February 28, 2006

Huh? What?

"We only learnt about the floods at 6am and were surprised because it was not even raining at the time," he said.

He said what happened was a good lesson and they would be better prepared next time.

"Our personnel are now on standby and we are ready to respond and co-ordinate rescue efforts at a moment’s notice," he said.

I am tickled pink. Funny how emergency team is "surprised" and will be "better prepared next time". Remember the tsunami a couple of years back? Shouldn't we be prepared with whatever natural disaster by now? At least, flood is something oh-so-common thing, and we should've been prepared, regardless the area is flood prone or not. After all, you ARE the emergency team, are you not?

Or maybe, it's just too much to ask.

"... increase in petrol prices was inevitable to cope with the rising price of fuel globally."

"... did not discount the possibility of inflation following the increase in petrol prices but "we will just have to cope with the rising inflation". "

"The important thing is to ensure that businesses do not take advantage to increase prices unfairly."

Hmm... it will happen sooner or later, but still... 30 cents? That's one karipap! And by the way sir, you haven't been able to control the price increase of goods before, fair or not. What makes you think this time it'll be different? Your people here, is earning third world salary but living in a first world pricing. No wonder we have first world infrastructure but third world mentality. Anyway, can you do something about the public transport please? I understand that government needs to make money as well, but wringing it out from your people's neck? What happens when there are no more necks to strangle? Will the government capoot as well? Get the public transport in order. Seriously, if there are convenient transport alternatives going to where I'm working, I would've taken them long time ago.

February 25, 2006


I need help to answer this...

What is love?

or to complete this sentence...

Love is...

Give me your input. It is most appreciated.

February 19, 2006

Games, games, games

I actually miss intelligent conversations. The people who used to do this with me are not around me anymore. Maybe I'm not intelligent enough for them anymore. Ha ha ha...

Today, I want to talk about men. How hopeless and exciting they can be. No, this is not a men-bashing post. Just what I've observed. From my friends' experiences and from my own.

Men can be hoplessly, tediously romantic. They can be magnificent a**h*l*s as well. Of course, they can also wonderful mates or dashing suitors depending on the situation. Thus the phrase; Men - can't live with them, can't live without them.

As long as I can remember, men try to fit women to slots, trying to understand us, and women do the same thing in return. When the fact is, none of us can actually be fitted into a slot of other's definition. We are who we are. So much time are wasted trying to understand the opposite gender, when all that are left are to actually tolerate and love.

We play games with each other. Women playing hard to get because society deems women who give in too easily as cheap. Men act tough and macho for that image is deemed to be attractive to women. Why all these pretense? Why do we need to be someone else just to attract the other gender? When at the end of the day, all that matters is who we really are inside. And think about the disappointment when all is said and done, behind that mask is just another Jane or John Doe. Just a normal person.

The games actually keep things interesting. But the games also encourage dishonesty and mistrust. Because, truth be known, men like to chase, and women love to be chased. Men might see it as an adventure while women in the long run will actually fall into their own traps. And fall in love. Women will finally decide that it's time to give in because the men have proven their worth. They have gone this far so it's time to end the game. The bad news is, for men, when the game is over, it's over. That's it. Finito. And they walked away. Because they have finally feed their ego that they can get the women. In one way or another, they've won the game.

Some might say that honest men won't do that. If he really wants the woman, he won't walk away. Take my word, if he really wants the woman, there won't be any games to play from the beginning. And it's the same thing for women. At least from where I stand. Of course there will be some flirting in the begining, that's just natural, but if it's for real, it should not go on and on and on. Keeping the other person guessing all the time.

Some men are scared of their own feelings. They started well as friends with the women. When they started to realise that their feelings are getting stronger, they back off. Ahh.. in other words, they are scared of commitment. Ish... ish... ish... I blame the media. I blame the rigid thinking of some people that spread throughout the planet, that if you commit, your life is over.

Think about how many jokes about wives and mother-in-laws. Who started all this junk? And who started the thinking when you're committed you're tight down? I just don't get this. And we, subconsciously encouraging this as well, by forwarding the jokes to our friends. Hmm...

All I'm saying is, there needs to be respect in all relationship. If what you're after in the beginning is just a good time together, it has to be clear on both sides. Do not give out hope to the other person that things will grow more than what it is at the moment. Do NOT in any circumstances give signals that there is a future together somewhere down the timeline.

On the other hand, if as time goes by, the friendship evolves to something more, it has to be acknowledged as well. And should the feelings are mutual, both needs to decide where to go and how to move on from there. Sometimes, relationships are just to precious to let go. We need to know what we really want out of it.

Girls can't really help it when the feelings get stronger. We are after all emotional creatures. I am not ashamed to admit that I am. Because that's what makes me a girl. Ehem... woman. If women were unemotional, love will be lost from our lives. God made women softer to complement the hardness of men. Women are more in tune to emotions because men needs to think they are right all the time (okay, I'm being a little cynical here). And combination of both will actually result on something far better.

Seriously, there should not be a competition who's better. Men or women. God made us different, for a reason. We should not be the same, otherwise, we won't be attracted to each other, will we? It will be oh so boring a world if men and women are the same. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The sooner we realise that we actually complement each other the sooner we can stop all this nonsense about superiority.

God made women from men's ribs to be part of each other, on his side to walk beside him, close to his heart to be loved.

Sometimes, there is just no game to be played at all. Sometimes, it's all about honesty. And most of the times, it's just... love.

February 18, 2006

A morning treat

We all love to be pampered. I received my share this morning, thanks to Seeking Solace. It was really, really nice. Give away to your own senses and enjoy the experience. It's wonderful. I feel like going back theree again. Pronto. My housemate already said that I'm addicted to massage. Aaahhh....

The place was really simple. It's called Bodhisense. No, I'm not getting any commission for putting this on my blog, if you're wondering. I'm telling you my experience.

I came home from Midvalley last night about quarter to two. Hmm.. not night, in the wee hours of the morning. We went to watch Prime. Lovely movie by the way. I might give my insights on it. But for now, let's talk about being kneaded by the hands of skillful professionals.

I woke up this morning, not too early, but not quite filling up my quota for restful sleep. Part of natural beauty regime. Not 8 hours. I felt so lazy to wake up, but the reminder of my appointment with the masseuse got me dragging my butt of the bed. I had few things to do before the 10am rendezvous. Breakfast, washing up, cartoon, bath...

Anyway, at half past nine I was already in Hartamas, looking for block E. Parked my car, and walked around the building, and finally came upon the haven. It was not yet open, of course, so I went back to the car, and continue my reading of Mr Coelho's latest brain refreshment. At 10 on the dot, I said "ola" to the lady at the front desk. She is a feast to the eyes, by the way.
I was asked to choose which Aroma massage I wanted, so, I went for the Speaciality. When I called for appointment yesterday, I wanted to go for the traditional Thai massage at first. But then, I changed my mind, because I had that experience when I was in Bangkok in November. And that was mind blowing I tell you. I felt like I'm walking on the air after I was done. Back to this morning...

I was then ushered to the massage stall, excused myself for a while to the washroom, and came back to.. urmm... strip. Yerp, you have to be in your birthday suit for this, people. There I was lying on my stomach with towels drapped all over me (yes, I was decent) waiting for whatever was in store for me.

She started with my left leg (I was tempted to ask her to start from the right, habit, I guess), and at the first stab of pain, I just moaned. She chuckled and asked, "Pain?" I said, "Urmm.. yeahhh.. a bit.." But that didn't make her stop pressing at the pressure points. The pain evolved to pleasure a couple of minutes after that. By the time she started with my right leg, I was already in la-la land. I slept. The sandalwood ointment work wonders for relaxation. I woke up every now and then.

When I arrived, there was a couple checking-in as well. At first, I heard them talking and laughing with each other, while being 'serviced'. After several minutes everything went quiet. It was either both were enjoying the massage, or masking the pain everytime the masseuse struck a pressure point. It was really peaceful. Soft hypnotic music was playing, the aromatic oil playfully caressing your senses. It's like the outside world cease to exist for the time you're being pampered. Handphones, needed to be silenced, if not switched off.

One and a half an hour later, I did not want to leave the place. I almost wanted to stop the therapist and ask her to start all over again. But I managed to control myself. There shall be another day. Probably in two weeks time.

Julia, the beautiful lady, smiled and asked me, "Did you sleep?" and I chuckled my yes. I knew my eyes were a little droopy. I just can't wait to be home and in bed. I wanted to prolong the blissful feeling. I paid my due, and walked back to the car feeling fresher than before. Fresher, relaxed and a little to the sleeping mode. I prayed I can drive home with my eyes open.

The funny thing is, once I got home, I got hungry. I went scavenging in the kitchen, toss stuff into the pan and had my lunch. It was noon anyway. Half an hour later, I was curling in bed and slowly drifted to sleep. And. I. Had. A. Nightmare. Well, day-mare more apt. I was made feeling guilty of not being married and yadda yadda yadda. It was scary. Let's just stick to being pampered, eh.

I still feel "aaahhh" and "mmmm" now, but my housemate is all ready to go for dinner. I guess I better make a move. So, people, treat your body to something nice soon. It deserves some TLC. You deserved to be manjaed.

February 16, 2006

Mind Your Language

Okay, maybe I'm a snob when it comes to... urmm.. speaking the correct Queen's English. I may not be the best, but at least I spell "FRIEND" correctly. See? "I" before "E" except after "C". Although sometimes this rule does not apply (words under this exclusion escape me for the moment), but that's the basic that we should all know. Right? Or... not?

I've worked in several different companies already. Local companies, local companies with international presence, and finally an international organisation. What do they have in common? Broken English. I kid you not.

How hard can it be to use a full correct sentence when you're talking, or sending emails? Mind you, the phone conversations and the emails most of the times are with international counterparts. Now, of course there are English speaking people who actually speak broken English as well, but why should we degrade ourselves and compare ourselves to them? Don't we shout "Malaysia Boleh" everytime? So, can't Malaysia be Boleh in speaking and writing correct English then?

We do not need to use bombastic words, just to be different, or to prove that our command of English is superior. Use simple words, day-to-day words. For starters. When we get comfortable, instead of using the word "big" we can use.. "huge" or "enormous", although now you should beware of the usage as well. Or, after getting tired of using "problems" we can change to "anomalies", just to spice things up. BUT. start. from. basic.

By the way, just so you know, being able to speak correct English does not mean you are losing your identity or heritage. You're still you, with more skills.

So please, next time you think of messaging me at yahoo, please ensure your spelling for "FRIEND" is correct. He he he.. ooh... I'm bitchy today...

February 15, 2006

Day after

Okay, first of all, I have no qualms about people celebrating their love on February 14th. Although some people might disagree and come back with lots of reason, well that's up to each and everyone.

Do you know actually, there's nothing romantic about February 14th, except for the fact that Ancient Greeks celebrated the wedding of Zeus and Hera between mid January to mid February? There was also celebration of fertility month during those period.

Romantiscm of February 14th came about in medieval England. When the actual fact, some matyred priest, who cannot be verified of his actual existance, were sentenced to death because he did not want to renounce his believe in Christ. Now, this is where the argument about Muslims should not celebrate V-Day came about.

I personally feel that love should be celebrated every single day. Every single moment in our lives. There need not be one special day to announce to the world of our love. Commercialism has taken place and what would normally cost 10 bucks will increase 5 times! Such a waste, isn't it? Just because we want to get into the lovey-dovey mood.

Now, say for example, you scrap the idea of going out for dinner yesterday, and instead wait another 2 weeks for your anniversary and have a candlelight dinner then, think how much it would save your fat wallet. Some would say, duhh... love should not be about money. I say, duhh.. in the end it always does! So, if your love one calls you a cheapskate because you did not book that dinner at that particular restaurant, gosh... scrap her then! It might be a bit harsh, but it's really ridiculous. People get into argument because their partner did not buy them stuff on V-Day. Like duh!

I say, our paradigm should shift. Granted, the mass traffic jams yesterday was because of fallen trees, flood(?) and rain. But did you see the number of cars rushing back home? All because they want to be at home by 8 for that lovely mushy heart-renching (?!) dinner. He he he... No seriously, I find it a little too extreme.

It's a really, really nice feeling to put on that demurely sexy dress, going out for that romantic dinner and probably after that a little slow dance. It's really, really lovely. It's every woman's dreams. But, we can still have those on other days, right? Or probably the fact that our boyfriends/husbands/partners tend to forget other dates i.e: birthdays, anniversaries that only the commercialised date is an actual reminder to them to treat us to something nice and special? Hmm... that's another thought, isn't it?

Anyway, whatever it is, love should be celebrated every single moment in our lives. Read: EVERYDAY. How we go about celebrating it, is really up to us. I'm waiting for the day where I can cook a romantic dinner, set the table and ambience nicely, put on that dress and wait for him to arrive. Turn the light down a bit, put on a slow romantic music, sit down for dinner and tease him mercilessly. Hmm... yummy... hmm...

February 14, 2006

Let's sing...

You, you are the man I want
There is no other love
You give me what I need
You are the only man for me

February 10, 2006

Friday Musings

There is no such thing as coincidence. At some points in our lives we're given the sign. The omen. It's our decision then how or what we're going to do about the signs. To our advantage.

Desire comes from the heart. The brain will try to rationalise. But desire cannot be rationalised. It can be fulfilled. The brain should work with the heart not against it. Dreams are not lies or foolish hopes. They are just reality waiting to be realised. The brain's intelligence has to be used to realised dreams.

These thoughts came to me this morning. I admit, I just finished reading a wonderful book. No wonder it's still a best seller. Paulo Choelo's The Alchemist. It was a good read. He talked a lot about heart's desire and how one should follow one's heart to fulfill one's destiny.

Love, should not hold us back from achieving our ambitions. Love should nourish the hopes to realise the dreams. Nothing, absolutely nothing should deter us from being who we want to be.

At the same time, in our haste to achieve the pinnacle of our lives, we should not burn the bridges that we've crossed. Some people appears in our lives just one time. And not anymore after that. But some will stay for as long as we want them to. And some will still be there even after we're gone.

Some relationships didn't work out the way we want it to because it is something that might happened under different circumstances. But since the situation is as it is, it couldn't and we should just be thankful at least we were given the taste of it.

There are times in our lives we would actually question ourselves whether the path we took before was the right one. But the truth is there is no one correct path. There are many ways to arrive at one destinations, it just depends on you which road to take. If the end is still the same, and we are in fact heading in the direction we wanted to in the beginning, then, we've made the right choice. The only difference is, whether arriving at the end of the road will make us a better person than before, or not. So, the only justification is, when we make the choice to follow the path, did we do it and become better or worse than before.

But the goal remains the same.

There... might be a second post on this. If I can recollect my thoughts this morning. Hah... I probably should get one of those techie recording thingy to immediately record my thoughts. Handy. Hmm... But I got an eye on that pair of boots already... Hmm...

February 7, 2006

Stress Reliever

So, I got a little carried away. As always. It's not like I'm feeding an army. But I guess, you'd go overboard when you're... expressing yourself.

When my mind is full of everything that is... next to nothing, I cook. Hmm.. now that I thought about it, no wonder the food is always a little pedas. I guess that's why you have to cook with love, then everything is sweet.

How do you handle stress? I had moments where I go shopping. Very therapeutic. Much better if it's done in a group. Oh.. you will not believe the satisfaction and joy and fun when you're stress relieving in a group. It's like a support group for addicts! Hahaha... Not that I've been to one. Just a figure of speech.

Someone told me before, a stress won't be stress if you don't think it as such. Wise words. But when your head feels like exploding, what does that tell you? Anyway, I refused to be stressed out most of the time. I just have to work extra harder with the ignoring force. And make myself believe that it's not the end of the world. In fact, the world is still moving even if I'm screaming and tearing my hair of my head and thumping my feet on the ground.

Another friend told me, there's a lot more out there than to think about mistakes, failure, heartache in the past. Which is true. I'm not denying that. But I also believe in giving myself the time to... grieve. It's not easy to just throw everything as if they are insignificant. If we're able to do that, we're not human.

So, I've decided. I should grieve as long as want to. But I will stop and move on after that. Because, life should be lived in the present and not in the past.

Now... what should I cook tomorrow?

Hazardous smoke? Or just... profitable?

From a well known ciggarate company...

"Our business is not about persuading people to smoke; it is about offering quality brands to adults who have already taken the decision to smoke."

This is posted under "Smoking and Health" in their website.

How ironic.

How insignificant.

But I heard they pay very fat salary...

February 4, 2006

Nice, nicer, nicest

Are we being nice or mean when we don't tell our friends as so not to hurt their feelings? This can range from a simple thing like, getting comot a bit while eating or that annoying trait that surfaces every now and then.

Are we being nice and complacent or just plain stupid when we kept quiet when someone hurt our feelings? This probably happen when your boss yelled at you just to let off steam or a close friend carelessly said something or a parent puts you in a difficult position.

It's fun to observe the characteristics of our culture, where we don't say anything just because we do not want to be in a combat mode. Of course there is going to be a debate of the situation when you tell the other person your point of view, which is the opposite of his/hers. So, we choose to keep quiet because, oh.. tak pa laa... buat apa nak gado gado... And this attitude made us lost an island in the south decades back.

We should choose our battle ground. And go into battle only when it is necessary. We cannot let people walk all over us just because we want to be nice, and we want to avoid confrontation. But many a case, we do not want to hurt the other person's feelings. Because we are close. The real reason is, we do not know how the other person would react if we go against their wishes. And we are scared that by opposing we will destroy whatever relationship that we have.

Now, who said anything about burning the bridges just because we think differently? Why can we debate with strangers to prove our points but we think twice before we go against our loved ones? Strange, is it not? Probably it's part of the genetic make up as well. But I refused to accept this as a reason, because it is more attitude. It is how you approach the subject and handle the situation.

Easy as it is to say, it's harder to put it into practice. Only because we've been dormant for so long. We were brought up in a culture that is easily satisfied and non-confrontational. No, it is not good to be aggressive all the time, that is why you choose your battle ground. Hey, only people with loose screws in their grey area goes to war all the time, eh. Definitely not sane.

So, let's be nice when it's appropriate, and a little mean when the situation is called for. In the end, it's for the greater good.

Psst... I personally disagree with the way some people approach the issue of the comic by Denmark. But that'll be in another post. Remember, remember, remember. Islam is a religion of peace.

February 3, 2006

What happens when bloggers meet?

They need a notebook and a pen (each) to jot down all the new blog topics that came across while talking.

I shall remember to do this next time.

Probably bringing laptop to Starbucks is not a bad idea after all! Ha ha ha...