November 25, 2011

Good, Good Life

If there is an automatic setting for this blog to have cobwebs when there is no update every three days, this blog will be full of it. My last entry was in September and it was a test entry from the iPad. You would think with the iPad, there will be more updates. Ha ha ha.

Life, if you just live it, is very, very interesting indeed. You meet new people, you re-acquainted with old friends, you get along with someone, and you write about all these people, you observe them, and you read what they write, and life by all means are very, very exciting.

The sky has been the bluest blue these past couple of days. Sure there are some grey clouds floating around, but I am thoroughly enjoying the blue sky. Somehow, with it being so blue, the rest of the world becomes more beautiful. Trees and grasses look greener, hills look prettier than ever.

And life, it’s like that. When we choose to see all the beauty in it, we will focus on the good things instead of the bad things (grey clouds). There are a lot more good friends than bad, more beautiful memories than sad ones, easier ways to do things than harder, and the list goes on and on. Ultimately it’s our choice. If we choose to see the bad things in life, it will consume us and we will end up being suffocated.


I’ve been really busy lately to catch up with old friends, good friends. If I continue down this road, I will end up losing them. Luckily the bunch that I hold dear, understand the life, and when we do catch up, it’s as if there were no hiatus in between. And again, it is my choice, to make the time and effort to pick up the phone and ring them, or just compose a new email. Sure, we cannot get together as often as we like, but we must continue to connect. In any way we can.

I look around, I see people connecting every day, every single moment. Some with honest intentions, some not. Some genuinely like the people they are connecting with, some do it because they have to. And that is life.

We are souls that thirst for connection, for involvement. That is the reason some of us are in temporary relationship, or trapped in a bad relationship, because any connection is better than none. No one is a detached soul. The thing that differs one person to the next, are the intentions and ultimate goal. What do you want from the connection or involvement?

Although life is not always fair, and relationship is not always smooth, choose to look at the bright side of things. That life is not always unfair and relationship is not always rocky. Aim for balance. The sky is not always grey, and for today, it is the brightest blue!

I love my life!