August 4, 2011

New News

It’s the 4th of Ramadhan. It’s the 4th day at the new place.

My seat is by the window. So I can see the traffic on Federal Highway, as well as the traffic heading to the PLUS highway.

This week, is a relax week. The bulk will come next week.

I woke up for sahur at 5am. And I don’t go back to sleep, because I leave for work as early as 7:30am. (Yikes!) But somehow, because you’re doing what you like, it does not matter. Hmmm…

Most people here are married. Lots of character. I’m still in the observing and listening phase. Different types of PMs they have here. The loud, the friendly, the timid, the follower, etc.

Baby Hana is adjusting to the new timing very well. This morning, when I went down to prepare the things for work, she was sleeping. Before I left, I went up again to check on her and let Mak know that I’m leaving. And what do I see? Baby Hana is lying on her back, pondering the morning. She woke up to wave me goodbye like she does every morning now since Monday. I miss my baby.

She has now started to push herself forward when she’s on her tummy. And she’s getting faster. I noticed yesterday morning when I was assembling the pump. She was on her tummy, next to me. And soon enough, she was in front of me trying to grab the pump parts! My baby is growing so fast!

I hope The Hubby will be able to come back next weekend as planned. They are requesting for him to extend his stay, but I’m praying he can come back and we can be a family again. :-)

As for now, I’m off to read the project contract again!