hers so God takes something from her. I like this. The balancing concept. Very apt and very true. And hey, it makes me feel better already!!

May 7, 2007

Do take care...

I received this email last week... Please find lesson in it and do what needs to be done.


Subject: FW: Work stress

Dear Friends,

There is a sad story that happened to a HP staff . She passed away on Monday, aged 29 Years, due to work stress. You can take a look at the last blog posted by her [posted just 2 days prior to her fatal end] at: <>

Her friend also wrote about herself and her health at this blog:

You can visit this page for more details on this disease:

I feel obliged to forward this information , so that we can become aware of our health & mental state. Let us be more vigilant in handling the work pressures.


Jade says... Work will always be there. However much you want to meet the deadline, however much you need to complete your task, always remember, your health comes first. Without it, nothing else matters. Take care of yourselves.

The Story...

Estimated total cost lost: RM2500.

My shift was supposed to be until 2:30pm. So at about 2:20 mcm tuh, my colleague who was with me left me alone, sbb she went off with her husband and kid. I was at that time attending to a visitor kat bahagian depan booth tu. My things were on the table further inside the booth. After I talked to that person, that would be close to 2:30, I went to the table to get my phone and call my other colleague who’s on her way to relieve me. The moment I don’t see the phone on the table, I immediately feel bende tu dah hilang. Just looked into my bag, just in case my other colleague tuh bubuh kat dlm tu kan.. tak der gak. The other phone still ader atas meja. And I cannot call my colleague sbb all phone numbers are inside MING. Then I noticed my camera was also gone. After that I realized my colleague's name card ader atas display table. I call her and mintak phone number the other colleague yg left with her family tadi tuh. Apparently she was still outside, so she came back in lah…

Gedabak gedebuk, pi la report kat KLCC nyer security. Diorang tak kasi kitorang tgk CCTV tuh, so kita mintak just the snap shots la kan. Gambar tak clear sbb the positioning of the camera and also sbb signage booth tu blocking the table inside. Camera tu punyer position is taking half of the booth punyer area and gambar dinding kat belakang tuh. Dah ler security setup mcm tuh, security officer dia pun mcm tak sekolah. One of them, actually asked me, ader insurance ke tak. And I was like, aper kene mengena insurance dengan you? Itu antara saya ngan insurance saya la. Yang penting sekarang aper yg awak boleh buat untuk tolong saya? Aku cakap mcm tuh. Pastu mamat tu cakap ler, yer la, kita tolong la print kan gambar tuh… and I said, stop right there. Sbb itu saja yang awak perlu buat, tak perlu tanya pasal insurance. Muka mamat tuh sgt comical la kan time tuh. Aku dengan tangan and jari gaya Bbeyonce la kan masa cakap stop right there tuh. Hehe… then aku cakap la… saya ni dah la hilang barang. Saya cuba sebaik mungkin nak cakap baik2 dengan awak semua, mintak awak tolong aper yang boleh. So saya expect awak akan cuba la tolong sebaik mungkin. At that time, masa mamat tuh tanya pasal insurance, I was actually talking to the supervisor who by the way was told off by my colleague, bile bercakap ngan kitorang, make sure pandang muka kitorang. Aku cakap kat dia, I ni bukan orang bodoh. I pun work in security business jugak, so cakap dengan saya jangan perbodohkan saya. Then he went to explain pasal how their security camera takes 2 shots in one second. I said look, I tak kisah pasal your security camera, I just nak shots yg I mintak tadi. Then dia boleh tanya, okay, apa yg cik nak sebenarnya? I was like, huh? Kan saya cakap, saya nak shots between 2:15 to 2:30. kalau awak ader 5, saya nak 5. kalau ader 10 bagi saya 10. then baru la dia bagi instruction again pada orang yg dok tgk cctv tuh. And kebangangan nyer yg boleh jadi sampai lama sgt diorang nak come out with the result, sbb diorang pi tgk dari pukl 8:30 pagi! Aperkejadah nyer kan? By the way, prior to that, he gave us a clear snap shot of the booth. But the timing was at 3:55pm. It was the time we were standing at the security counter! Nak buat aper, betoi dak?

Haih… I know la partly is my fault because I left the stuff in plain sight. But that shouldn’t negate the fact that the security should be better and their service should be more world-class! You know, diorang smer pakai ala2 secret service US tuh… yg jaga president tuh. Ngan tuxedo siap ngan earpiece tuh. Image, world class, I tell you. Tapi service, mmg sgt hampeh.

Begitu la ceritanya. Aku mmg takkan jumpa lagi la phone and camera aku tu kan… mmg kira cakap bye bye la dah… huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... sgt sedih. Mmg tak der rezeki aku. And I guess I cannot hold to good things for long. Mesti ader je bende yg jadik. Maybe I’m jinxed la kot. Nak kene pi mandi bunga nak buang sial. Hahahaha… jadi cam citer si natasya tuh plak… tasya ni mmg sial! Hahahaha…. Huwaaaaaaaa….

May 5, 2007

I lost my babies...

I have not finished grieving... I lost my precious babies. Some culprit took them away from me... My lovely MING and my sweet Olympus. Cry. Cry. Cry.

Sometime, I wonder how is it like for the people who take things from other people. Do they think everyone that has something, has a lot of money to actually replace what was lost? And you will say, the fact is that, they don't think at all!

I'm sad... really, really sad. I worked really hard to get those two things in my life. It's not as if I can replace it tomorrow.

Mannnn... sometime I do wonder, why do bad things always happen to me? Am I that bad? Evil? Last year I had a devil as my boss, I had to leave the company. This year, again, when everything starts to happen, however slowly, I am forced to take several steps back again.

The things that I buy or own are not just things. They are some kind of accomplishment to me. It might be nothing much to other people, but their value to me is very, very high. They are just irreplaceable. I cannot just ask someone to buy new ones for me. And to lost them feels like a failure.

Sheeeeeeshhhhh... I feel really, really upset. I am soooooooo sad, I am pathetic! I smsed to my number, hoping to get into the person's humane side and get him/her to return it to me. Heh.

And maybe tomorrow, when I'm calmer, I'll write about KLCC's security officers and policies. Sometimes I do wish that I'm someone important and famous, or my dad is a powerful Datuk or my grandpa is a feared royalty. I hate double standards!

ps: to my friends, please do me a favour and PM or email me your numbers... huwaaaaaa...

May 4, 2007

I'm back in KL!!

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

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