February 27, 2009

From My Mobile

There are 3 counters available. Only 2 are in operation. I fail to understand government agencies' needs to have more counters than the ones they actually manned.

February 23, 2009

Thou Shall Not Cook!!

We went to the pre-marriage (or is it pre-marital?) course two weekends ago. It was more like a refresher course for some of the topics. I would've love it anyway if they dive more on the topics, but I guess one and a half day is not enough to cram marriage into the participants' grey matter.

Almost all the presenters are great. We were prepared to be yawning and heavy eyed, instead we were given the one of the best lectures we've ever had. Two of the facilitators are not so great though; one being the "doctor" who turned out to be a PhD instead of a medical doctor. He seemed in hurry to finish his segment that we were done almost an hour before the time we should have. The other one was a version of the old preacher from the 80s. During his period, yerp, we could hardly kept our eyes open.

There were several times during the course when my eyes went teary. Especially when we came to this: "Kesetiaan seorang isteri memang hanya satu; untuk suaminya, tetapi kesetiaan seorang suami belum tentu hanya untuk isterinya" (A wife's loyalty is only for her husband, but a husband's loyalty is not necessarily only for his wife). The reason why the Ustaz mentioned this is to tell the men to appreciate their wives.

In my opinion, however much it saddened us to think about polygamy, a woman has to come to terms the fact that a man has the capability to love more than once. Whilst a woman will mourn for her dead husband longer than the required mourning period, a man could get married within months of losing his wife; for whatever reasons. It is a cross that a woman has to bear and accept. :-) Sad, but true. Having said that, and having come to terms with that fact, I still feel heavy hearted to share...

We were also told that we shouldn't be so nice to cook without being asked to. Because cooking is not required from a wife, unless her husband asks her to. He he he... This is the part where Cik Far exclaimed in delight that she's sooooooo loving it.

I guess people always forget that the man has to care for the woman. Even if he only has one wife he has to be fair to her. People are always talking about how a woman should behave when they have become someone's wife, the things that she should do to ensure her husband's happiness. But never do people talk about how a husband has the responsibility to make his wife happy and fulfilled. True, a man can go out of the house without telling the wife, but did they ever think about the consequences? When his "charge" is hurt and unhappy because of his actions, he is responsible and answerable to it.

I'm scared. Ha ha ha... Who says I'm not? Six, seven years ago when I felt so ready to be married, I didn't think so much about it. I mean, what comes after. All that I wanted was a husband and a married life. Yes, I was naive that way. But, Alhamdulillah, through His grace, I was spared having probably the most wrongest relationship ever.

And although I have to wait for hmm... years to find the right fit, I'm grateful. InsyaAllah, this is the best for me that He has planned wayyyyyy back for me. But, unlike before, I am scared. Scared that I cannot be the wife that I am supposed to be. God knows how temperamental I could be. And they are not all because of the time of the month! It could just be because of that stupid parking attendant. Or that pair of shoes that doesn't have my size available anymore.
Ha ha ha...

Whatever it is, I'm ready for it. I'm scared, but I'm ready, insyaAllah. And I pray that He gives both of us His guidance throughout.

February 18, 2009

He He He

There are some interesting stuff going on in the office. Looks like this time it is for real. I have already received the itinerary for the second part of the journey. Now, it's waiting to see if the first part will happen the weeks before that. And if it is, then "yeay! almost a month in P-A-R-I-S!!"

I certainly hope this time around, I'll be able to make full use of the weekends to travel around. Now, this trip is also an excuse to purchase a spring coat, a pair of boots, a pair of sneakers, another pair of jeans and hmm... a passport holder. He he he...

Ah, Louvre, m'attendre...

February 13, 2009

Friday's musing

New exciting things are happening. I pray and solemnly hope that every new exciting thing that is happening will bring more joy and love and devotion into my life.

I know and accept that changes will not happen unless I do something to make the changes. Therefore, I shall.

I'm not asking for much. I'm just asking for ease of living, ease upon dying.

I am grateful for every little thing that has been bestowed on me. The more I think about it, the more I realise that I could not ask for more than what has been given. It is enough and I do feel fulfilled. Of course, not being a hypocrite, I would wish for more wealth, but I believe this will come in time when I am ready for it.

Therefore, with everything that I have now, Alhamdulillah. Shukran Ya Rabb.

Why am I writing this here? Because every time I think about this, I feel blessed. And writing it down serves as a reminder. I hope to come back to this post again and again.

Have a nice weekend!

February 11, 2009

When Love Hurts... Physically

There will be times when our partner, that person that we love so much, overwhelms us to the point where we lose our cool. There will be times when we feel like strangling them just because the can't stop and listen to what we're saying. There will be times when we feel like pushing him or her into a ditch just because they are clingy. There will even be times when we'd think that we're better off without them than staying and feeling the pain they cause us to feel.

But, there should never be a time where we give in to that anger and frustration and smack those feelings into their faces. Never.

Although I, as a woman, feel strongly when a man hits a woman, I've got to say that it goes both ways. But, to what extend can a woman hit a man? I mean, we've got to admit that men have thicker skin and women are weaker when it comes to strength comparison, unless of course the woman is a trained combatant.

Come on. Hitting a woman? How low can a man go? Ev
en at your most impatient moment, you should turn around and held your breath, count to ten or hundred even. Never raise your hand to a woman. That is so uncalled for.

As we should never condone invasion into other people's land, cause mayhem and killing innocents, we should never ever say that Chris Brown (or any other man for that matter) has good reasons to beat the crap out of a woman. Shame on you.

ps: Whenever you feel like whacking your partner, take a deep breath, turn around and be apart for a while. If you really love that person as much as you believe you do, you'll regret the harsh words and can't ever forgive yourself for the harsh actions.

February 5, 2009


A lot of friends are moving from blog to Notes@FB. Hmm...

We finally had the overdue birthday dinner last night. Love it! It's a small Italian joint in Cheras (near Leisure Mall). The food... HEAVENLY. We forgot to take pictures of the food. And when we remembered, we were half way through...

We started with Mushroom Soup, Clam Soup and Mushroom Bruschetta. And then we moved to the main course; I had Salmon Pasta and CapalPerak chose the Salmon Steak. Obviously these food has Italian names, but I don't remember. Later, the waitress came and asked if we're celebrating anything. CapalPerak told her that it was my birthday and five minutes later, Tiramisu on the house! I like!

All the food was very, very tasty. Maybe we'll have meal there again soon. And the next time, hopefully I'll remember to snap the pictures. And let me quote CapalPerak, "Food is good, place is nice with Italian deco, but it's not pretentious." Simply because, food is Italian, price is very much Malaysian.

Owhh.. the food is Halal. And it closes on Fridays. Maybe the next time I'll interview the owner. He he he...

February 3, 2009

Can't Keep It Down!

My brain is really fuzzy today. It was worse in the morning. I couldn't get anything done. My Word IQ at Scramble kept on reducing. I couldn't score more than 50 points. And the fuzziness reached its pinnacle when I went straight to see my boss and asked him to give me more responsibilities at work. We had a short discussion for about 15 minutes after which I kept on repeating myself. Hmmm...

At 12:57PM, I still haven't had my lunch. Actually I'm contemplating NOT to have lunch. But I most probably have to if it could help to chase the fuzziness away.

Yes, I'm older. Hopefully wiser. :-)

The past couple of months my schedule have been quite disturbed. With expected and unexpected events. I expect this year will be the most disturbed and disrupted period of my life. I hardly have time to wind down. Just when I feel like going slower, I just have to start moving again. It is going to be one helluva ride!

I just need one moment to quieten down. Quieten my mind... Shhh...