December 30, 2009

Quick Update

It has been 12 days. I am now Mrs CapalPerak. Yeeehooooooooo!!! Ha ha ha... Alhamdulillah, everything went beautifully well.

In the next few posts, I will share my experiences during the event. In Kuala Lumpur and in Mukah. Out of this world.

Thank you to all family members and friends who have been helping with the preparation. And with the production. Thank you to everyone who came to our reception, to well wishers and for the beautiful, useful presents.

December 17, 2009

Last one before tomorrow...

In less than 12 hours I will, insyaAllah, be Mrs CapalPerak. Had my henna done today. Hantaran are all completed. Finished decorating the room. They installed the dais yesterday night. Almost all family members have arrived. The reception dress has been repaired and good as new. I must remember to give my designer a Noel present.

Alhamdulillah, everything is ready for the event tomorrow.

I have not been sleeping well for the past three days. The flu is at its final stage. Hopefully it's gone by tomorrow. Zai will come to put gunk on my face starting from 7.30 am tomorrow morning. And being a bride, it's just natural to be fickle about everything. I changed my mind, so the photographer will be here at 8 am.

I hope, by the time I posted this entry, I am sleepy enough to go to la-la land peacefully. I can still here the vacuum cleaner downstairs. That means people are still doing stuff. Flu meds have not been able to knock me out. I hope, Sharky's flu tablet will do the job.

I hope my idea of simplicity is appreciated. And being simple, does not mean it could not be elegant, right?

Owh... I forgot. I still need to wait for my flower bouquet! The florist has a wedding dinner tonight, so she will deliver the bouquet around midnight. I must go down and let the family know. Feel sleepy now.

So I guess, this is it. My last post as Miss Jade. Feeling a little mellow. In a good way. I hope I will be a great wife. Florist just called. Gotta go.

December 9, 2009

Doakan Yang Terbaik Untuk Kami!

As the day gets nearer, well-meaning friends and family members are offering marital advices and comments and expectations. While some are good to be followed, more than half should be taken with a pinch of salt.

These "words of wisdom" came even before the engagement was finalised. And most often than not, the phrase "you will know once you're married" (dah kawin baru tahu nanti....) will be accompanied. Sometimes it came from people who were just married for a month. Not being arrogant here, but it sounds as if once you're married all the universe's secrets are bestowed upon you...

While I appreciate their thoughts and "word of caution", sometimes it gets so difficult to stay optimistic and stay true to your believe on what relationship should be like. These words of caution can be poisonous when they are repeated time and again. My closest friends would testify that I do ask them (whether they are married or not) for relationship advices and opinions. But I tend to lean for support from people who give good advices, that can really build and nurture the relationship.

Here I list some of the "word of wisdom" given throughout the past year...
  • Once you're married, only you will know how the relationship is like
  • You must always let the husband win; if you want a long lasting relationship that is (mesti selalu mengalah dengan suami kalau nak berkekalan)
  • You need to serve your husband because that's what a dutiful wife would do; if not nusyuz! And you know what, I feel happy I can cook for my husband everyday!
  • Aha! After you're married you're chained! No more boys/girls outing!
  • Since your in laws are near by, what's the arrangement like? You need to visit them every week?
There are others of course, but I just couldn't recall them at the moment. I tend to put the pessimistic advices behind a locked door...

Any person who gets married with the expectation that there will always be rainbows and laughter and sun, should not get married at all. This is real life lah, if during dating you have disagreements, it's only natural you will have disagreements when you're living together. If you find that your married relationship differs too much than while you're dating, that means your partner (or you) just starting to show your true colours. If either of you had to pretend to be someone else while you're dating, why are you getting married in the first place, pray tell?

While one person or a couple has certain expectations on what married life should be like, they by no means at all should expect other people or couple to feel the same way. Each relationship differs because different people are involved. Although, the essential part which is communication should be a basic trait; never generalised. You might be happy slaving for your partner day-in, day-out, other people might not feel the same way. But that does not mean their relationship is doomed. If they are happy with their arrangement, why do you think your relationship philosophy will make them happier?

Men are always thinking about freedom. So it's just natural to think that once they are married, they cannot see their male friends anymore. This is another generalisation. I have friends who successfully keep their single (and married) friends (both husbands and wives). If you're unable to do the same, you better ask yourself why. Then again, there are people who find it more enjoyable to stay at home with their partners (and kids) and nurture their relationship. There is nothing wrong with that. You do whatever makes you and your partner happy. We are too westernised these days by using the term "chained" and "hooked". If you feel that way, better ask yourself why did you get into the relationship in the first place, let alone getting married!

You might think I sound arrogant, but truthfully I feel far away from that. I'm scared people! I want this relationship to last forever, sampai ke syurga! And pessimistic statements are not the things to help nurture my optimistic preparation towards being a good wife to my future husband. I am not a girl in her early twenties anymore, who sees stars and rainbows and walks by the white sandy beaches when it comes to married life. My feet is firmly on the ground insyaAllah. Therefore my expectations are more realistic and to the heart. I do realise that being married means changing some things, adapting to others. But that does not mean you should lose yourself in the process, right?

I firmly believe that a relationship is about sharing. Not one person dominates the other. I care what advices you give to me. Forgive me if I seem not to listen; that's just me putting your wisdom behind a locked door and throwing away the key.

All I ask is, please pray for good things for Jade and CapalPerak, that our relationship is blessed by Almighty and lasts forever. Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami...

December 4, 2009

Movie Review: New Moon

WARNING: Slightly long post

First of all, let me get this out of the way... New Moon is full of semi-undressed well built guys. And just because I'm getting married, does not mean I cannot appreciate the beauty of well toned males... Okay, that done, I'll go on to the movie...

New Moon the movie.... this is my impression. It stays true to the book. Some action sequence that can wake your man up; even if it's just for a while; nice fight scenes, witty (and sometimes lame) dialogues that is truly from the book, and a tad draggy. The last part is actually unavoidable because the book itself is such, and it has to portray the flow otherwise the story will loose its intended effect. The sizzling scenes between Bella and Edward is a little too grown up for my prude side; not for the eyes of teenagers.

So overall, I would say it was a good movie after all. I actually walked in expecting much worse; based on the reviews that I've read on the net.

Now, this movie is in my opinion, fully intended for the readers of Twilight saga. If you've read the second book, you would understand better why the movie was directed the way it was. The second book is about lost love, confusion when it comes to matters of the heart. And one should remember the story is told from Bella's point of view, as such description are based on a teenage girl's perception.

I could relate to Bella's 18-year-old heart when Edward left her. I could understand when Stephanie Meyer talked about the "hole" which seemed only to disappear when someone else was giving the attention. At that age, you love someone with such absolution, no boundaries. So when one actually lost the pillar, something which is the center of one's universe, it is like getting your heart ripped out. One can only love like this once, maybe, and never again. This is when you are so sure of everything, full of youthful hopes and dreams. So when Bella actually laid on the forest floor and curled
(and hope to die?), I understood.

After three months the Cullens left, Bella found comfort in Jacob. And so begins a just-because relationship for Bella but a growing fondness on Jacob's side. A man writing a review for New Moon should see Bella's situation with Jacob's feelings when he was rejected. Since he's a wolf, he can run around wildly, he doesn't need to go to fetal position. And remember, Jacob is only a 16-year old boy; a guy at this age, he still does not know what he really wants. Ha ha ha...

Vittoria, the vampire from the first chapter came back to sniff around Bella. But the story does not end there and we will see her again too.
In this second installment too, The Volturi is introduced. We will see more of them soon enough. Remember, these characters are not the main subjects for the second book. And they are in as a reminder for the former and introduction for the latter. I think the director did a good job of reminding and introducing the characters.

The second chapter also lacks the interaction with the Cullens and Bella's school friends. Again, they are not intended to be in the main story, and the reason why Alice Cullen is more prominent from the rest is because she is Bella's best friend.

Now, would I suggest for you to watch the movie? Well... my advise will be the same like when I wrote about Twilight. But I will say, New Moon is a better movie than Twilight was. A little draggy but it's just because it needs to be.

December 3, 2009

Jeng Jeng Jeng...

It's not that long to the D-day. I suspect CapalPerak has stopped browsing (reading?) this blog since a week back. Reason being, he does not like the count down on the sidebar. Ha ha ha...

I am getting more nervous each day aussi. Yesterday afternoon, I had lunch on my own, ditching my colleagues who were actively arguing about something. I was not listening, and had no desire to listen in. I just picked up Liz and 'dramatically' stormed out from the office. I walked at a slightly fast pace towards KLCC.

As I sit there in the restaurant, waiting for my food to come, I SMSed CapalPerak and told him how I felt. I found that I had difficulty in breathing and my heart was beating too fast to my liking. It only beats that speed when I'm running on the treadmill. I reluctantly realised that it is a start of a panic attack. If I mention this to Abah, he would say, "It's all in your mind". But the fact that my breath was getting shorter by the minute and my eyes wandering wildly around kinda scared me.

So I closed my eyes and started to control my breathing. I tried to slow down my heart beat. I took deep, deep breath and let it out slowly. It was just insane. It was a little scary.

I ordered chamomile tea, because it is known for it's calming and soothing effect. I contemplated to go for facial session in Clarins, because that will definitely sooth my nerves, but I did not.

So, I ended up shopping. Haih. Truthfully, it IS the best therapy in the world! I bought CapalPerak's perfume; the last item on my hantaran list that I had not purchased yet; mattress protector and a pair of shoes. This pair will be my reception shoes. Mak said it looks gorgeous.

I checked with my florist just now, and looks like the bouquet is happening. I asked for extra stalked to use for my hairdo and CapalPerak's button hole. Our reception will be a combination of traditional and modern affair. Being a typical aquarian, I insist on being different. Ha ha ha... I wish I could have gamelan playing through out the fete, and kompang group announcing our arrival. But, alas, you can't have everything kan?

Now... if only I could start working on the hantaran!