January 30, 2011

So, I have it...

I am posting this using the "barang". It is a challenge. The iPad does not support the compose mode on blogger and you can only use the HTML tab to do the posting. Not sure how it will turn out later.

There's a suggestion to use an application named "blogpress", but it is a paid application. I don't believe in paying for something that has been free all these while. So I guess, I will still be using the laptop for blog posting.

This is just a test.

Apparently I could only last until end of the month and citing my birthday as a reason to own this thingamajig. And I just read over the net today, the 2nd generation is coming out in mid February...

January 24, 2011

Nesting and Wiring

I think I have enough reference book that will occupy me with projects during confinement. I am not sure how busy or free I will be during the period, so I’m just being prepared for the times where I would feel bored or agitated because I cannot be out and about. Preparation is good, right?

According to Momster, she was so busy during the confinement, taking care of herself and Baby Hanan. So, that’s a heads up for me, just in case. :-)

Below are the books that I purchased today from Kinokuniya. A bit frustrated because I didn’t get any discount! Hmmph!


Braxton Hicks is a regular occurrence now. Still too long and far apart to be a real labour pain. Baby A is till high up, although I do feel more pressure down under. I don’t know. It will happen when Baby A is ready. I just hope that it will be soon. The suspense is making me feel more and more anxious.

Baby A is always stretching and pushing around, trying to make more space, me thinks. So I always tell Baby A that rather than doing that, you might as well get ready in the correct position to come out, because there is a lot of space out here! He he he… My nesting instinct has been more intense these days. People say that shows the time is really near. I don’t know. My take is on Baby A, it will happen when The Baby wants it to happen.

This morning The Hubby said that it’s useless to tell me to stay put. Because the more people tell me to slow down the more I want to move about. If no one said anything, I am happy being at home doing nothing. He also said that as my tummy gets bigger, I get crazier wrapping wires! Ha ha ha… Well, when I first followed Mel to the workshop, I didn’t expect to get hooked really bad. But hooked I did! And I sincerely hope that the investment that I’ve made will turn out to be fruitful.

Some family members and friends have asked me to make jewelry for them already. But I am still not confident to execute it. I need more practice, especially the wrapping, bending and weaving. I have a couple of orders from Sarc already! I hope I can make the items for her soon. Please be patient babe. I’ll make it happen! Let me finish up few more tutorials and practice projects before I start. He he he…

January 23, 2011

It’s Getting Closer

People say that confinement period will be tough especially if you’re not used to be confined. Especially for people like yours truly who are always out and about.

I am now sort of “confined” to the house by my parents request. Abah is worried every time I do the driving. And I guess, last night dinner with my person will be the last outing for me, driving myself. I know the time is near, and it could be any day now. But, haih… my heart… I just want to be FREE!! Ha ha ha… Mak did tell me in the afternoon that if I am confident enough, she won’t stopped me from going out cause she does not want me to feel “jailed”.

Even during the last few months, I have been feeling a little down, because I don’t really get to go out. My days were very routine where I go to work, come back home and sleep. Over the weekends, I go out if The Hubby wants to go out. And sometimes, I feel a little sad when he goes out with this friends, leaving me at home. Ngada-ngada kan?

Like this weekend, I thought we could go out, spend time together, but he has to work. Luckily I had the wire art workshop yesterday, that kept me occupied until 6:00pm. And then the impromptu dinner with my person. Didn’t realise that I miss her so much! He he he...

Today my MIL and FIL arrived from Kuching. The Hubby is coming to pick me up so we can have dinner together. I wonder if we will have enough time to go to Borders. There are few books on wire jewellery that I would like to purchase. Owh… speaking of that, here are some of the most recent items that I’ve learnt to make during the workshops and my free time…


As for The Baby, during the last follow-up, the good doctor has instructed me to do squats exercise more frequently. The Baby is in 50% correct position, only The Baby hasn’t turned face down and yet to engaged. The doctor wants to see us again this Thursday to see the progress. She said, if The Baby is still the way it is now, she will start to worry. Please Allah, I do not want a C-sect. Please let it be an easy delivery and a fast one. Please make the baby turn correctly by Thursday. I don’t mind if I have to go on labour on the same day. The Baby is moving actively of course, just not towards the direction we’re expecting yet. I’m hopeful though. Please pray for us too, my friends. 

January 14, 2011

Counting Down

The idea is to have the baby cot and the dresser with space for changing on top. Just like the picture below:


Although in this picture, the items are a bit on the luxurious side… What I have in mind is more… subtle. Simple yet functional. We do not have a room to be designated as the nursery, so we have to re-arrange the things in our room to accommodate one extra occupant. ;-)

Tomorrow we will start staying at my parents’. Next Friday is my follow up check-up. Hopefully the good doctor will give me rest day at home for the next week. I have a feeling that Baby A will arrive very soon. And I’m finding carrying a laptop, just to walk from the car park to the building is a chore. When it rains, I cannot even move faster! Not only because I fear I might slip, but also because I just can’t move faster! Ha ha ha…

Two more big items to purchase are stroller and car seat.We’ve been scouting around, but we have not made up our minds yet. In fact, we plan to look at options tomorrow at the Baby Fair in Midvalley. But, I think it’s best that we don’t go. The Hubby is a bit under the weather, and I’d rather him be fully recovered than to walk around malls.

At work, it seems like other people are more concern that I’m still working than my own boss. Although he did say earlier this week to make sure I don’t start labouring in Putrajaya. And my so called TL, is piling up work for me everyday. Sometimes, I think he has a vendetta against me. Once, several months back, he said I complain too much these days when I told him that the chairs in the server room is causing me back ache! And I told him, it’s the affect of pregnancy as I need better support for my back. I also, innocently, asked him, “Didn’t you notice your wife’s condition while she was pregnant?” I think I got him there and he kept mum.

Haih. Some people, eh? Anyway, other than that, everything else is moving well. Tomorrow I’ll be attending another craft workshop with WhimsicalQuirky. Not only that, I’m also purchasing the tutorial kit for a different workshop. I’m trying to learn as much as I can within this short period of time. Hopefully I can be useful during the confinement. Not sure how much free time I’ll have, but it’s just preparation. No harm in preparing, right?

So, these are the happenings while counting down to D-day. Please pray for us. I’m praying and hoping that everything will go smoothly and naturally, insyaAllah!

Shocking Pictures at a Daycare

Friends, please go to this link: http://lakaranhatii.blogspot.com/2011/01/taska-kurang-ajar.html

I feel really, really strongly about this topic. Cases of SIDs all over the country (the world) is really making me feel worried and sad. More ever since I got pregnant. Please help to spread the word and awareness. And if any of you can help to contact the media regarding this matter please do so.

I’m pretty sure this is not an isolated case. I strongly believe that a lot of day care centers are doing this. This is not even talking about the food that they prepare for the children. The cleanliness of the place. The ratio of caretaker to kids. I sincerely hope the agencies responsible to monitor and oversee day care centers are doing their job to the best they could!

Let’s stop the death of our children!

January 7, 2011

To Barang or Not To Barang

Saya suka ini barang. And I am contemplating of getting it before my confinement starts. However, I have a problem parting with RM1500 (maybe more) in times like this. I mean, with that amount, I can do a lot of things for the baby as well. So how?


It is a very good barang actually. And during confinement, where my Mak already warned me that I must stay put and not moving around too much (I cannot imagine myself staying put really), it is another good reason to own this thingamajig. I foresee the 16GB will be full as soon as the first day I own it. Mostly with books. Owh… I hate reading books on my laptop, because I don’t get the same satisfaction from a paperback, but holding this barang in my hand, it feels… right. So how?

At times like this, how I wish I have a rich uncle or aunty that can tell me, “for your birthday my dear, just ask for anything, and I’ll get it for you!” Waaaaaaaaa…. Mesti best! Yes, yes, I can get it myself, don’t need someone else to give it to me, BUT I heart my RM1500 a lot. So how?

The more I see it, the more poisoned I am. When I try to put the thought away, it becomes that little thing that burns at you in a distant just at the back of your mind. Haih. I want. Maybe I just have to be a little more patient, and there will be an occurrence where somehow this barang will become reality. Hmmm…

I’m a little scared that if I actually write the name down in this post, I end up at the store and buying it away! So.

January 3, 2011



This is Baby A’s first present. Thanks to Aunty Sarc and Uncle Krish!! I think Baby A is impatient to get to play with it, because every time I look at it Baby A will jump around. Ha ha ha…

Thanks to both of you for yesterday’s afternoon tea. I don’t mind it’s a “mini”, it’s the thoughts that count. Thank you so much! Love you! Muah muah. Hugs hugs.

January 1, 2011


Another few hours to the end of the first day of the new year. But it’s still not to let to wish everyone a very happy new year!


May this year be more prosperous and more exciting with lots of happiness, love and money! All the best everyone!

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