December 13, 2007

And the sun shines!

God is great. He granted my wish yesterday for the sun. Thank you, Lord. Love you! I'm sure it is still warm out there. But you know what, it's very, very cold in the office. I was so happy I could feel the warmth this morning that I was smiling eventhough some moron drivers made me honk them. It is indeed a glorious day. The sun made me more energetic and ready to face the challenges (?) today. Yes, I am being melodramatic. As usual.

So. I'm busy preparing presentation slides for next week's training. When preparing materials for user training, you're torn between providing too little information or too much. I'm doing my best to have less and less words in my slides. Putting a lot of graphics and silly anotations. But, at the end of the day, you are providing information and that's what you need to do, kan?

The first session will be somewhat technical because I'm presenting on the public key infrastructure concept. I struggled to make it less techy, because although my audience will be technical people, their.. well.. working background does not aspire them to do a lot of... well... thinking. Yesm I am being a little cruel, but the truth always hurt, right?

So, in the quest to educate them, I'm trying to make the knowledge more interesting. I understand now why my aunt, who's a lecturer to would-be-teachers, told me lecturing is not an easy job. This, however, is not my first time preparing training presentation. But normally, the audience is eager. This training session, mind you, have been postponed three times already. That to me, show how disinterested they are. But then again, I'm just the semut pekerja. So basically, I have to accomodate their schedule.

The second and third session will be more on the products that we supply and how to correctly maintain and administer them. I'm excited in knowledge sharing, that is why I'm making an effort to ensure the slides are catered to the audience.

It's been almost a year in Pudica. I've learnt a lot. Although it's getting mundane these days, I'm hoping more opportunities will be in store in months to come. I've taken some bold steps to ensure the opportunities are present, now I just need to pray that lady luck is on the same wave length. It's a little depressing to know that people with lesser skills and knowledge are getting a whole lot more, but I'm positive that my share will soon be given to me. So, patience, although it's a bitter fruit, it's rewarding in the end.

There is still no news on my car. I will call them later this afternoon to find out. ETCM will definitely be hearing from me. I'm praying everything will be done in time before my trip to Penang. Please God, grant this one more wish. I just don't trust the Sentra...

Having said that, I'd like to share this short video...

December 12, 2007

Back from Kuantan

Kuantan was... different. Although there were a lot of memories over there, it was just different. The town is busier these days, more cars, more people, more new buildings and shopping complexes. In fact, more residential areas, modern ones. There were a lot of firsts in Kuantan. First time being away from home, first time being a target just because I walked as if I was on a runaway (can't really blame me there, according to my aunties I walk the way I did since I was a kid), and that made me really lost my confidence and self assurance for the firs time, my first.. ehem.. boyfriend (and he was a hunk wanted by many! ahaha... not bad for a kampung girl, eh?). And although there were many firsts, I hardly have any pictures from back then. Hardly have any memorabilia from those days. Seeing my college again, I could not describe how I felt. Not exactly melancholic but just a little regret, I guess. Because that was the turning point where I started to look at people and the world differently. The college, if I may say so dramatically, took my innocence in so many ways.

Although Kuantan was different, I enjoyed it tremendously. The weather was nice, occasional showers now and then but less sun (thank God!) and the company was even more engaging. He he he... Thanks for accompanying me, darling! We took some pictures by the beach, saw people playing para-boarding (or whatever they're calling it...). He said it would be fun if we tried that out. I told him to go ahead if he wanted to and count me out because my idea of fun is not to work hard to enjoy the fun! I told him that I'd cheer him though! You should see how the wind blew and it looked as if the lady would be whisked away!

Telok Chempedak or T.C. as we warmly call it was also different. There is a wooden bridge connecting the beach there to a more secluded beach on the othe side of the hill. We walked on th bridge but did not go to the beach because, MPK should really fix the thing first. Certain parts of the flooring are missing, some are bent like waiting to fall down and there is one part where the baluster is gone! Dangerous. But I see a lot of people gamble their lives risking falling to the rocks and wave below.

I should talk a bit about the wedding kan? We arrived just in time to see the groom arrived. The colour scheme was sweet, the food was good and the guests aplenty. Congratulations again to the couple. I hope you like our little token. Took a couple of pictures of the couple of the day on the pelamin, went out to eat and left the place. I was there less an hour. Made contact with few old friends, who were not really "excited" to see me (ha ha ha) as I was at seeing them (poor me... :-p). Basically, I am not in the college circle so much anymore. Partly is my fault for not making and effort, partly because I was never part of the group. So.

The waves hitting the rock at Telok Chempedak beach.

The beach at Swiss Garden Resort

Okay, that is that. The weather these days is so depressing. I need the sun dear God, or I could just wither and die. He he he... Coming from the drama queen, what else should you expect eh? Sometimes I feel like the weather is the testimony of my feelings. So, I guess, to ensure a brighter day, I should keep on smiling! Right, I'm babbling.

December 5, 2007

Joy is the Season

It is indeed a season of joy and happiness. Of new hopes and beginnings. A number of family members, friends and acquaintances are either getting engaged or married and even welcoming new bundles of joy. Good news all around. Alhamdulillah.

To one of my closest friends who's reciting the marriage vow this Friday, I wish you all the happiness and may good things be yours and the bride's. It is indeed a big step, but hey, if not now, then when, eh? *wink* Be good to each other. I'll come, God willing, on Saturday for the reception.

Congratulations too to my lovely cousin, Dr. Munirah, for her engagement ceremony last weekend. Everything went well, food were aplenty, guests more so. I almost wish it's already the wedding! He he he..

InsyaAllah I'll be getting Red soon, hopefully by Friday. November had not been a good month for me, with the accident and all the messy things that follow. I sincerely hope that this month will be new good beginnings for me as well.

I'll be going to Penang on the 16th. For work. And coming back just in time for Aidil Adha, insyaAllah. The following weekend, the family might be journeying to the East Coast. There's another wedding to attend in Batu Burok, and hopefully a short holiday, one yearned by Mak.

And then, it's already Christmas Day. My solemn wish is for Sharky, up north, to realise her wedding day just before New Year, but apparently that has not been confirmed! Ha ha ha.. And knowing her, it might just happen even if everything seems to be hazy now.

Now you're wondering why Jade is so euphoric, does she have some news to share? Well... no actually. He he he... Seriously. It's just a good feeling to see people that you care and love are getting what they want (hopefully) and wish for. And it sparks another light of hope that wishes and dreams do come true, sooner or later.

So, to the ones who are getting their dreams coming about, congratulations and all the best! I am sincerely happy for you.