June 30, 2009

Adventures of Mrs-To-Be: Quest for Better Skin

I have been using Clinelle for quite some time now after being recommended by Momster. Lately I've been lazy maintaining the daily morning and night routine. I found myself to get bored with the skin care product that I use after a certain period of time.

I thought of going back to one of the brands I've tried before, but I found that their pricing is a bit too high these days. So, I scout around some more.

Today, I was attracted to the advertisement by Bioxil while I was at KLCC. They are having promotion for a serum that is said to be able to repair the skin damage due to sun exposure and environmental aggression. They are selling it at RM99.

Suffice to say, by the end of my visit, I walked away with 4 products including the serum; daily cel-repair, clear white masque, clear white essence and wrinkle lifting eye cream. I admit I was sucked into the scary aging process story. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Bioxil and Clinelle comes from the same parent company.

Anyway... here are the short description of the products:

clear white masque & clear white essence: To correct uneven skin tone, repair and hydrate the skin. It is also to brigthen up a dull complexion. (RM250)

daily cel-repair: To repair, lighten, protect and restore skin condition as a result of sun exposure overnight. (apparently this can also be applied to other parts of the body, so I'm going to try it on my arms and hands). (RM99)

wrinkle lifting eye cream: To smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eye countour area. (RM99)

According to the product speacialist, I should be able to see the result within a month if I maintain the routine. So I shall write a review on these items in August ya. Together with the purchase they gave me some free samples, which include their sun block, moisturizer and anti-aging lifting essence. I doubt 8ml of cream will do much, but I shall slather them as well.

The best part of Bioxil products is that they use plant, flower and fruit extract. No allergens or chemicals or mineral oils according to their brochure. Find out more about their products here: http://www.bioxil.com/main.php.

Please note that prices shown are promotional prices. I'm not sure until when is the promotional period.

June 29, 2009

Farewell King of Pop

A lot of people have written about the passing of one of the greatest entertainer in the world. None other than Michael Jackson. Even in death, he overshadowed everyone else; death of Farah Fawcett, other world news, war, famine, etc. Once again, after Bad (1987) people around the globe are talking about him, non-stop.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. Billy Jeans touched my kiddy heart in a way a kid cannot explain or understand. Beat It makes a little girl strutted her own moves in front of the 14-inch TV set, at times looking over her shoulders, scared of what her mom would say. Thriller had thrilled the same girl and actually taught her that ghost aren't real; even if they were, nothing bad will happen, they are MJ's friends!

And like DNAS, the best love song, I Just Can't Stop Loving You. Beautifully composed, lovely music.

Michael Jackson had touched a lot of performers around the world too. Just look
at many of the artists today who are influenced by his music, his dance moves. In my opinion Michael Jackson had tried his best to heal the world with his music. Granted, he had many flaws, just like any other human beings, just like you and I. But one should not forget his effort to make the world a better place.

People will remember his music, and his songs for a long long time. I can't stop wishing that this is just another of his stunts. Wouldn't it sell more of his sold-out concerts? Ha ha ha...

Well, MJ, so long and farewell. May God be with your soul. And to the rest... I leave u with this song...

June 25, 2009

Song for Today: Untouched by The Veronicas

Ever since the first I heard this song, I've been hooked to it.

Untouched - The Veronicas

Just awesome!

June 23, 2009

Adventures of a Mrs-To-Be 1

Last Saturday, an outing with Mel found ourselves ogling the items in SSF, one after another. Somehow, during the ogling session, we decided that some of the things that I earlier decided on purchasing will be done by ourselves.

I foresee busy days ahead. But I'm all for it. I want this to be memorable. And I want it to be meaningful. What would be more apt than making it happen on my own, right? I already have ideas for the dais. I asked for few quotes, and the simplest but nice options are all highly priced.

During lunch hour today, I managed to acquire some items that will already complete two of the nine gifts I am to give. I hope he will like it. He he he... I also browsed another item, which I did not think to give before, but somehow feel that I should. I managed to just "browse" and not grab it straight away. (Silent YEAY!) I think I should wait for this one. :-D

Ideas are flowing out of my head non-stop. I admit, I am not the most creative person on earth, but I know what I want.I was told that my gifts presentation during the engagement ceremony was too simple compared to the ones given to me. But, I love what I did, and I love the simplicity-no-fuss about it. And I believe that's what matters most. How I feel, and not what everyone else think. :-D My future father-in-law even used the bases as a picture base and put them on the wall in their home, so what more gratifying credentials do I need?

Somehow, in these couple of months, I have learnt to take into account the opinion that lifts me up and enhance my self esteem. I have learnt, although sometimes still hurt, to take the opposites with a pinch of salt.

The contractor who did my room, did not do as I wanted, because she thinks she knows better. So, she painted the room with bright colours when I wanted darker shades. Now my room looks like marshmallow and candy. Everytime I step into the room it will feel as if I step into a Barbie's movie. So now, I have to change the design that I planned for the room. I do not want to get into fight with her because my mother considers her as a sister. Though I doubt she thinks the same. Yes, I'm bitter that way. Hati belum cukup suci. My heart is not pure enough to think well of everyone. After all, it's all about money. It brings dark clouds when one talks about money.

Anyway, coming back to more fun matters... Mel sent me the design she made for the dais. It looks 90% like mine. I guess it's a good idea to decide to this with her, since she adds spices to my otherwise "simple" design. He he he... I can't wait to go and buy all the things we need to create this fantasy of mine. Mel was so excited when we talked about it last weekend, and I realised that this is the kind of vibes that I should surround myself with. It makes me happier. :-p

I have, I hope, completed the necessary document for the other thing we're planning. I sincerely hope and solemnly pray that it will go well. So many things to do suddenly!

Whatever it is, I want to maintain this momentum and state. Happy. Happy. Happy. Blurgh... I'm kinda disgusted with myself now. Ha ha ha....

June 22, 2009

A brand new day!

To those who actually texted, messaged or even called me up after the last post, I really appreciate it. Thanks for your concern. I'm okay now. :-)

I have decided that I will not be disappointed or made sad by the things that are out of my control. It's not like I did not make an effort, kan? So, it's all fated, and I accept it.

Most of the time, it's easier to be hurt by the ones who are closer to you. And because when we're close to someone, we take it for granted that certain things are expected to be done. It can happen in any kind of relationship; between parents and children, between husband and wife, between business partners, between good friends.

And like most of the time too, God sends comfort in the form of a new friend or a new reward or a change of heart. That's why we say He works in mysterious ways. Everything that happens, has a hidden blessing. So, I shall take what is offered and accept it with arms wide open. And I have a feeling it's going to be great!

In these past months, I have came to realise the things I did not see before. And because of this realisation, I am thankful and contented. I also should start emitting positive vibes, to ensure the universe works with me and not against me - The Alchemist 101. Just a small dose of it yields unexpected sunnier result.

June 18, 2009

Tell me,

...is it wrong....
  • ... to feel sad and disappointed when your best friends could not accompany you on your wedding day (at the other side)?
  • ... to feel sad and disappointed when your best friends seem not to have the sensitivities to offer help with the planning?
  • ... to feel sad and disappointed when your other half would rather spend time with his friends than you?
  • ... to feel sad and disappointed when your future sister-in-law is being treated extra special?
  • ... to feel sad and disappointed when you suddenly realised that you're not as special as you thought you were?
  • ... to feel sad and disappointed when you actually feel sad and disappointed about the above things?
  • ... that because of all the above, you suddenly feel... so alone?
I'm venting out. It has been so long since I've done this. Somehow, I fear that I would hurt other people feelings. And because I'm not blogging quite so anonymously as before, people will talk and speculate. Maybe I should resort to a new anonymous blog for venting out.

I don't like questioning myself and my values. I don't like it when my consideration of other people's feelings makes me do just that. I don't like not knowing what's the right thing to do. And lately, I have been swallowing and stomaching everything. I don't like this choked up feeling. In short, I hate the state that I am in now.

And so, if people talk and speculate upon reading this entry, let it be. It makes me breath easier by letting it all out. By not admitting that my life has its ups and down, I'm being a hypocrite. By actually saying the truth I risk the bad responses that comes with it. So.

Maybe this is just the stress talking.

June 9, 2009

My Blog - Uber Amazing!

Wow... This is the first time my blog has ever been given any awards.. :-) Thanks to DNAS for giving it. This is what she said about my blog...

  • Looneypuff: I started blogging because of her. We used to work for the same company. Back then I didn’t even have enough time for toilet breaks, let alone writing F.O.C at some column/blog. I only started reading her blog after I handed in my resignation letter and found myself blogging a few weeks after that. She’s getting married this year, yeay!

  • So nice of you... So, since I'm tagged, I've a job to do...

    The rules:
    o Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.
    o Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.
    o Pick your ten (10 or less) most deserving recipients and describe them.
    o Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged.
    o Paste the award badge in your sidebar.
    o Have fun!

    5 interesting facts about DNAS:
    1. She is one of those super-moms people always talk about; a mother to two lively boys and another is on the way, and she has this high flyer job which keeps her on the move most of the time.
    2. Because of point #1, I'll never know when's the next time I'll be seeing her, unless she arrange for gossiping session herself!
    3. When we were working at the same company, we were never really close. It all happened after the company. Ha ha ha.. weird eh?
    4. She remembered to send me a postcard, when she was sipping coffee in London...
    5. She can write really well and we share the same not-so-secret wish to become a successful writer one day.
    10 facts about me:
    1. I am engaged to be married, insyaAllah :-)
    2. I have to put up fact #1, because it seems like some people could not believe it
    3. I am already started to get bored with my current job. I'm doing my best to keep it exciting everyday, to stop myself from hopping yet again.
    4. I actually suggested to my mom to have fried noodles and nasi lemak at my wedding reception.
    5. Everyone thought I was joking when I made the suggestion in #4.
    6. I was not joking.
    7. I can still pass as a chic in her twenties eventhough I've crossed the 3-series border.
    8. I am yet to drive a 3-series.
    9. I found out that once I can afford to make my wishes come true, I always settle for something more practical.
    10. I have my first gray hair last week. This might be due to fact #3 and it's . Last I checked, it's still there.

    The recipients:
    • DakWanie She's one of my dearest friends. We've lost contact for years. We managed to found each other again just before I got engaged. But now, she's in NYC. She's one quarter of the Itik Jawa clan!

    • Momster Another super-duper mommy. With a son and job, plus some additional activities she's juggling so well. One of those people I look up as icons for the future me. :-D

    • BleepIt Ahh... what can I say about this lady here? She and I have become chummy over the years. We know how to talk serious talk and how to have fun when fun is in the agenda. She's here to stay.

    June 7, 2009

    Say what? Who?

    So, few people have started asking me; "Who's your maid of honor?". Honestly, I never thought about it, but I'm suddenly caught off guard. Frankly, there is none. I mean, a maid of honor would mean, this person will be there all the way before, through out and probably just after the W-day right? At this juncture, I don't see anyone who fits the bill.

    Sure I have lots of girlfriends. I even have a few who I considered my "bestest friends in the whole wide world" (quoting Tommy of Rugrats when he describes Chucky). But, I couldn't expect them to carry the title, if it's any honour to carry so, because they all have their own commitments. Outside the bestest circle, I'm afraid they might feel insulted to be asked. Don't ask me why.

    CapalPerak had asked me the other day the same question. His best man was already determined years ago. So, I wonder, am I such a sad pathetic soul, that I couldn't even name one person just like that who would be my maid of honour?

    This person has to be able to tell me to breathe when I'm hyperventilating (like what happened during my engagement day). She should be able to re
    mind me the things that I probably misplaced or forgot to order. She would be my shadow, basically, within the days close to the W-day. And she will also be there with me, when I fly some hundred miles away from KL to visit the other site. Most importantly she will be the one who hand me a glass of water when I start to choke on emotions, re-arrange my veil and clothes so that I look my most beautiful on my day, speak words of encouragement when my heart beats too fast. She will be my practical conscious self, when my feet feels numb and not touching the ground.

    Well, there you go. Walk-in and apply within.

    June 4, 2009

    From My Mobile

    What irks me more when I'm already riled up is good looking men who are 'soft'. It just go against nature. Why can't they walk or talk like real men? There's a line that we just don't cross. Come on.

    June 1, 2009

    From My Mobile

    Women are equipped with the ability to handle disappointment. The challenge lies in the methods chosen to utilise it. This will also measure the level of sanity involved.