July 30, 2009

So Long Brilliant Woman!

I do not know her personally. Like many others, I know her through her films and adverts. Not to mention those numerous slanders and rumours that circled around from time to time. But I never stopped waiting and watching for her next magical moments.

Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad. Such a loss to the Malaysian arts industry. Such a huge loss. I do not know her personally, although it was my secret wish to do so. This is one wish that will not come true...

I wonder, why is it so difficult for people to open up their minds and hearts to accept differences? Why is it so terrible when someone dare to defy the norm other seem to be blanketed with? Why when someone has the courage to speak up and challenge the ordinary, the person becomes a target of hatred and vile rumours? Such is the society we live in. Such is the people we grew up with.

I solemnly hope that more people will see the true message that Yasmin Ahmad dared to reveal in her works. And like many others before her, maybe now, she will be acknowledged by her people, after her death.


July 23, 2009

Excuse Me, I'm Freaking Out.

I'm officially freaked out.

It's like... Just a little more than four months to go...

There are still so many things to do.

We have not confirmed the caterer. Although we kinda booked them.

I have not finished buying the hantaran stuff.

The wedding favours have not been confirmed. How they should look like also have not been confirmed.

Clothes for the event on the other side have not been confirmed. We've not picked anything yet.

The invitation. We have not done anything yet.

I'm doing the bunga pahar myself, with the help of Mel, of course. But, I don't know if I can concentrate or have time to do it!

The dais at home, I have the design, but I have not started buying anything. I need to order the metal frame, that has not been done.

So many things to do, yet so little time. My parents are also busy with my brother's wedding that mine is sort of being put aside. :-(

When I freaked out or feel sad about something concerning the wedding, I've got no one to talk to. Sometimes I bug Momster. Like what I just did, just now. Told her I'm freaking out. She laughed. In fact, she ROTFL. In the messenger of course.

I still have not packed my stuff at the rented place. I plan to move out by mid-August. Just before Ramadhan starts. And my housemate who happens to be (supposed to be?) my best friend seem doesn't care about me anymore. She didn't ask anything about the preps or if she can help with anything. At all. :-(

Lastly, I still have not decided who's going to be my maid of honour. But I did talk about it with CapalPerak. Maybe I'll ask his best friend's girlfriend. At least she asks how my preparations are going...

I'm still freaking out.

July 21, 2009

Morning After

Spain, Canary islands, Tenerife, trees emerging from clouds

I should never forget that God test me with sadness and heartaches just so that I remember him. And I should never forget that after the tests come the blessings and happiness that He has in store for. I believe that He has bigger plans for me. And I believe that for every sadness, my reward will be greater. Hasn't He proven His plans for me before? Many times over, in fact. So, why oh why must it slipped my mind every time something happens that hurt my feelings? Why must it be only the day after that I remember, and not the moment it happens?

I submit to You, Allah, for only You know what's best for me.

July 15, 2009

The Greeting Cards

I'm sorry, but whose idea was it to invite a thousand people to a wedding? Who started this? Why should we invite people we have not seen for years? Some of which we hardly know!

A small scale wedding means a close-knit, more personal and intimate get-together. It also means a more well.. luxurious in a way, because you get to spend a little bit more because the number of guests are smaller.
I would actually be happier with a small scale occasion, shared only with my family members and a few close friends.

However, this can never happen in a Malaysian weddings. We are all about sharing the joy and celebration with everyone. This is exactly what I told an acquaintance when she asked why do you need to invite so many people to a wedding the other night. In fact, a wedding is such a great fete, that it should be announced to the world! And because there are so many people at the wedding, we have to ask our family members to wear a certain colour so that we know who belongs to the family! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get the point I'm trying to make here.

Have you been to a invitation card store lately? Do you know that a minimum order that is acceptable to get discounted price is actually 1000 pieces? That means, you are expecting at least a couple of thousands guests! I told them they're crazy. We're just normal people, who are we going to invite? Sure there's discount for 500 cards too, but it's not as cheap as you might want it to be. And you know what, I heard, some people, they just ordered those thousand pieces of cards and only used about half, just because they want to get the discounted price! What are you going to do with the rest of the unused cards? Crazy isn't it?

A lot of people these days, travel to Indonesia to get cheaper invitation cards and other frills for the wedding. Some even tailor their clothing there. Not too long ago, people in KL travel to northern or east Malaysia to get cheaper bargains.

While I see there's nothing wrong with it, I myself, will not go into that extend. Simply because, I've never been to Indonesia, therefore I don't know my way around and I don't know anyone there to help me to get these bargains. I might get cheated you see? And on top of that, there are other things to be thought about; annual leaves, flight tickets, accommodation, food, etc. I don't know, I have a feeling I might end up paying the same amount if I were to buy everything here in KL! I might be wrong, because I've never been there...

As far as invitation goes, my list almost reaches a hundred people. Times two, that's about two hundred. Combined with the lists from my parents and CapalPerak, we're expecting about a thousand people. Maybe more.

And even though I said that I'd be happier with a smaller group, the possibilities to meet up with those people you have not met for so long just makes me smile. It would be nice to see those people again, wouldn't it?

July 14, 2009

Pasal Hantaran

Nak kahwin nih... banyak dugaan beb! Macam aku nih, kira syukurlah tak der dugaan dari segi relationhip ngan CapalPerak, tapi dugaan datang dari sumber berbeza. Ahahaha... Salah satu nyer ialah cobaan apabila membuat preparation hantaran.

Lagi banyak aku tengok style orang sekarang buat hantaran, lagi terkedu aku. Gila! Melampau betul extra-baganzak dia!! No wonder lah kalau diorang tempah hantaran, satu dulang dah makan sampai 40 hinggit (at least!)! So ari tu memula aku nak buat kaler silver-blue. Ni untuk kasi pada CapalPerak ler. Sekali tuh, adik aku yang nak k
awin bulan 9 ni pilih warna yang sama. Mula2, aku macam tak kisah, tapi lepas tuh, malas ler... Tak besh!

So, aku sudah decide masa kuar ngan Mel last month untuk buat kaler lain. Buat masa ni, aku plan nak buat merah-hitam. Hmmm... Tadi SkyAngel kata kaler tu gelap. So aku punya reply yang agak kurang sopan: "Sukati aku la nak buat kaler aper... Janji aku suka, dia suka." Ha ha ha...

Sebenarnya, lagi kita dengar pendapat orang, lagi pening kepala jadi nya. Maka dengan itu, buatlah decision sendiri dan jangan ikut rentak orang lain. Maka, insyaAllah, selamat la hendaknya.

Sekarang ni aku punyer quest adalah untuk make sure habah-habah (makna ingrish dia ialah "frills") yang akan digunakan mestilah tidak melampaui batas dan mahal-mahal. Ingat Jade: Simple and Nice. He he he... Aku mesti sentiasa ingat-ingatkan diri ini. Tapi rupa-rupanya, simple and nice ni lah yang boleh jadi lagi mahal! Pening!

Tak per, malam nih... ICE AGE 3!!!!

July 13, 2009

Where have the sanity gone?

Look at the picture above. Beautiful scenery, isn't it? It's not computer generated. It'll be too bad and sad should this picturesque location is turned into a war zone. The blue lake becomes copperish because blood was spilled. The mountains become skewered as a result of bombing. The trees, green green trees are just not there anymore... Sad, isn't it?

This picture was taken at Heaven Lake, Tianshan Mountains, Urumqi, China.

It's sad to know that Muslims are being oppressed wherever they are, especially when they are the minorities. It's sad to hear that when they fight for their rights, the world labels them as terrorists. It's sad, so sad. They are humans, just like the rest of us. They are woman, children, man, young and old, doing their best to live their life, their precious life, bestowed upon them by The Almighty, the best they could until the day they meet their maker. Just like the rest of us.

The Uighurs used to be the majority in Urumqi. But in the last 20 years or so, the number of Hans are increasing rapidly. And now, the Hans are being volatile against the original settlers. Isn't this situation makes you think about another region on the other side of the continent?

If people in a country could live for thousands of years without fighting, sans killing and murdering, why is it that now, people like to end the lives of other people who are different from them? Weird isn't it? There must be a conspiracy somewhere, a hidden movement that is being a catalyst for these insanities and illogical wars. And the people who generates the energy to move this secret society, are probably mentally disturbed, their soul polluted.

How much more innocent blood should be spilled? How many more orphans should be created? How many more helpless widows should be screaming? Before these retarded people will stop the mayhem and unrest?

Have some mercy. Put yourselves in their shoes. What if your country is being invaded? What if it's you're wives or husbands or children are being killed? What if it's your brothers and fathers who are slaughtered? What if it's you who are raped? What if...?

More readings:
Ustaz Asri
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July 10, 2009

I am, but one voice

So, the G has decided to revert back teaching Science and Mathematics in Bahasa Melayu. As much as I love my own language, I have to disagree with this move. The idea to start teaching the two subjects in English was a wise one. The idea to go back to the old medium, not so smart.

They say we could melayukan the scientific and mathematical terms. But don't they realise that by doing that we will end up with a bastardise version of Bahasa Melayu? The beautiful language lose its authenticity just because we want to, initially, maintain or prolong its life.

Look what happen to old English, they finally reside in those "classic" novels and articles. Never used in day-to-day life.

I have to agree with Tun M in this matter. We are not the leader in the fields, thus we need to work harder. Just because you're learning science and mathematics in English, does not mean you lose your root and history. I am so sure I have blogged about this before.

How many more words should we include in our Kamus Dewan? I shall continue in Bahasa Melayu.

Aku boleh berbangga sebab aku boleh bertutur dalam dua bahasa. Tetapi zaman sekarang, dua bahasa tidak mencukupi. Mesti belajar bahasa ketiga dan ke-empat, kalau boleh. Maka, aku berharap, dalam masa setahun lagi (paling lama) aku akan mahir dalam bahasa ketiga yang sedang aku pelajari sekarang.

Pertama kali apabila diwar-warkan pembelajaran sains dan matematik dalam Bahasa Melayu, aku berasa amat cemburu. Sekiranya ia telah dilakukan semenjak aku di bangku sekolah, sudah pasti begitu mudah aku memahami bahan rujukan dan buku-buku teks yang sungguh tebal semasa di universiti. Tetapi, aku juga bernasib baik kerana emak dan abah mahir berbahasa Inggeris. Abah terutamanya sentiasa menonton cerita-cerita TV dari Amerika; contohnya A-Team, MacGyver, Mission Impossible, dan juga England; contohnya Mind Your Language.

Apakah nasib pelajar-pelajar luar bandar yang hanya menonton Akademi Fantasia, One in a Million dan banyak lagi rancangan-rancangan TV yang tidak mencabar minda mereka? Bagaimanakah ini membantu pembelajaran mereka? Bukankah baik sekiranya mereka belajar di dalam bahasa kedua untuk lebih memahirkan mereka berbahasa kedua? Benar, ia agak sukar di peringkat permulaan, tetapi bukankah kita pernah dengar tentang evolusi dan juga kemajuan? Selangkah demi selangkah, dan sekiranya pendidik dan pelajar sama-sama berusaha ke arah kemajuan, adalah tidak mustahil kejayaan boleh dicapai!

Di sini satu contoh tentang kurang pemahaman Bahasa Inggeris. Baca di sini.

Sayang seribu kali sayang. Aku hanyalah satu suara.

July 9, 2009

No appropriate title...

As I came back from the gym just now, I suddenly have this inclination to check-out my other blogs... They are full of cobwebs, by the way.

I read back the things I wrote; the poems, the short stories, and I realised, I could actually write! I may not be a professional writer, but I know if I keep at it, I could make it a reality. Hmmm...

Anyway, I have updated jarimanes@blogspot in hope that I will continue to write more. Please share your thoughts with me.

July 8, 2009

From My Mobile

I am a weakling! Totally disappointed with today's session. I don't have strength at all. Can't even hold my own body weight. Luckily mr. trainer was taking it easy and being very supportive. But i doubt it's going to continue in the 2nd session. Must remember to eat before training. Must. Look. Hot. Tomorrow: cardio.

New Commitment to a New Man

"Remember... Today gym wei... Commitment!"

That's the SMS that I received from Sarcylicous at 10:19am this morning. I was about to blog about this new commitment that I made last Monday (Sarcy was the eye witness to this) when the SMS came in.

I resigned from my previous gym because I found myself very, very demotivated. Partly it's because I have to drive pass my house to go to the gym and partly because I found it too "used-up" and partly because I have managed to find all excuses that is possible to not gymming.

So, last week I went to check out this outlet near my office and on Monday I signed my name. And this my dear friends, not a small investment. Since this new place requires a commitment sign-up (which sucks in a way), it's not something that you would take lightly. On top of this I also signed-up for a one-to-one training. My goal is to become HOT by Eid, and SMOKING HOT by W-day. So yeah, I'm very serious about it Mr PT (he asked about my goals). Must. Look. Like. Nicole!!

I'm contemplating to start a new blog specially dedicated to my adventures at the gym. I should ask Sarcy to start one too because man, she looks delicious these days! I am so jealous of her! :-p She has been undergoing the PT for the past couple of months and seeing result. Of course, she's in a different gym AND she has a gym buddy. I need to find myself one of those quickly. Hmmm...

Maybe I should just start blogging about my gym adventures here, and open a new anonymous blog to "write-my-heart-out". Kan? Anyone with me?

Anyway, I read some reviews with regards of this new gym. Some people hate it, some people love it. Crappy management is everywhere, we cannot run away from that I suppose. We just have to remind ourselves the real reasons of joining. And if we're honest with ourselves, it has nothing to do with the way they manage the place. But I do agree that the surrounding has to be conducive for us to enable us to enjoy and keep up with the momentum. Otherwise, jadi macam what happened to me at the old place lah.

So, here's to Jade, to a successful work-out session today. I can hear my muscles screaming for help already...

July 3, 2009

Washing the day off

For these past few days, I have been writing a lot on products. I suddenly find it so fun writing about the things that I use. :-p

So today, I'm going to share with you another product that I use, everyday. It's a make-up remover from L'oreal (cue: Because you're worth it...).

I accidentally saw this thing: Cashmere Milk Make-up Remover along with two other types which are available; Milk to Toner 2 in 1 Make-up Remover and Elixir Concentrated Ultra Make-up Remover. I decided to try the Cashmere Milk because I like the sound of the name. :-p

I have been using this make-up remover for the past one month. I have to say that every time I put it on, my skin feels fresh and soft. When you first apply the milk to your skin it will appear to be foamy, but actually it is not. Massage in circular movement, and after a couple of minutes, the milk will turn into clear liquid almost oily. Again, it's not oily really. It's just like magic! I kid you not. The milk is easily washed off with water. So far I've only use water from the tap, therefore, it's room temperature.

I can testify that this is a very good make-up remover. Once washed off, the face feels clean and breathable. I've go to say that ever since I use L'oreal De-maq Expert Cashmere Milk Make-up Remover, my break-outs have been reduced. There is a possibility that with this, I actually cleanse my face better. In a nutshell, I wash the day off easily these days.

To find more details of this product and its range, click here.

NOTE: This post is of my own opinion, not a paid advertisement.

July 2, 2009

Face Off!

Yesterday, le soir, I went for facial at Leonard Drake MidValley. This is under the same company that brings us Dermalogica, Bioxil, Eve Taylor, Averine and Clinelle. Admittedly, I really need a corrective treatment after being neglecting to care for it. My skin is congested, and I don't need the beautician to tell me that, I can feel it myself.

In this post, I'd like to share my insights on my experience. When I first walked into the salon, nobody greeted me. It was only until I walked to the counter, the staff who was sitting in the room next to it saw me. She sat me down and explain the treatments they have. We check my skin under the UV light; nothing I've never experienced before.

I chose to do the Soothing Aroma facial under the corrective treatment and Total Eye Care Plus treatment.

Leonard Drake salons provides you a locker to keep all your stuff and your clothes. This is a plus point because at least, your things are locked away. The treatment room is not as cozy as the room in Sothys, if I may say so. In the latter, you can feel the luxurious surrounding, but in Leonard Drake, it's spartan.

The treatment starts with the beautician asking me to inhale lavender oil for calming effect. After that, she removes traces of make up and powder. She did the double cleansing routine, layering one after another. And then without washing off the cleanser, she started to put on the scrub. While cleansing and scrubbing is done, the steamer is at work. At the same time, she was also doing a milder cleansing around my eyes area. She then washed off the cleanser and scrub using room temperature water.

She left the steamer on my face for a while more. Then come the torturous part; the extraction. I have to say, she was the roughest so far in my experience. It was the first time I actually cringed when undergoing extraction process. I told her not to it so hard, but I don't think she actually heed me. She just said that extraction is supposed to be painful (WTH?!). Then she cleansed my face and asked me to see the result. She was sort of validating why it hurt during the extraction; she blamed my blackheads for being small and tiny. :-p

After, came the relaxing part, the massage. The massage on the face and eye areas were done with the special serum for each. For the shoulder and upper chest area with aromatherapy oil. Once she finished with this, she starts to apply the hydrating masque for the eye area and the face. Two different masque, for two different spots (remember the separate eye treatment). These were top off with a cold masque on top. She left me for about 20 minutes.

When she came back, she took off the masque and started to pat my face all over. She sprayed the toner and pat it in. Put on eye cream and moisturiser for the face. And I was done. The whole treatment took about 90 minutes, I think.

Now, these are the things that I noticed during my visit there:
  • The staff was slow in attending to you, not really friendly greeting either
  • There's a lack of privacy while you're in the treatment room, the beautician always left the door opened when she goes out from the room, and sometimes, even when she's in the room
  • They didn't offer you a drink until after you've finished the treatment, and even then it was only plain cold water
  • The company has the policy not to accept Debit card, eventhough you're using VISA Debit (this is really weird, when I could use my Cherry card even when I was in Paris!)
They use Demalogica products for the treatment. And when you leave, they give you some free samples to try. All in all, it's a very nice facial, CapalPerak said my face looks really clean compared to before. I have to admit that my face feels lighter, and my nose, no more blackheads! I hope with the combination of my ritual at home, it will stay this way for a long time. At least long enough until I have to splurge for a salon visit again!

Total damage: RM253 (Soothing Aroma Facial Treatment RM198 & Total Eye Care Plus RM55)

July 1, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

There were futuristic robots and there was Megan Foxx.

Was that one-liner enough of a review for you? Just kidding. :-p

At the risk of being a sour grape and probably a spoil sport, let me list down the things I don't fancy about this sequel:
  • I hate the cheeky dialogues by Autobots
  • I dislike the fact that Optimus Prime has become arrogant and stuck-up
  • I dislike the sexual aspects that is being injected into the movie
  • Megan Foxx's character has become too sens(x)ual for a robot movie
  • I found the movie just a little draggy for my liking
  • The female Autobots are not REAL useful robots, except that they are three beautiful sexy motorbikes with three beautiful sexy holographic women riding them
The makers should realise that fans of Transformers are not limited to the male gender. I grew up with Michael Jackson's songs AND Transformers! I have been a fan ever since the first time I saw the animation. Sure, I don't collect the figurines, but that does not mean I don't know the names of the steel beings!

On a good side, lotsa action and stunt. I wonder how the roads on Earth could withstand the heavy metal hitting them all the time... Hmm... John Turturro is at his best impersonation of a government-agent-turns-butcher. Josh Duhamel is as usual; yummylicious. Shia LeBeouf, well, his too green for me to really appreciate (ha ha ha).

I love the fact that Bumblebee becomes a true fighting robot instead of just a protector to a boy and his family. Owh... by the way, the movie soundtrack; AWESOME!

My only hope that in the next instalment, they will stick to the robots and more robots. Less human and sexual innuendoes. Come on guys, you can sell the movie without Megan Foxx showing her butt. But then again, who am I kidding? Guys. They only have one thing in their minds. Right?