March 31, 2005

Mr Right at the wrong time

It's an article in The Star. Was forwarded to me. Which is quite true. But then again, if it's not meant to be, then he/she was never Mr/Miss Right from the very beginning, isn't it? Relationship is a mind boggling. You can't live without it. You build this particular ship with everyone you meet. Don't you? But hmm... Mr Right. I don't think he exists.

However, I do believe that there's someone for everyone. It's either now or later. Or much later. Some people rush into things and end up, well... breaking up. A friend asked me, in fact she's been asking this question many, many times. How do you know that the person is The One?

My aunty once told me, if it's the one, it'll happen really fast, you wouldn't even expect it. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? But everyone is telling me to let go of my fantasy. And yet, here it seems as if life is indeed a fairy tale! When the right one comes along, it'll happen. Hmm...

I am a sceptic nowadays. And I am a romantic. I wonder how does that two goes along? How can a sceptic be romantic. Oh.. maybe because a sceptic lives in denial, and the fact remains that she is indeed full of hopes and dreams? I'm not making any sense, am I?

I'm waiting to be swept of my feet. By someone who can take care of me, and yet let me be me. And this will be the only very personal piece I shall be writing. :-D

March 29, 2005

one time in January

I got this on my birthday.

Hi dear,

The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But now the theory goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose--
But were always a rose.

Happy Birthday ........... j***

March 24, 2005

A little spiritual today

The Islamic world shaked the other day because of one Amina Wadud. She performed the Friday prayer, leading a congregation of about 100 men and women. The Iqamah was called by a woman, devoid the head scarf.

Now, I wouldn't go into justifying what she did. Right or wrong. Too many people are doing that. Some say she should be shot! I hope Allah SWT will protect her. NOT saying because I agree with what she did (or disagree for that matter).

Anyway, let's talk about the WHY?. WHY did she do it? Because she wanted to show and prove than men and women are equal in Islam, none supercede the other. Wait. I am not trying to promote women liberalism or whatever things certain group are fighting for. I am all for women rights, not because of these movements, but because it has always been there in Islam. There is no need to fight over it. So, WHY does Amina has to prove that men and women are equal in Islam?

Let's just go over the situation in a typical Malay society, shall we? For years and years, ours are the patriachal (I have used this to the fullest eversince I learnt the meaning! I just love the sound of it, if not the meaning...) society. You see, men play an 'important' role, because men have always been the ones who transcribes, translates, interprets, etc the Quran. As such, verses from the Holy Quran has always been interpreted to the likes of the men, to their advantage. Not only that, pieces of Sunnah has been used to favour the men. Women have always been put at the back seat, biting their nails, unsatisfied, feeling unjustice has been done unto them. Which is, quite true in most cases. Divorce cases, when reported by women, were slow in being solved. "Balik rumah, bersabar, doa banyak2" to quote a line... So, women are taken for granted.

Thus, today, learnt women, took their so-called 'rights' and interpreted the Quran to their advantages! What different does that make from before? See the chaos that has been created?

All these could've been avoided, if only people in those days, did not use this beautiful religion for their own. I may not be equipped with the verses form Quran, and the wisdom of Sunnah, but I truly believe that Islam is a just religion. Allah said it is complete. There is nothing wrong with the religion. The wrong is in the people. But, woe is me, I am just a small person in this big propaganda, ran by God-knows-who, my voice is not heard. But that is okay. I am content for who and what I am. And I certainly know I have still long way to go to be a better person. :-)

What I'm saying is, go back to the basics. No need to complicate things until you yourself get confused. In the end everybody is confused, so what the hey?Why do we need to fight? Everyone wants the best. Not one person is truly right. In today's world full of uncertainty. I may be wrong, so I pray for guidance. Islam is already beautiful.

March 19, 2005


Very entertaining, although the ending is quite.. unexpected. And.. unwelcome. You're taken in a roller coaster ride of emotions, of being in love for the first time, of love at first sight. (although i don't really believe this could ever happen, more like.. urrmm.. 'lust' at first sight.)

The mastermind behind the movie Sepet has a LOT to say of life as Malaysians. Of the 'confusion' of tradition. What seems right before is not right anymore in present day. And also the mentality of our people.

I enjoyed every second of the movie. Not going into technicals like the editing and sound quality. The story is interesting. The dialogues were witty and natural. That's what make the movie a hit, even going into its 2nd month, the cinema was full house. And I do not mind a bit eventhough I'm sitting at the 3rd row, from the screen.

Kudos to the team. To Yasmin for the effort of bringing out the reality. To the casts for delivering their parts brilliantly. Sangat terkesan.

I am no professional movie critic, take my comments with doubts and unbelieving aura. But go and watch the movie. And come back and tell me how you feel.

Ciao for now.

March 18, 2005

That thing called L.O.V.E

Yesterday, while driving back from dinner, my friend and I got to this conversation on relationship. Yet again. *wink*

She was actually telling me that someone very close to her is in the process of divorcing. But, everything has to be postponed, because the wife is pregnant. So, from there, we kicked off.
Why do people get married in the first place when they'd be leading separate lives after few years down the road? Why even bother to get married? Waste of time. Waste of energy. All the effort, courting process, dating, arguments, loving, etc. Such a waste, isn't it? And all these was between two people who professed to love each other not so long ago.

Why bother?

I have been asking this question whenever I heard someone is on the verge of separating, or divorcing. And the usual replied that I got would be; "You can't tell the future, you'll never know.." or "Time changes, people change..." or "It's fated. Dah takdir..." and several others.

Why do we always blame fate whenever things go wrong? But take all the credits when things go our way? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I mean, you get great things because you're graced and blessed. But things go wrong, because some where along the line you made the wrong choice.

Ah-nee-ways... I told my friend yesterday, maybe because we're too intelligent for our own good. We analyse things, we tend to think the rights or wrongs too much. We rather be safe, then sorry. That might be one reason why we are not.. urmmm... with husbands just yet. We want things to be black and white, when relationship is one sure ship that is gray. Then my friend countered, "But I want my relationship to be COLOURFUL!"


Even if it's pink for flirty, or blue for romance, or green for envy and red for anger, they are still definite. But gray is somthing uncertain. You can't see clearly. That is why haze is gray! Such is life. Such is relationship. It's uncertain, you cannot put a definite future.

But why? Why must it be that way? To me, if you've decided to be together forever, than work for it to happen. I read somewhere that relationship is a full time job. You have to put effort onto/into it everyday to make it work. To be fulfilled. I agree. Relationship is like a tree, you need to water it, fertelise it, put it out in the sun to make it grow. Most relationships fail because they plant the tree, and they leave it on its own. Taking it for granted. That it will always be there. But it won't, will it? Like a tree, it will wither and die out of neglect.

Duhh... sometimes I feel really old. I speak as if I know everything. But, no, I don't. I guess, I'm just idealistic. And idealists are the ones who always get hurt. So, I guess... it's fated.

ps: I feel like Carry Bradshaw suddenly. ahaha..

March 11, 2005

Provoked beyond reasons...

What happens after that?

Some people, they like to stir the otherwise pleasant pond and wake up the underwater creatures. They give provocative comments or ideas on certain issues and wait for the responses. They don't have to wait long. Soon, comments will start to pour in. Positive or otherwise, or the ones given by the people on the wall. Not humpty dumpty, eh. More often than not, 'arguments' or debates start between the people who gives their comments.

I'm intrigued on the way people respond to this out-of-norm ideas or opinions. Suggestions that are not along the lines that they are used to. 'Arus Perdana', ehem. Some will give their points wisely. Others, the ones who are-not-so-much-of-a-thinker resort to blind, personal attack. Why? It's the nature of human behaviour to being defensive when they know they are losing. When they realise that the other party is holding all the aces.

I have my own provocative ideas and thoughts. But most of the time I choose to keep it to myself rather than making it known. Reason? I hate conflicts. I strive for a peaceful living. Idealistic and naive I know. But just leave me blisfully gliding on my bubbly pink cloud, eh? Seriously. Main reason, people are afraid of hearing the honest truth. They couldn't handle the truth. They want to be left alone picking on the chocolates from the box. Even if they pick the nuts, they still insist they are chocolates. (Note: Forrest Gump's "Life's like a box of a chocolate. You never know when you're going to get the nut." Or something along that line...) They are aware, but they choose to live in denial.

So... to get back to the initial objective of this post. What do you do when you're provoked beyond reasons? Do you retaliate back peacefully (how can retaliation ever be peaceful, eh?)? Or do you resort to personal attacks (calling them 'losers', questioning their faith, etc)? Or do you stoop as low as your opponent by calling them names back? Or do you sit back, grab a cup of coffee, smile and enjoy the product of your stirring? Could YOU handle the truth?

March 3, 2005

Hello world!

a certain group of people would understand that title... a certain group people who would be most unlikely be the group of people who do blogging.

i blog because the pleasure of writing. because i cannot live with everything being stuck into my head. to quote a certain individual "i need to write, otherwise my head will explode".
the wonderful thing about writing is sort of similar when you're sitting down with a group of friends for tea/coffee. you start talking on one topic, then you move on to the next effortlessly and end up with a topic that is far, far away from the one you began with. the difference is, when i'm writing (or rather typing), the only person who's switching from one topic to another is me.

initially i have another blog at another blogging site, but eversince i co-author another blog hosted at blogger, i rarely update that other blog. thus, i decided to have this one here, making it easier for me to move between blogs. well... not that i post much, but, if you can make your life easier, why not, eh?