July 20, 2011

I am blessed again…

I secretly feel that things are shaping up nicely, insyaAllah.

Several great things are happening, one by one, albeit slow and steady. But I am not complaining, as they say, slow and steady wins the race. I still believe in that. But if you can be quick and steady, it is even better. :-)

In late June my request to blog with the PMI blog team was accepted. And earlier this week, my first post was published. You can read it here: Grooming the Apprentice Project Manager. You’re most welcome to share your thoughts on the topic. And maybe add in your own tips and techniques in coaching your team members on management skills.

After I was accredited as a PMP, I started a small blog: Looneypuff’s Project Management Blog. My main objectives was to share my study notes and ideas on PMBOK Guide 4th Edition especially for PMP aspirants. Besides that, I also want to share my own insights on project management,team management, coaching, etc. A couple of months back, I was contacted by one of the familiar faces in PMP training, Cornelius Fichtner, to re-publish his articles in my blog. I hope the blog will be useful not only to PMP aspirants but by other people as well. Who knows, one day I’ll come up with a book! Ameen!

In late May I received a new job offer. I did not jump to accept it right away because although it looked promising, I did a double take. I was hoping that other options would come up. But none did, so after discussing with The Hubby, I accepted the offer. My main concern is to start building a real portfolio that can be useful in the future.

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a manger from one of the companies that I went for interview during my confinement period (LOL). Apparently the director would like to meet up with me and last week I went for the second interview. By the end of the session I can sense he already made his decision whether to hire me or not; I just wasn’t sure which one. His poker face is awesome; got to learn that. I received the call next day telling me I got the job and that “the director is keen” for me to join the team. The offer is not as good as the first one I received, but I accepted it immediately. Hah! I’m cheap!

Upon receiving the letter of offer, I contacted the first company to tell them I am unable to join them next month. To my surprise, the HR manager that I met whom I collected my offer letter from has resigned; and she was only 8 months in the company! Does not sound very promising, eh? After a brief discussion with the HR executive, I sent an email to them through the headhunter that matched me with the company. And this headhunter is another story. I told her that my reasons of retracting my acceptance of the offer is personal, she got agitated and hang up the phone! My experience with her had not been a good one since beginning, so I wrote her a very nice email. Really, it was a nice email, not even one angry word.

cooltots I have also began a cute little thing with my good friend Mel: Cool Tots. Do drop by and check out the things that we have to offer. We are new, but we plan to stay for a long, long time. We are not only selling cool things online, but we are also sharing tips and ideas on many, many things. Some of which are being contributed by other parents worldwide. So, check us out at Cool Tots today!

So, in short, I am hoping all these new ventures will be good for the family and I. We are building our nest, and I hope to fill it not only with worldly goods but spiritual values as well, insyaAllah.

July 15, 2011

Short One

My daughter turned 5 months on Monday, 11th July. She has now started on solids as per her doctor’s suggestion. And that gave me reason to buy this:


It’s Philips Avent Steamer Blender. Thanks to Momster for writing about it. Many, many thanks babe! Needless to say, I am loving it!

The Hubby is back in Sydney for another 5 weeks stint. He left on Sunday morning. For the three weeks that he was in KL, our weekends were fully booked with family events. We planned to jalan-jalan on the Saturday before he left; but well, we did not because of you-know-what happened. It is a no brainer that I am supremely pissed still.

Anyway, with every bad tidings there is always a silver lining. I do believe that. This week I received a good news that I have been waiting for quite sometime. Suffice to say, new environment, new people, new challenges.  You’ve guessed it! Again, with any choice that you make, there are pros and cons. So bring it on!

So, as snippets went, I think this is really a snip! Have a great weekend ahead lovely people. Don’t do anything illegal.

July 11, 2011

After the Weekend

Over the weekend, my cousin got married. Many guests either arrived very, very late or had to turn back home. There were a lot of road-blocks around KL outskirt because of the scheduled walkabout by Bersih. Let me just rant in points, so that I don't miss out anything, and you get to see that I am apolitical.

  1. The reception was held in one of Police IPD's ballroom; my uncle is a police officer (how ironic!). The roadblock was right in front of the IPD; five lanes became one lane. (My brother who left the house later than the rest of us, was in the jam for 4 hours, and he was only 20 meters from the IPD entrance).
  2. Maybe the IPD wants to save cost, so they set up the block right in front of their IPD. Easy, to the point. After all, the location IS admittedly strategic.
  3. The maid of honor was unable to perform her duty because she was in the traffic too! The ceremony was a bit delayed, two tables for VIPs are empty.
  4. Okay, enough about the wedding. Suffice to say, it went great except for the effects of the rally.
  5. Bersih is an association that is politically influenced, the way I see it. It would be better if they are free of political ideologies. And this will be the only point for this matter.
  6. After having said point #5, I am all for clean and fair election. I am not a member of any political parties, nor am I leaning to any one ideology. I dislike politics. To say I hate it would be too harsh, for someone has got to do the dirty job. And politic, it is just that; dirty, regardless whom you represent or support.
  7. Do you remember our Rukun Negara? At least the five points that we keep on reciting every Monday assembly when we were in school? It said; 1. Believe in God, 2. Loyalty to the King and Country, 3. Upholding the Constitution, 4. Upholding the Law,  and 5. Politeness and Propriety
  8. It doesn't say anything about political party. So we are free to support any individual that we believe will be able to guide us based on these 5 characteristics.
  9. The way I see it, in Malaysia today, there are no individuals who are able to govern by these characteristics. Be it from the current ruling party or the others.
  10. To me, Najib Razak is a weak leader and Anwar Ibrahim can/will never be my Prime Minister. I dislike them both equally.
  11. A Wakil Rakyat, should just be that. A representative of the people who speaks the people's voice and not run his/her own agenda. And by speaking  for the people, does not mean visiting the "crime scene" after the "crime" has been committed and talking to the victims. Nor does it mean to wear neck braces and sporting a blackened eye to get sympathies; stop acting.
  12. Having said all that, I am an idealist and what I said are all too good to be true. It can never happen in this world, anywhere in the world in fact.
  13. If you feel Malaysia is a bad country to live in and Europe or Australia or the US is a better place to live in, by all means, go and live there. Then tell us how it is.
  14. Funny how no one wants to live in African countries or Arab countries kan? When they do comparison, Malaysia is always compared to the 1st world countries. 
  15. Funny how people seem to conveniently forget that they are able to breed and feed in peace, collect and create wealth in peace. 
  16. Funny how people use religion and race to get support and sympathy.
  17. Funny how people seem to forget that religion (whatever your faith is) teaches us humility and kindness. And not to "menyusahkan" other people. By rallying (and just by supporting) the other day, you have done just that.
  18. Bersih was supposed to be about electoral reform and not toppling the government. But reading statuses of majority of the supporters are clearly showing the latter.
  19. I would like to know the number of registered voters amongst the tens of thousands that came to walk the Bersih walk on Saturday. If you want to change the government, do your part in the next election.
  20. Funny how people easily forget that no one is perfect. Not Najib. Not Anwar. Not Lim Kit Siang. Not Nik Aziz. They are just normal people. In Islam, we believe that the only person that is protected from faults (maksum) are Prophets (peace be upon them) of Allah SWT.
Hah... Sudah2 la membebel tuh. Time to go for lunch and SHOP!


July 5, 2011

In The End…

… the winner is…

HTC Desire Z!!!


Yes! I am now a proud owner of a cool Android gadget! LOL! This phone has brought back the geek in me. I am almost always (whenever I have the free time) looking for ways to enhance my HTC Android experience. I am sure there are lots more this thing can do, but as of now, I am going slow with it. We are after all still at getting-to-know-each-other stage.

It is still on Froyo. I am hoping HTC will release the Gingerbread update soon. I mean, it is already July and HTC has promised to deliver it by end of June. So, where is it y’all? Source: HTC customer service confirms HTC Desire Z Gingerbread update for Q2

Do I miss my Blackberry Curve? Oh yes, I do. I miss the lightness of it compared to Desire Z. But then again, Desire Z has bigger screen and “awesomer” camera. Ohhhh… I don’t need instagram to enhance the photos too, because HTC provides the filters together with the camera functions. He he he… Well, not that I have made full use of it yet. In that respect, I am thankful I did not spend for iPhone 4…

Come! Join the Android madness and leave your iPhones behind!! Angry Birds are free on Android!!