February 26, 2008

Undi Itu Rahsia! (Your Vote is Secret!)

To people who are closer to me, they know I dislike politic, to the extend tuning out politician's voice. Regardless whether they are the ruling party or the opposition. To me, politic is and will always be dirty. No matter what you say. No matter how un-corrupted you claim to be. It's politic darlings.

Having said that, I won't deny myself the right to choose. Looking at me, strangers would definitely say I'm pro-BN. Why ah? Maybe because the way I dress? Or is it the way I think? My sparse intellectual write-ups? And before they even try to know me, they will start preaching. Or ask me to think. Or give me links to read. I will not say now, I'll say thank you.

Let me tell you a story. My late grandfather, God bless his soul, was a PAS supporter. He was even one of the nominees. He contested several time. He never won, though. And that I would say a huge loss to the people.

While he was a pious man, he never claimed to be mr-know-it-all, my grandfather. I look up to him. He ensure we solat jamaah for Maghrib and Isya', everyday. Never fail. He didn't need to recite long surahs until his grandkids fell asleep on the praying mat, or felt bored they left the saf. He didn't object to having music playing in his home, but he taught us to respect waktu (prayer times) and azan. He was one of a kind. Had he been elected, people will now and understand that Islam is so much more than what we are exposed to.

When certain areas with opposition supporters celebrated AidilFitri earlier or later than what was announced in the television, my beloved grandfather said, we should follow what has been decided. He said those who are elected are chosen, not only by people but by The Lord.

So you see, I've grown up to undestand and accept that people must do what's best for onself. I am taught by my parents not to jump into the bandwagon and follow the crowd. I always ask myself the value of an action or the importance of staying still.

Just because I disagree with a certain area of ideology, does not mean I reject it altogether. And just because I applaud the action, it doesn't necessarily mean I like everything.

If my late grandfather was a PAS supporter, my uncle; his son, and his family are hardcore PKR followers. Having said that, a different set of relatives are closely attached to BN. So, it's a mixture of understanding, and I, just listen. Depending on the situation, I'll choose whom I agree with.

I was once called lalang (weed) by my fellow Uni friends. Just because I don't totally agree with them and decided that they are on the wrong side. You see, freedom to think gives me the right to do that. If you're on the wrong, you are. But that does not mean I cannot be friends with you, right?

So, you can send me hate mails on BN and links to YouTube on their cruelty, or documents on what the opposition has failed to do; etc. I don't care. I watch and I read. But you are in no way have power over me to decide which I should pangkah (vote) for.

I have only one advice. Don't be taksub (extreme) in supporting your party. Both sides have their rights and wrongs. What I want to see is the assimilation of UMNO with PAS and PKR. We have too many Malay parties around. And you're not doing us any favour by dividing the people more. Seriously.

What I believe our people need is unity. Find a common ground, build from there. If each keep on pointing fingers, arguing who's better and who's wrong, nobody wins. Go back to basics. The Prophet SAW himself had said how syuro (discussion) is the best thing to do.

Yeah, I know.. I have also been called an idealist. Just because I want people to work together. Duh.

In your quest towards 8th March, don't fight. No good thing will come out of it. There's no need for name calling and finger pointing. When you stand on the stage for your turn to talk, talk about what you will do and hope the community will achieve when you're in office. Because frankly, that's what I want to hear and ultimately see the result. I do not want to listen to bickering and btihcing about the people you don't agree with. Get people to like you, not hate you.

And for the supporters, shut up. Let the nominated do the talking. I want to listen to him or her. Not you.

February 22, 2008

Have You Caught the Fever Yet?

Have you?

I'm anxious for the date to arrive.

Don't let got of this chance to show support for whoever you support, whoever you fee should belong.


Don't be those people who only talk, but no action. DO something. For the Lord does not change the destiny of the people who does not try to change it themselves.

Don't sit on your backside and complain all the time.

Don't be stupid.

If you lost this chance, who knows if you're still breathing for another round?

8th March 2008


p.s: This is Jade's second time being inflicted....

February 21, 2008

8 Simple Ways to Control Stress!

I received this in the email today. From Abah, no less!


Simple modifications in posture, habits, thought, and behavior often go a long way toward reducing feelings of stress and tension. Here are 8 quick and simple things you can do immediately to help keep your stress level under control.

Control Your Anger:
Watch for the next instance in which you find yourself becoming annoyed or angry at something trivial or unimportant, then practice letting go - make a conscious choice not to become angry or upset. Do not allow yourself to waste thought and energy where it isn't deserved. Effective anger management is a tried-and-true stress reducer.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Before reacting to the next stressful occurrence, take three deep breaths and release them slowly. If you have a few minutes, try out breathing exercises such as meditation or guided imagery.

Slow Down:
Whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress, practice speaking more slowly than usual. You'll find that you think more clearly and react more reasonably to stressful situations. Stressed people tend to speak fast and breathlessly; by slowing down your speech you'll also appear less anxious and more in control of any situation.

Complete One Simple To Do:
Jump start an effective time management strategy. Choose one simple thing you have been putting off (e.g. returning a phone call, making a doctor's appointment) and do it immediately. Just taking care of one nagging responsibility can be energizing and can improve your attitude.

Get Some Fresh Air:
Get outdoors for a brief break. Our grandparents were right about the healing power of fresh air. Don't be deterred by foul weather or a full schedule. Even five minutes on a balcony or terrace can be rejuvenating.

Avoid Hunger and Dehydration:
Drink plenty of water and eat small, nutritious snacks. Hunger and dehydration, even before you're aware of them, can provoke aggressiveness and exacerbate feelings of anxiety and stress.

Do a Quick Posture Check:
Hold your head and shoulders upright and avoid stooping or slumping. Bad posture can lead to muscle tension, pain, and increased stress.

Recharge at the Day’s End:
Plan something rewarding for the end of your stressful day, even if only a relaxing bath or half an hour with a good book. Put aside work, housekeeping or family concerns for a brief period before bedtime and allow yourself to fully relax. Don't spend this time planning tomorrow's schedule or doing chores you didn't get around to during the day. Remember that you need time to recharge and energize yourself - you'll be much better prepared to face another stressful day.

February 20, 2008

CameoBox Accessories Update!

Head to CameBox Accessories today for updated selections of accessories.

Be quick! A lot of items are starting to sold out!

More selections will come soon!

Stay tuned!

February 17, 2008

Teleport with a Jumper today!

We went to watch the movie Jumper yesterday.

When watcing the trailer few weeks back, I was intrigued. The action and the plot looked interesting. Although I did remarked to my partner that this might be another film like The Covenant; engaging trailer, weak movie.

About 15 minutes into the moview, I was restless. I was getting bored.

Truth is, I've never read the novel this movie was based on. But, being Jade, I am always interested in super natural or sci-fi movies especially if they are weaved with actions and thrills. Although Jumper has the moves that are pre-requisites for any action movies, it lacks the technicality of being a sci-fi genre.

Maybe it's the time limitation or the need to ensure the viewers are kept glued on their seats for the entire show. Or maybe they'll do it in the sequels. BUT to me it's not enough seeing a renegade teleporting from one end of the sofa to the other end because he's just too lazy to get his bum up to pick up the TV remote.

Who are these so-called Jumpers anyway? Where do they inherit (if it's genetic) the ability? And Paladines, how did they come about? Why are they acting God when they say only God should have the ability to be everywhere anytime? Maybe I missed some part of the movie that explained these.

Whatever the questions popping in my mind, the movie is currently showing in the cinema. If you're a sci-fi fan or just like to see Anakin with Sweet Summer from OC in action, go and get the tickets. Tell me what you think of the movie.

Jade's Rating: ***

February 14, 2008

Val's Day

He: Would you care to join me for a Valentine's Day lunch later?
Jade: Hmm... He he he.. Really? He he he... Can! Can! Oooohhhh.. look at that yellow bird!! Pretty!!!!
He: Ah.. Okay. Go la see the bird. I'll talk to you later...
Jade: Huh? What? Eh.. No.. No.. Okay.. Okay.. We go lunch. But we have to come back early because I have meeting at 2pm.

...and the conversation continued for another couple of minutes, setting the time to meet, etc.

This is a true rendition of the conversation earlier today at about 9:30am.

I tell you, there's nothing romantic about the lunch except for the invitation. He he he.. I don't mind coz I don't celebrate this commercialised lovers' day myself. But when you're invited, just say yes, kan? We had Japanese food by the way. And it was delicious!

At the restaurant...

Jade: So... what do people talk about during Valentine's Day meal, anyway?
He: Err.. Don't know. I'm not really into Valentine's Day thing (he said something like that lah...)
Jade: Hmm... I miss youuuu.. I love youuuuu.... You're the sunshineeee.... etc... etc... etc...
He: (Laughed)

And, I missed to see that yellow bird. Hmm...

February 13, 2008

Venting... again.

I got to thinking (woooooo... red alert! Jade is thinking!). As I said, I got to thinking. As a best girl friend, you have got to make your best friend happy, right? Especially on her wedding day. I mean, it's her wedding day, that means, she's the queen for the day. She's supposed to be the one who stands out, the most beautiful creature on earth. Because it's her day. Right?

The thing that got me thinking is that, even if you're beautiful, your best friend's wedding day is not the day to out-do the bride. How can you do the same hairstyle as the bride? That's just so disrespectful. And timeliness. Come on, the bride is not supposed to wait for you on HER wedding day. That's just preposterous! Unacceptable!

Yes, Jade is venting because Jade is thinking. And it's not even Jade's own wedding day!

I hereby quote Ciara... "Sometimes I wish I did it like a boy..." Because guys, they just don't care, do they? It's not such a big deal. They can still pat each other's back after a fight.

BUT since we're not boys, we're girls, have some decency to observe the unwritten, unspeakable rule. Observe and follow through. Always remember, as best friends, you are not the guests. You're closer than the guests. You know things the guests do not know. And because of that you should know the line tha
t you cannot cross.

It's not too much to ask, isn't it?

February 12, 2008

Women Accessories @ CameoBox

Do make a stop at @CameoBox@ during your hopping. The site is still new, so, come back often to see new items being posted.

For inquiries, email the webmaster at cameobox@gmail.com.

February 5, 2008

My Laughable DMS

Eversince I join Pudica, security is always the one word that is thrown around. When I think back all the documents that I have stored on my laptop, thumbdrive and probably some CDs, one question always manage to come up. What happens IF (yes, a big if there) any of those storage goes down? Seriously. Not just that, should anyone able to get to my white machine, they can read the documents, look at the pictures! Gasp!

You see, I have pictures and personal documents stored on my laptop. Not to mention official documents, work related. It does worry me should anything happen. Haih. Touch wood, eh?

You know how big organisations or banks have DRCs, I think we, as daily users should have one to! Which means, we can synchronise our data and documents to a central point which have continuous data protection. Wouldn't it be nice not to worry about losing important documents or have different versions of the same document mixed up?

Obviously this central point provides remote file access and remote storage access. That means, we can just connect comfortably from home to the server and sync or upload or download our documents.

Seriously, it's not wishful thinking. Check out Tilana to find out more should you be inclined to have such service.


By the way, if anyone wonders what DMS is, it's Document Management System. And yes, mine is laughable. :-p

Tummy Ache

An ethereal figure was spotted in Dungun.

A twice-slaughtered duck that wouldn't die in Masjid Tanah.

A certain lawyer who did not want to admit he was recorded on video in Kuala Lumpur.

And all I want now is this...
Anyone kind enough to buy this for my belated birthday present? Anyone? He he he...

Truth be told, I can live without an MP3 player. But... looking at Miss Poddy here, haih... I want. Seriously.

Yesterday, I saw this nice blue dress that will suit this weekend's event perfectly. But, it was priced more than what I budgeted. As I look at my balance sheet this month, I'm surprised, after careful planning, the numbers did not turn out as I want it to be! I might just need to forget about the new dress altogether. Maybe I'll just get the purple top I saw in Blook and wear it with my long purple skirt. Yup, I think, that's what I'm going to do.

And Miss Poddy there, will just have to wait its turn.

February 4, 2008

Looney Todd

We went to watch Sweeney Todd last night. It was G-O-R-Y! Bloodiful!! Literally. He he he... Full of blood. But it was SUPERBLY BRILLIANT!

Johnny Depp as usual, outdone himself. And for the first time, I hear him singing. Nope, you see no trace of Captain Jack. But pure hatred and evil in Sweeney Todd aka Benjamin Baker, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Tim Burton did excellently. The musical, originally written by Hugh Wheeler, won Tony award. I will not be surprised if it wins an Oscar. And man! When will Mr. Depp get recognised for his excellent works?

Anyway, as an amateur reviewer, I'd obviously suggest you go and watch this musical movie yourself.

The storyline is about a talented barber, Benjamin Baker who wrongfully accused because a certain influential judge is itchy to get his hands (and other parts of himself) on Baker's pretty blonde wife, Lucy. During his disappearance, Baker re-invented himself as Sweeney Todd, and his wife, out of grief, took arsenic. When Baker-turned-Todd came back to London, he teamed up with Mrs Lovette who ran an unsuccessful pie joint. From there, weird and gory things ensued.

The movie ran for almost two hours. And I enjoyed every minute of it. Although I did close my eyes everytime he swings his blade. And what beautiful silver blades he had... Hmm....

February 3, 2008


Your circle of friends may be expanding soon. An eclectic, unusual group of people may be crossing paths with the group of people you normally hang out with. When the collision of ideas finally dies down you may find that things have gotten a whole lot more interesting.

That was my horoscope for yesterday. There's some truth in it, I met some new interesting people. For the first time I attended Teh Tarik session with my fellow Latio owners. It was fun meeting new people and finally being able to put faces to the nicks. Although, as I mentioned to them in the forum later, I might be asking their names again, for I am really bad at remembering names. Silly Jade. hehe...

Anyway, today, I sort of upgraded my car a bit. Just a little bit, believe me. Added UR Front Strut Bar. And my reaction during the ride back home was "fuyoooooohhhhhhh". Worth every sen spent.

I do not see myself changing my ride extensively. Just adding things to enhance the performance and safety, I supposed. Next thing to do will be grounding and VS. I know most people will do this first, but well... you know me, always want to be different. :-p

The car already handles quite well. Certain "enhancements" are complimentary. I never enhanced my late Tweety in any way actually. Just changed the head unit to CD/MP3 player. For this new ride, somehow.. hmm... the poison is too much lah I think. :-p

Sarcy, if you come up to KL to do accessories shopping, of course we can go together, babe. Just call me. Hmm... first, I have to give you my phone number.. Ha ha ha... YM me your email, I'll email the number, yah...