July 12, 2015

The 24th Day

Alhamdulillah... The new addition to the family is getting acclimatized to the surrounding. Sometimes I just watch her sleep and wonder what beautiful things she sees in her dreams. I wonder how peaceful she felt when she was all curled up in the womb. Did she hear angels praising Allah all the time? Does she hear them now?

At times I feel inadequate. I am a mom as I go on with the days. The first born is getting more and more independent that sometimes I lost my cool. It makes me wonder if I am a good mom. It doesn't help when certain people around you make you second guess your decision in teaching your own offspring. 

Alhamdulillah for a supportive and wonderful husband. I couldn't say it enough. It was worth the wait - getting married late to be honored with such a man as the husband. Alhamdulillah.

I make dua' that Allah will continue to bless our little family with mawaddah and rahmah, continue to bestow upon us iman and good tidings. We are learning and we are doing our best as we go. May Allah also give us the wisdom to manage the intelligent children that He entrusted us with. 

May 6, 2015

Cleaning Up Cobwebs...

This feels alien.

Yet, the idea of reviving Sentral Station is interesting.

I am older now, wiser hopefully. My last post was in 2012. A lot has happened since then. I am in my last trimester with my second child, Alhamdulillah. Obtained my MBA that I started in 2012 and a couple of diplomas in between that. Alhamdulillah. I am called a Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) now. I am also a SOIF coach, which means, I am able to provide coaching to people who are still looking for what they want in life. I do not know the answer, but insyaAllah I can help them to find their answers.

I am stil a project manager with the first SI in Malaysia. Things are a little rough now. But I believe that Allah has better plans for all of us. InsyaAllah, we'll weather this through and what is promised will become a reality. I'm also using my  project management skills to share the learning with others as well through my module Projek-360.

I am one-third of NAH! We provide learning services in leadership, self development, team building and learning skills. All three of us are PLFs.

This feels alien. Ha ha ha... 

Reading my old posts, it was very much venting by someone who my husband would call miss-know-it-all. LOL! It seemed like I have opinion on everything!! I still do. The difference now is knowing when not to say anything. And just smile.

So much has happened, and somehow, at this sentence, I realise, I do miss blogging. Facebook has ruined many bloggers, in my opinion (see? one more opinion here!!) Yet, it needs a certain connections to get back together. And Sentral Station, is a collection of excellent bloggers from the early millenia who became friends over the wire as well as in physical world. I remember learning from them silently. And it was joy.

Hopefully, by reviving LooneyPuff, I again find joy in writing - and my book(s) will be published!

-- Loonier and Puffier --