March 26, 2006


What do you do if someone copies your entries, and made it his/her own?

To the person who did this to my entries, I'm honoured that you feel it's necessary to do this. The least you can do is link it to my original postings. I'm not saying my musings are exceptionally good, but be... honourable in that sense.

BUT, if you really want to go on pretending, you will always know the truth if the rest of the world doesn't.

Hmm... so this is how it feels like when your brain works being terrorised. Kidnapped. Brainnapped.

So. Duhh...

March 25, 2006

When life is on pause mode...

Well... that's not exactly true... since, life goes on no matter what. But, when you reach a crossroad, you are forced to do certain things that you may have put aside for some time...

1. rethink your objectives and how to achieve them
2. reflect whether what you are/were doing is exactly what you wanted
3. there is no box, you're not in one
4. find alternatives to realise your dreams
5. take up new hobby
6. learn new skills

... and so on and so on...

I am at that crossroad. A bit lost. But somehow I know I'll make it through. Hmm...

March 17, 2006

I talk, you listen... or not?

I read postings/comments by bloggers which are saying women tell their problems or worries to men and expect the men to just listen.

Now, some women do this. I supposed.

NOT this woman.

When I share my problems, I expect some constructive inputs. I would like to hear suggestions on how the situation can be improved. Why in the world would I spend time talking without getting something out of it? Duhh...

Granted, there are times when I might be whining. Now, that is the time when I expect a listening ear. Because here, I most certainly need a shoulder to cry on. Someone, who if and when he talks, he's actually offering comfort.

Now, is that too much to ask?

How to know the difference?

When I want comfort, I'd be sitting on the couch. Get it?

March 13, 2006

Parenthood? Parent-doom?

Too many things on mind, too many ways to say them, yet, not enough force to start. Actually... at the moment, lack of imagination is more the reason.

Yesterday, I was touching a baby's cheek, so bulat and tembam, when an eardrum-piercing scream scared sh*t out of me. I turned to look. And I had to look down, it was a little girl with a cute Alice-in-Wonderlands gown, looking at me with malice in her round doll-eyes and both of her hands on her waist. She did not allow me to touch the baby. For a moment, I thought the baby was her sister/brother, then the aunty who was holding the baby said, "Tak lah, tu bukan kakak dia" (no, that's not the sister). And the aunty went on and told me, she got scolded by the girl as well when she tried to hold the baby, and she only got to hold the baby because the baby's mother had to eat (we were at kenduri kahwin by the way).

I called my mum over and asked her to touch the baby. Again, the moment my mum's finger touched the baby, the angelic-looking devil screamed again. And I looked at her, and said, "oh, sungguh berani awak jerit pada mak kita, yer?" To which she boldly stared straight into my eyes. I could not believe her nerves! By the way, she's probably about four or five years old.

She actually yelled and screamed and point fingers to everyone who dared to touch the baby-who-is-not-her-brother/sister. One time, my aunty was holding the baby, the devil in the girl shouted "jangan!", one hand pointing at my aunty, the left hand at her waist, and her right feet tapping the floor. She is one psycho little girl.

Why am I talking about this five year old? I'm sure, I'm just babbling nonsense. I'm just thinking how the next generation is going to be. She could be my daughter if I had gotten married right after my graduation. I'm a little queasy thinking of my ability to teach good values to my kids. I know I will be a good mother, but will my goodness/kindness brought up good kids or spoilt brats?

March 9, 2006


"Fuel price has increased again", I said.

"Good", was his reply. I looked at him, my lips were forming the 'O'.

Then I said, "Oh.. I forgot you're from the business. No wonder you agree.." I stucked out my tongue to him.

He laughed and said, "Well... it's still cheaper than a bottle of mineral water, right?"

How many times were we told to change our paradigm? To think out of the box? To look from a different perspective?

I was astounded. Granted, I do not buy mineral water everyday, but still, a bottle of mineral water was just for one dinner sitting. Or probably, for one movie at GSC.

Well, eventhough it's cheaper than mineral water, other prices will increase. Will it not? Kuih at my office cafeteria already cost 50 sen per piece. Fried chicken that my colleague bought from the gerai where she gets her nasi lemak is now two ringgit. It used to be RM 1.50.

I guess, it's a never ending battle. Each one of us can always see one issue differently. But, to quote my father, "When you pick up a stick, both ends will be lifted". Deciphered; when you do/say something, there's good and bad about it.

I guess, we just have to live with the knowledge, and the reality of it.

March 3, 2006


This is so cute. And it might be a lesson to be learned. Ha ha ha...

But then again... I do not go where I'm not wanted. :-p