September 24, 2010

I am getting rounder…

It has been… more than two weeks since my last update. Much has happened. I supposed it is not yet too late to wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak. And after all the food and more to come in the next two weeks because of the open houses every where, just make sure you compensate by exercising or taking less food while you’re on normal days.

I am into my 20 weeks of pregnancy now. And I frequently feel the Baby moving these days. And it amazes me every time. As with the visits to the O&G. Wednesday was my 20 weeks visit, and we were hoping to know the gender. However, the Baby was in prostrating form, and it was not possible to determine whether it is a “she” or a “he”. Well, we are not really concern about the gender, as long as the Baby is healthy and cukup sifat as our mothers would say. So, we shall wait for another four weeks to find out!

It is true when people say second trimester is the best time during pregnancy. Well, so far I’m comparing with the first trimester, and it’s true enough. No more frequent nausea feeling, Alhamdulillah. Although there were times when I feel the gagging motion because of intense smell around.

As for food, I’m eating everything. No exception. I lost 1 kg during the puasa month when we went for the 4th month check-up. However, yesterday, I gained 2.5kg! Initially the doctor looked worried, but after measuring the Baby, the weight gain corresponds with its size. If lucky star is on my side, the due date is going to be correct.

Hari Raya as a married lady is different. It was a very emotional one for me. Although my in-laws came down to KL to celebrate Eid here, I spent little time with my own parents and siblings. I missed another family gathering in Malacca, that’s the second time now. And when we did go back to Malacca, it felt more like a holiday visit then Eid, because every one has gone back. :-)

No, I am not complaining. I’m just stating that it’s different. And it is something that everyone has to go through once they are hitched! I’m sure the husbands feel the same when we spend time at our parents’ home.

One thing that I could not do this year during Eid… wear an awesome KEBAYA! So, this will be my objective next year!

I have been bombarded with a couple of questions lately. One; when is the open house, and two; when is the baby shower. For the former, just come over when you are in the area, let me know in advance so that I can prepare something. For the latter, isn’t it still too early?

Okay, for now, I shall pen (type) off. Take care everyone!

September 2, 2010

quel est l'amour

What is LOVE?

I just finished re-reading The Zahir by Paulo Coelho. It’s about a successful writer whose wife left him without a “goodbye” simply because the husband was no longer interested in his wife’s day-to-day recaps even though they love each other very much. The husband was no longer listening to what the wife is saying and they didn’t talk about nothing and everything like they used to. The book tells the story of the writer’s journey rediscovering himself en route to finding his wife again.

LOVE according to this book is an energy which is flowing freely. It should not, could not be controlled. Once we start moulding LOVE into our own definition, it loses its intensity, its meaning, its being.

Have you ever noticed how all the movies that we watch, possibly all the movies ever made are about LOVE? It’s defined in so many ways, which resulted in so many things, situation.

How often do we take chances? How often do we wish we could dance in the rain, but that’s all there is, a wish, never a reality? How often do we think about the Godiva in the fridge but refuse to touch it simply because we had our share of Neapolitan just that afternoon? How often do we hold ourselves back from telling our spouses or partners something that we know might make them upset or uncomfortable? How often do we decide to take one step back or remain immobile instead of taking one step forward?

So many questions, but do we dare answer them and react differently the next time?

Thus, what is LOVE?

Some people avoid LOVE like a plague whether intentionally or subconsciously without realising it, because of past experiences. Some people get it lucky the first time and have a fairy tale life. Some people jump right back at LOVE after LOVE left. And all these does not necessarily about romantic relationship. It could be with your parents, siblings, friends or colleagues. It’s LOVE, and it’s unrestricted.

What is LOVE?

If you believe in GOD, and you believe in destiny, trust me, there is one person destined to be with you. You might not get 100% what you want in that person, but GOD sends you someone you need, not someone you want. So, believe that He knows what’s best.

But then again, don’t take my word for it. Maybe you’d like to give your own definition, according to your epiphany.