November 30, 2010

It’s Delivered!


After three days of wondering if the package will arrive safely, it is finally there! Alhamdulillah!

Now the timer starts for receiving the answer. I pray everything goes smoothly and the result will be positive, InsyaAllah. Fact is, my credential was already approved by the committee, it was just my luck to be selected for audit! I have checked, twice checked, triple checked and called the customer service in Singapore to confirm I have all the necessary documents and information. And with multiples of Basmallah, I gave the documents to the courier service centre.

Yes, I am freaking out. Reason being, this is one of the major milestones in my life. I want this to happen. I want my plans to come true. So, do pray for me, dear friends and readers. Let’s pray that our lives will always take that positive and fruitful turn for the better. Ameen.

Once I received the answer, hopefully by this weekend, I will share what is it that I’m talking about. For now, let’s just say, one foot is already inside; for the second stage, that is.

November 26, 2010

Prepare and prepare…

I have read that it is important to have a birth plan. This is like preparing a project plan! Ha ha ha…

According to, a birth plan is a way of communicating with the midwives and doctors who care for you in labour. Basically it tells people in the labour room whether or not you need drugs to alleviate the pain, or whether you want episiotomy or not, etc. It’s all about what kind of labour and delivery you’re expecting. The reason behind preparing this plan is because during the heat of the moment, you and your husband, will not be able to remember on small little things that seem important to the both of you. You will be too focus on the incoming addition.

I am not sure if such thing is being practiced in Tawakal Hospital, or even in Malaysia in general. But I will surely ask my doctor during my next check-up.

My next check-up will be on 9th December. I will be about 30 or 31 weeks then. Wowsers! That’s a huge number and cutting it very close, eh? I have arranged to attend pre-natal class on the 4th of December. That’s next week, and I’m excited! I will be attending the class in KPJ Selangor after reading good reviews about the class, conducted by a Pn Faridah. I will certainly write my own review regarding this class to share with you.

I know some people feel that reading books on pregnancy and childbirth, or attending pre-natal classes are time wasters. Some people even go to the extend you should just tawakal and berserah pada Allah SWT. While I agree that the ultimate is for Him to decide, He did say that we need to do all we can to our utmost capabilities. And secondly, I do not like to go into new things unknowing.

If you read the pregnancy books, they all tell you the same thing; every pregnancy is different, no two pregnancy is the same. Not even to the same woman. So there you go. I believe in being prepared on everything that we do, and not walk blindly into the unknown. During our mothers’ days, it was different. Back then, they do not have access to vast information like we do. So, we make use of what we have to our advantage. Learn as much as we can and then leave it to Allah SWT for the final say. For He will not forsaken people who have done their best to achieve a better state. Believe in that.

My good friend Momster is closing in to her D-day. I pray she’ll be fine and have a successful delivery to a healthy Baby H. All the best babe!


November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Queens!

No, no. I am not talking about Queens the band. I am wishing my lovely friend, Queens, a very happy birthday. It’s her birthday today. I wish her all the joy in the world. May she’s bestowed with blessings, happiness and prosperity always.

Leaving you with this birthday poem:


Happily Ever After

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!

Happy Birthday!

By Joanna Fuchs




November 16, 2010

At My 28th Week…


So you see, that is why I find it so difficult to get up in the morning and go to work! Lots of motivation is needed at the current gestation age.

The best motivation I had to get up early in the morning was last weekend. And that is because I was looking forward to it. Now that the weekend is over, and everything is up to me to make the next steps happen, I’m getting back to the pre-weekend mood. Especially to go to work!

As The Hubby advised yesterday, just a couple more months, then you’ll be on long leave. After that, you can start looking for a new thing. He he he… How true. Therefore, I am kicking myself every morning to make it to the last base. With hopes that everything turn out well.

November 7, 2010

Why We Nag

There are a lot of marriage jokes out there. The ones which make fun of the husbands, wives and in laws; especially in laws on the wife’s side. Sad, but true.

Yes, they are funny. Yes, they are entertaining. And when someone says it’s demeaning, another person will quickly respond with, “Come one… lighten up, it’s just a joke..” and snickers.

But, because of these “just jokes”, little by little, people lose respect towards each other. Relationship goes sour because one person in the partnership suddenly thinks that the joke is somewhat true. Yeah, maybe I’m being a little of a sour puss here, but hey, this is what I think.

There are reasons why a wife nags. There are so many jokes out there about nagging wives, but let me tell you, nagging comes with the territory. It’s the level of nagging that differs from one woman to another. So, if you see your best friend’s wife seems like a good sport, letting the husband do "”almost” everything he likes, take it with a pinch of salt. It does not mean the wife does not nag. Ehem.

Let me give you one good reason why a wife nags. Clutter and cleanliness. Well, two reasons.  Let’s face it, when you’re a working woman, weekend is the time to rest AND the time for spring cleaning.

A wife will nag when she has spent hours cleaning, only to have the place torn apart again just the next day. And especially when it seems like she’s the only person who cares to keep the house clean and homely.

A wife will nag, when a simple task such as taking out the garbage has to be reminded, instead of being done automatically once the bin is almost full.

A wife will also nag, when there’s a leaky pipe in the house that needs fixing or a blown bulb that needs replacing; but seem to go un-noticed by the rest of the household. When there are things which do not belong in say, the living room, but they just seem to be lying around everywhere.

Someone told me before that it’s a little easier to clean the house when the husband is not around, because it’s better for the husband not to know how much work needs to be done. So, most housewives have this luxury of making their houses to homely homes just because they have time in their hands. And there are no interruption from the other half.

Admit it, as much as you want your other half to give a helping hand with the works around the abode, you would rather do everything on your own, just the way you like it. *Wink*.

The Hubby is worried that I get too tired or sick doing the work around the house. But, truthfully, if I don’t do it, it feels as if I’m living in someone else’s house. Yes, it’s tiring, and yes, I pull muscle at times, but through all the grumbles, it’s just more worth it. And just because I’m pregnant, it does not mean the work has to stop. Since I’ve been away from gym for 7 months now, housework is my exercise. And it does keep me in shape, keep my weight in check.  And honesty, I cut back a lot on the housework. And that is why now I have ants and cockroaches. Haish! It makes me crazy.

Maybe I should call the cleaner next week. Yeah. maybe I should do just that.